Podcast – Ep. 5 – Q&A 1

I asked the 70’s Big Facebook Fan Page folks to ask some questions for a podcast (the thread started on June 2). This is a solo podcast I did answering both good and horrible questions. Enjoy.

LINK(right click and “save target as”)
46:16 long. iTunes feed is all ganked up, but I’m working on it.

Oh, and Happy PR Friday. Training updates, PR’s, whatever. I don’t really care. Oh, and this post needs a random picture:

71 thoughts on “Podcast – Ep. 5 – Q&A 1

  1. Internet shopping PR: got my 70s big shirt in the mail – remote Arctic location/Canada Post strike: 0 Kellie: 2
    Starting Greyskull LP on Monday after a week off training, maybe see some PRs in a few weeks, hopefully I make some gains before I leave Baffin Island in a month or so.

  2. I forgot to note that after serving as Rip’s demo girl at the Atlanta Starting Strength cert last weekend and then spending a long time talking to him about why I think my training has been absolute shit lately, I am changing things up.

    Monday-Friday: snatch, c&j
    Mon/Wed/Fri: squat
    Tues/Thurs: front squat, press
    Deadlift: 2x/week
    Bench: once every other week

    Everything is done to a HEAVY SINGLE at 90+% of max.

    I’m pretty sure that my shoulders won’t be jerking 5 days a week to start, but we’ll see.

    This week was all sorts of fucked up trying to get this started with my gym opening, but I have technically done SOMETHING for seven days in a row, and I still hit a 67 kg clean and a 90 kg squat today. So, I am hopeful that my body will adapt to this new schedule and that I will be stomping some serious ass soon.

  3. quick question at what point should a progression be made to go from bw chins to weighted chins, how much weight should be added? 5lbs a workout?

  4. Hi Buffalo mariner.

    8, 10 or 12 reps are common points to begin alternating weighted with unweighted.

    For muscle size or strength gain I feel there’s little point doing BW sets after your max exceeds 20 reps or so.

    Now that I have been shafted out of winning my weight class in that competition and I don’t need to train for shitty endurance feats my I do one day of heavy weighted pullups for either 8,5 or 3 reps and a lighter backoff 5 and 3 days.

    The other day I do one arm chinups working up to a max single. Last Friday it was negative 10 pounds but other days I can single without assistance.

  5. 5lbs a workout is good and then you can microload for free with your gym’s 2.5lb plates if you can’t manage a 5lb jump or experience recklessness and want to make a 7.5lb one.
    Add as much weight as you are able to still get complete ROM for your target reps with. 3-5 reps for strength, 8-10 reps for hypertrophy.

  6. looking back, i’m guessing they said something about you touching the ground… i can’t tell if you did, but i know that if your foot touched it was only to stop you from swinging

    what a bunch of faggots

  7. Aye, well, I suppose it’s a bit of a habit really. I sometimes (most often) ask questions when they pop into my head without doing some research, usually because it’s late at night, or because im at work. Apologies for that, but im from the school of if you don’t know ask haha.


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