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I started this site in September of 2009 and have aimed to entertain and educate readers. The site has existed completely for free during that span, and I hope you’ve gotten something out of it. Things are a little tight financially right now, so if you are willing to donate a few dollars via the PayPal button below, it would be very appreciated.
No donation is too small, and again, I appreciate it very much.

I’m working on some projects to further your education and entertainment. One version is a short podcast of interviews with various people, whether coaches or trainees. Another project is a writing project that will help at least 75% of you in how you program and train. New t-shirt designs will also be released today (I’ll update in this post) and completely new t-shirts will also be on the way. There’s a lot to be excited about if you’re a fan of 70’s Big.

In the mean time, amuse yourself with this video of Bjorn from Sweden:

Reality Shoveling & Cleans from Björn Uddenfeldt on Vimeo.

Question of the Day
What’s better: fried chicken or barbecued chicken?

New Shirts
There are two new shirts available on the 70’s Big Store. The first is a new version of the brown Throwback shirt, now reprinted in navy. It looks sexy.


The second places the Reckless shirt on a red shirt — the color of blood and rage.

Reckless - Red

Both shirts, as well as all of the others, are available in standard heavyweight and American Apparel shirts. Be sure to check both pages on the STORE for all of the shirts.

41 thoughts on “News – Shirt Update

  1. not a big fan of bbq sauce (this is probably sacrilege in TX), so I’ll opt for the fried. My bbq sauce experience is pretty much limited to basic, JD, or other similar forms, so there may be a kind that I do like (perhaps stubbs)

    tonight’s menu: pan fried chicken w/ sausage cream gravy.

  2. Jacob, you can make “Paleo” fried chicken: dunk some chicken pieces in raw egg, coat them with almond flour and spices of your choosing, and then saute in a pan with some olive oil. Not quite the real deal, but pretty delicious in my opinion.

  3. Fried chicken for sure! As for your financial situation, if you need some free advice from an accountant, ask away. I am sure we can find some deductions for what you do.

  4. Fried chicken, all the way. I always pick the salty/savory over the sweet/sugary.

    The only bbq sauces I like is an asian one I found in a book: it has sesame oil, dark honey, cornstarch and some other stuff, can’t remember at the moment. Delish.

  5. BBQ. Fried tastes good and all, but eating a load of friend chicken generally makes me feel like crap. That doesn’t happen with BBQ.

    Nothing can beat BBQ done right. On top of that, it’s patriotic as hell. BBQ is one of the few true, uniquely American with a capital A cuisines. Hail to the Grill.

  6. @smithb9

    I’ve never had almond salsa – sounds delicious!

    During my shift to mostly Paleo foods last year, I discovered that almond flour can be used to make all kinds of tasty, normally non-Paleo foods (pizza, cookies, etc), which has been key in getting my husband to give in to my desire for a (nearly) gluten-free household!

  7. Ah, could be a few weeks, according to the confirmation they just sent me. Never mind (if anyone else has ordered previously to the UK, maybe you could chime in?)

  8. got you covered big guy…20 big ones heading your way..not much, but it’s a start I suppose. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into this site/movement…I should be paying a heck of a lot more, and believe me I’ll cough up more if I have to, cause it’s worth it!

    Cheers buddy!

    your pal Paul

  9. Godamn. I can’t fuckin’ wait to come to America. All this BBQ’n you do sounds goddamn delicious and far advanced of what we do here in Australia.

    I expect to put on at least 5kg(11 lbs) in the time that I am over there.

  10. Seriously, donate guys. Do you have any idea how much a “personal trainer” would charge you for their time. And that would be wrong information…like telling you smith-machine shoulder press is just as good as strict press.

    As well, we should all spend an hour clicking on the side ads as much as possible, just to see if they do pay out.

  11. This site rules. I was happy to donate. Justin, have you considered setting up a monthly donation option? I’d be willing to drop a few bones each month.

  12. @smizzle

    heres the menu listing:

    Pollo en Almendras
    Marinated grilled chicken with an almond salsa made with roasted garlic, chipotle chilies, sour cream and parsley. Served with fresh sautéed vegetables and rice

    I imagine you just put all that stuff in a blender and give it a go to get the salsa. I haven’t tried making it yet, but plan to do so sometime soon.

  13. can’t give a ton man, but will give what I can when I can. I have to figure you get a decent kickback from those shirts, right? I hope so, I’m planning on buying one of each when my tax return comes in. Navy throwback is sweet as is Reckless in red, can’t wait to rock my 70s big shirt under my singlet at my first meet. Thanks for doin what you do Justin

  14. Justin
    I’ll definitely drop you some money, but I think you might be going at it the wrong way. I’ve seen similar sites (format not content) monetize their site by adding a mall that targets their audience. For example, lots of visitors here shop for things like gym chalk, belts, chuck taylors and meat. Store that sell those things would pay you money if we went to their site directly from yours.

    If you want to stick with the donation format, you may want to make it goal orientated. For example, if we raise $1500, the you’ll put together an intermediate program specifically designed for people needing to maintain their conditioning.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. BBQ!! Never was all that nuts for fried chicken.

    As for the site I’ve only been coming here for a month now and it’s quickly turned into my favorite site for lifting. I’m pretty piss poor but I’ll kick a few dollars your way when I get my paycheck tomorrow.

    Keep up the great work!

  16. Hey Justin,

    new shirts look great! Red and black was definitely the right choice for the reckless shirt and i like the new navy throwback much better than the brown. Brown is…not my friend when it comes to clothing.

    Will do my best to shoot you a few clams next pay day. Won’t be much, unfortunately, but you and this site are worth it!

    Navy definitely looks awesome.


  17. Not sure if this has been asked, but is there a difference between the “70s big logo” and the “70s big text” shirt?

    Look at products instead of designs. I have both of those designs uploaded because it looks better on certain colored shirts (one has a gray outline, the other is white). I can’t figure out how to remove the designs off of there, but to my knowledge the designs link simply points to the products that use that design.


  18. I’m super cheap so I only kicked in a sawbuck; chump change compared to the value I get from 70’ and JL in general. Keep up the awesome work, Justin

    – Robert Beckett

  19. Good post. The navy shirt looks fucking awesome, I definitely need to get one now. The navy especially looks better with the gold/yellow design.

    I prefer BBQ.

    PRs later today: squat 3×420, probably heavy weighted dips (5×75).

  20. Kicked you some cash Justin. I know how it can be and I certainly love the site.

    If you ever make your way up to New England I know there’s a fair amount of us up this way who look at the site, let us know where you’ll be and we’ll take care of you.

    Press 220×3
    Bench 295×3
    Dips +100 x6

    Fried Chicken…

  21. What is the brand of T-shirt that the heavyweight shirts are printed on? I would love to see some tall options too, as most of the major brands are too short for me.

  22. @CBOS

    currently training at TPS (total performance sports) in Everett. Pretty easy to get to from the city. Theres a few places in the city that may work out soon (hopefully) for olympic lifting stuff with a reasonable price (for instance, revolution fitness has a platform/CF stuff area, but its like 70/month).

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