3 Stretches, Burrito

Here are two videos. The first is a quick vid I shot last night that talks about three very good stretches for a lifter who doesn’t stretch at all. Keeping your structures pliable and loose will be important for preventing injury as well as being able to do non-lifting things (use your imagination). For more mobility work, see Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD series on YouTube (two of the stretches are referenced a lot by Kelly).

The second video is from my friends Jacob and Hom in California. Jacob sports a gnarly-ass beard while they eat a gigantic, 70’s Big burrito. California may be weird, but damn they have good food.

Question of the Day
What do you eat for breakfast every day?

49 thoughts on “3 Stretches, Burrito

  1. I want to make it known that due to it’s length, Justin wasn’t going to post this video, UNTIL he saw my beard.

    I was still going to post it, I was just in the middle of telling you that people won’t sit through a 5 minute vid. Unless you have a gnarly beard.


  2. 2 Scoops of Milk Protein Isolate every day. Oatmeal in the shake if I’m lifting and peanut better if I’m not. If I’m squatting I’ll have pancakes and jam instead of the oatmeal or peanut butter.

  3. Good videos. Stretching and PVC rolling everyday for me.

    Oats, Whey, coffee

    Gross, but effective.

    PVC or foam rolling is also something people should be doing. My video was aimed at brevity. And the dog.


  4. Nice beard Jacob. My husband is growing his out until our baby is born in June. He calls it his pregnancy beard. It’s starting to look pretty gnarly too.

    Breakfast = 3 eggs with 1/2 avocado (or whole avocado if I’m feeling reckless) and salsa

  5. Hey Justin,

    I am a little late with my question about chins, what if they hurt my wrists? I don’t mean to sound like a queer or nothing, but I have always done pullups because they are more comfortable on my wrists-I have broken both on two separate occasions.

    Breakfast: Eggs, Dbol, Soy Milk…just kidding real milk


    If chins hurt, especially because of broken wrists, then don’t do them. Try neutral grip.


  6. Damn! Sweet ass burrito. Gonna have to make a stop by Taco Bell and get me a couple 7 layer burritos now before work. Not as good as that I’m sure but works in a pinch.

    Breakfast is either a shake with protein powder, milk, bananas and raw eggs if I don’t have time to cook. Sometimes re-heated ground beef. Other times Steak and eggs, bacon sausage. And every 2nd and last Saturday of the month I hit the breakfast buffet at Ryans Buffet and gorge myself on everything till I feel like I’m about ready to go into a food coma.

    Thanks for the stretching video. I’m definitely a lifter who hates to stretch. Try those out tonight.

  7. Both videos are excellent. Two notes…
    1. Great stretches. Hip/upper leg mobility is sorely under-appreciated until it “gets ya,” like it did me on Mt Rainier. Insanely tight IT bands ruined my summit dreams 2 summers ago, and left me limping for months. I’d also really like to see a similar high-level vid on shoulder stretches, since I think that’s an even more common problem-joint around here.
    2. Not bad…for Cali. Real burritos are found at Freebird’s in Texas. Finished off a Super Monster next to Dat Nguyen in college once. It’s been all downhill from there. Except fur my amazing beard, that is.

  8. 5 eggs, 4 pieces Bacon and either a pork chop or a steak. Depends what’s on sale. Big glass of chocolate milk and a bunch of water. Throw in a slice of leftover pizza if I’m lucky, too. (When you order pizzas in two, leftovers happen.)

    Yeah, I drink a glass of water upon waking. I get dehydrated when I sleep. My biceps must be thirsty.


  9. 4-6 eggs scrambled with sausage. Plain, peppered, or covered with chipotle tabasco (heard about that here, awesome…)

    A swig of Carlson’s fish oil.


  10. Oh, and as for breakfast…it’s the thing I miss the most about this “leangains” style Intermittent Fasting I’m trying out. Before that, I ate a stack of cast-iron fried bacon and eggs every single glorious day. Now breakfast is at 1pm, and it’s 2 pounds of boring-ass chicken boobs.

