70’s Big Females

The following post was written by Cori and Ellee from Safe Fitness in Chicago. They are sick of the lack of leadership in the female 70’s Big community, specifically the need for better and bigger asses.

What does it mean to be a 70’s Big Female?

Easy answer, ass size must be greater than 38” around. Why does this matter? Having a big ass means you can move and squat heavy weight, preferably at least your body weight. You might ask, well what about having a fat ass, does that count? No. Being a 70’s Big Female is not just about having a dumptruck on your backside, but you must also be able to haul that dumptruck wherever life may need it to go. Example: chin ups, pull ups, overhead squats, etc. It is more about having a GREAT ass.

In Cori’s 24 years of life on this planet – nearly all of them spent in a gym (playpen positioned right next to the chalk bowl, barbell in hand) – she has seen many women who would qualify as a 70’s Big Female, but has also seen many who would not represent. These women prefer to be skinny rather than strong. SKINNY = FAIL! What they don’t understand is that training hard, squatting heavy, and lifting serious weights is sexy.

Lifting quite clearly makes you sexy (Cori as a youngster)

In addition, we have got to get other 70’s Big Females training to be to able haul their great asses off the ground from a dead hang position. This is not something that comes easily to most women, especially when you are carting around a 38” undercarriage, but with hard work, it is totally attainable. Pretty soon you’ll be cranking them out like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2, doing chin-ups in the mental hospital right before she beats the shit out of those guards. Sweaty, strong, and fucking badass.

Cori’s father runs a high school Olympic weightlifting program in Minnesota and recently told us he was having problems recruiting young female lifters. He asked one of the volleyball coaches why these girls did not want to train and get better at their sport. The volleyball coach stated that the leaders on the team wanted to “look smaller” rather than be a powerhouse volleyball team. Skinny instead of winning? Come on girls, it’s all about WINNING (sorry, Charlie)! We think the skinny mentality is toxic and could spread to the rest of the team. Where are our 70’s Big Female leaders? Who can tell these young girls that sexiness and winning comes from squatting BIG, not being a twig fairy. It happens by actually putting weight on the barbell and going up and down, up and down, up and down, etc. You get the point. We would like to empower women by encouraging them to strive to be “real women”. Strong women. Thirty-eight inch ass women. 70’s Big Women.

Ellee in Sarah Conner garb, pre-rip

Last Halloween, Ellee was doing a WOD (while wearing her Sarah Connor costume) where heavy overhead squats were the main attraction. Minutes into the overhead squats, she felt some intense restriction in the ass/thigh region of her pants while performing the squats, but she decided to power-through. However, her ass could not be contained, and her left butt cheek flew out of the cheap-ass material. We are talking a clean rip of about 14” centered over the left ass. Fellas, she only wears g-strings, so she had nothing to hide behind. Ellee was a bit embarrassed, but Cori guarantees that every female in the gym was thinking, “Damn! If my ass rips out of my pants – I sure hope it looks as good as hers!” Now that is a true LEADER!


So 70’s Big Females, here is your challenge this week:

1 – Measure that ass and be proud!
2 – Make sure you can squat at least your bodyweight in one of your training sessions this week. Better yet, try to clean and jerk your body weight.
3 – Try to haul that ass up by working on your dead hang chin ups. Try to get one per day at first. Nothing sexier than that scene in Terminator 2.
4 – We dare you to try and blow out your pants!

Leave comments on your success! Until next time…
Cori & Ellee – 70’s Big Females

Ellee and Cori

50 thoughts on “70’s Big Females

  1. Thank you so much for this post. Its nice to see real, strong, empowered women with gadunkadunks on this site. I’m with you gals, hope I get to bust my pants sometime soon. someday.a girl can dream.

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  3. This is more to Justin, who wrote “It should be a primary goal of either sex to never be mistaken for the opposite sex.”

    I agree – that’s why I don’t get the whole “strong women are hot,” as regards the upper body. Squats probably make every girl look better…but say, ballistic shrugs and overhead pressing, really? I just hate to see one half-truth being traded for another (“skinny is hot” vs “muscly chicks are hot”). If you want to be strong, great, but don’t kid yourself; it may come at the expense of your looks, man or woman.

    The lower body is a whole different story…

    Don’t confuse women on Anavar with women who actually have some muscle. And whether they are Anavar or not, I hope they slap you.


  4. The weightlifting team and high school mentioned are the Cannon Falls Bombers. I went to high school there, know Cori and her dad, Scott Safe, helped ThunderThighs pick attempts at her first WL meet.