  11. I’m generally feeling pretty lazy in the morning so I grab something on the way to work.

    Usually I stop at Boloco (burrito place) and order a “truckstop” in a bowl. The people who work there recognize me now and load it up, the truckstop consists of scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, and some cheese, pretty delicious. I usually pair this with an iced coffee, which is great for trolling people on days when its -4* out

  12. I want to point out that some (most?) of you are underestimating the importance of carbs in that breakfast meal. You are fasting for at least 6 to 8 hours, and more if you didn’t eat carbs before that. Lifters need equal carbs to protein, at least.

    My first meal is a smoothie/shake of orange juice, frozen fruit, and 50g of whey protein. Second meal soon after is 5 bacon and eggs with banana, and some times some other stuff when I’m more hungry.

  13. Justin,

    I have read before that getting protein first thing in the morning is optimal with regards to just having fasted all night. I guess this could be a) true b) true if combined with carbs too, or c) broscience.

    Occasionally I will do a shake thats 50/50 water & OJ, with 50g protein (the isopure stuff mixes good with juices)

    Oh yeah. It’s stupid not to get protein, and I’m now saying it’s equally stupid to not get carbs. I’d even say that getting the fat in the first meal (within 30 min of waking) will just slow down the absorption (it will take at least 45 minutes, and more like 90 for the sugar to get to the blood in any meal, depending on the food). Throughout the day I plan meals around protein, then try to get at least equal amounts of carbs to the amount of protein I’m eating.


  14. Breakfast – 4 Eggs, 2 pieces of sausage or bacon, either oatmeal or PB toast x 2, and either a banana or an apple and coffee. Weekends = pancakes and/or french toast with said eggs and meat.

    On lifting days (I lift early AM midweek) I rock a shaker cup of milk and whey protein powder, coffee, and some fruit. Followed by PWO meal, followed by normal breakfast about 1.5 hours later.

    smithb9 – You ever hit up El Pelon when you were at WIT? you must’ve since it amazing, but I don’t want to assume. That’s probably the place I miss most, that and Penguins Pizzia. Anna’s Taqueria is a VERY close second for favorite burrito. Boston has some good spots for burritos man

  15. Thanks for the stretch video! That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for–a couple things to do in addition to lifting. How long should they be held and how often should they be done, or perhaps just as needed?

    Breakfast is usually: 4 large eggs, a wheat toast with butter and hopefully strawberry preserves, berries or other fruit, bacon or another meat and coffee. Most days I put a couple green tea bags or yerba mate and honey in what used to be a spaghetti sauce jar, add near boiling water and when it cools I put it in the fridge overnight. I drink this in the shower/before leaving for work.

  16. @MattTruss

    Never really got into burritos until after I graduated, so I missed out on El Pelon. I’m sure you heard it burned down though, right? Apparently its either already been rebuilt, or going to be soon I heard.

    Penguin Pizza was awesome with the 1/4 pie slices and beer, that was a regular Friday afternoon affair. Anna’s locations are kind of far from me, so I miss out on them as well. Boloco is pretty good though, and they use quality ingredients like grassfed beef, which is cool.

  17. as a habitual “pit-sweat-er” i liked the comment in the first vid.

    Breakfast= 16 oz coffee, quart of water, a sausage (or bacon) fried egg (2) and cheese on a bagel and a 24 0z protein shake with whey, frozen berries, banana, milk and nature valley granola bars. sometimes leftover steak is substituted in the bfast sammich when i am fortunate.

    due to rigorous school schedule, lunch sometimes takes a hit and i have to scarf trail mix by the pound.

  18. “Don’t ever give an excuse for being a man” is among the better quotes I’ve heard.

    Anyways, 6 eggs w/cheese, half a pack of bacon, oatmeal, whey scoop, milk, banana.

    If I have anything to do where I don’t want to stink out the room, I’ll pass on the whey and milk. I guess that’s making an excuse for being a man, but, well, we all pay our dues.

  19. 4-6 Hard Boiled Eggs, 1 large apple, and a shake (105g WMS, 35g WPI, 5g Creatine, 10g Glutamine, 1 scoop Greens, 12oz coffee, fill remainder with water)

    or 70g protein in shake if I don’t bring eggs

    This comes after my bike ride in to work, ~1 hour in the saddle.

  20. Atleast 5 days a week my breakfast consists of:
    Coffee (large)
    4-5 Large Eggs (sometimes over-easy, sometimes scrambled.)
    Some italian breakfast sausage (the grease is used to cook the eggs)
    2 pieces of sourdough toast (with butter or cream cheese)
    Milk (large)
    Multi-Vitamin and 5 Fishoil capsules.