  5. Ladies, I thank you. My ass no longer fits in my jeans hence, I about to take a week off power lifting to work on my “cardio”. Please forgive me. I will be putting my fatass to good use and power cleaning this afternoon. WTF was I thinking? Thanks for the much needed wake up call.

  6. Love this post and the halloween costume idea!!

    I am glad to be able to say I am a 70’s big female :)

    1. I recently measured my ass at 40″
    2. Squat 1.75 BW and C&J more than BW
    3. 5 deadhang chin-ups
    4. I have a long history of blowing out seams in the butt/thigh area of my jeans and pants starting in college to this day. My most recent rip consisted of breaking the zipper located on the rear of a pair of work pants, trying to get them back on in the bathroom. I was of course wearing a thong. The jacket I tied around my waist fell off repeatedly b/c it had 3/4 length sleeves. Going back to work the next day was fun.

  7. I am proud to report that I am a 70’s big female
    Pre-pregnancy stats:
    1. Ass 38.5″
    2. Squat 1.3 x BW
    3. 4 dead hang chins / 2 dead hang pullups
    4. I have blown out numerous pairs of my favorite jeans

  8. EPIC! I love Ellee and Cori! Solid citizens, and babes, and booty chicks, both. Nicely

    My jeans and shorts are held up by my booty, tightest. Levi’s allow the world to NOT see my buttcrack.

  9. any pictures of blown out jeans and funderwear still on?

    maybe you should make some T-shirts that say I heart 70s big ladies

    p.s. i saw a I heart guys that are 70s big at a strongman comp last weekend, very cool

  10. Awesome, inspiring post. Here is my 70’s Big quest update:

    1. While I haven’t measured my ass, at the doctor today I was 10 pounds heavier than last year. When my doctor asked me about the difference, I told him I was eating lots of meat and squatting, and he said, “no problem, you look fine.”

    2. Squatted my bodyweight 10 times today. Was a little tired after a long weekend of day drinking, next time I’ll shoot for 15.

    3. Deadhang pullup PR in January was 7, am shooting to match that with my added bodyweight.

    4. It wasn’t a full blowout, but I busted at least 5 stitches in my old sweatpants this evening while squatting. Good thing, too, because I was commando and at least 2 nonhusband individuals were staring directly at my ass at the time.

  11. To grown-ass women and the men who appreciate those grown-asses – thank you for your comments! Keep up the strong work!

    While Cori and I were lifting this morning, she squatted 97kg 6×5. Despite the seriousness of that fucking weight, her pants miraculously remained intact. Maybe next time . . .

  12. Bravo ladies. Well put.

    The fact that women are not hormonally inclined to have large, rippling muscles should calm your worries. Also you are most likely too small if you worry about women being too muscular for you (that is the hidden message I got from your post).

  13. Somewhere, Gwyneth Paltrow is rolling over in her grave. Skinny, skinny grave.

    Cori, I imagine Ellee will have a few marriage proposals before the weekend.

  14. Love these kind of posts.

    These two ladies have been lifting weights for years and still look like…GASP…Ladies!!! Who would have thought that lifting weights, while abstaining from the supplemental use of male hormones, would result in a strong, feminine figure?

    Thank you Cori and Ellee!

    Troll PS: What is the appropriate method of measuring one’s ass? And thighs? Could we get an instructional vid? Thanks.

    Very, very subtle.


  15. That’s how strong, healthy women should look like. Spread the word people, so we can stop the madness that is surrounding us, with women that go to fitness clubs for years, and can’t do a single push up.

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  17. Yeah for 70s big females! We need more post like this Justin. Step up ladies..nobody likes skinny

    The girls will be back next week.


  18. Great post ladies! I would love to see more posts like this one.

    P.S. As much as I loved my favorite pair of jeans I love my new ass more!

  19. Great post! I texted a friend today to tell him I’d just gotten 185X3X5 and he responded with – but is your ass 38″? I just started a new job so I haven’t been screwing around on the internet as much and totally missed this. Of course after he explained I came home and totally measured.

    1. 39″
    2. 1.25XBW for 3X5 today
    3. Deadhang pullup PR is 8
    4. The problem is more fitting my jeans over my ass than what happens once I’m in them.

  20. My fiancée, Alicia, measured up…

    1. 36″
    2. 115lbs squat at 110lbs
    3. Pull ups PR – 5, Chins PR – 2
    4. Small tear on a pair of pants when I was showing her how to do some cleans/snatches

  21. Thank you so much for this post! It is inspiring to hear about badass 70s Big Females. I would love love love more posts from women on this site!

    And I agree, it IS all about winning! Winning more is a direct result of lifting more!

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