    If I am doing shrugs that day and want to get my Brent Kim on, I will sub Rice for sourdough toast.

  21. do you guys always eat before you train?> i train at 5am and i usually just drink a tall cup of black coffee and have a shake immediately after. i wonder if i need more?

  22. @SMC

    I usually try to have protein and carbs about an hour before I leave for the gym, and within a half hour of getting back home. Since I go at night, those meals are usually chicken and pasta for me.

  23. Not a breakfast guy, I eat when I’m hungry.

    Yesterday I slept in till 2pm and was hungry when I got up so ate 1.5lbs of Bacon ends and pieces and some Fish Oil. Today I had to get up early so I didn’t eat until about 3pm, which was 1lb GF beef, 3 scoops of whey and most of the fat from yesterday’s bacon. I’m not full at all but I am waiting to eat another pound of meat and maybe 10-12 eggs cooked in coconut oil and more whey till post workout.

    A typical day is 2-4 meals with probably 50% of the calories stuck in the 2 hours post workout. I pretty much only eat meat, fat and dairy products so I can’t comprehend getting my carbs to equal protein intake but I do eat sweet potatoes post workout whenever we have them.

    One of my favorite snacks is walking to the coffee shop Thunderthighs works at and getting 6-8oz of heavy whipping cream. Despite the love for cream and butter I quit milk, because even if it’s from grassfed cows and just a few glasses a day I get horrible acne.

  24. Thanks for mentioning Starrett’s mobility wods. His new blog is a gold mine. I had no idea so much good info was available. Last summer I tried searching for Starrett seminar videos and all I found was a few bootleg youtube clips. Thanks again!

  25. ~6am protein powder with 2 cups milk + fruit and a cup of tea

    once im at work for a bit (9am) I have a hospital cafeteria at my disposal so I usually load up of scrambled eggs (4-6 eggs worth), 3 or 4 pieces of bacon or sausage and a big bowel of oatmeal.

    In all honesty I can’t eat too much first thing so I drink some shit and wait till my body is awake enough for some food at work.

  26. Dear Justin Lascek,

    You have the voice of a lumberjack.
    That’s f’in 70’s big

    Love(no homo),
    Charles Abouzied

    p.s:I eat babies for breakfast.Helps me stay yoked for the rest of the day.

  27. Thanks for that vid Justin. I need to do more hip mobility, I am always hella tight after sprints. Especially my hip flexors.
    Like Jacob said, a shoulder one would be great too. Mine’s fucked.

    Yes, Jacob’s beard and burrito were awesome, but shouldn’t Hom weigh more by now?

    I have to eat in a hurry every morning, so it’s 40g whey plus an apple and banana. Then 6eggs plus bacon/sausage/ham a couple hours later. Same thing for a couple years now. I still haven’t gotten sick of eggs like you and AC did, Justin.
    Weekends I hit a little diner called Dixie’s and eat a meal which is enough biscuits & gravy, eggs, fried potatoes, ham, bacon, and sausage to cover 3 plates. It is incredible.

    you met Dat Nguyen?! That is so badass. He was a fucking beast. Him and Haruki Nakamura are the only 2 asian’s to play NFL ball I think (Ward doesn’t count because he is a stealer).

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  29. Stretching is good stuff, used to hate it but now I’m doing it Religulously. Nice points on the final stroke as well.

    Breakfast… on most days just a bowl of oatmeal with milk and a cup of coffee. Actually works much better for me than scarfing down tons of protein-rich stuff in my clueless “bulk” days. Other than that, eggs, cheese and bacon.

  30. @Jacob Motherfucking Cloud

    I’m running IF as well. So my “breakfast” is usually at around 4 (or whenever I get home from school), and I eat until around midnight. Until lately, I was having 2 egg sandwiches almost every day (each one was a slice of bread, several slices of turkey, two sunny side up eggs, and a slice of cheddar cheese melted on top, sometimes with some cream cheese or cooked in olive oil). Lately, I’ve been making cold cut wraps for some reason. Good shit. Either way, they come with 3 cups of milk.

  31. Large bowl of alpen,
    5 large pork sausages or 7 rashers thick cut bacon (all from our own rare breed pigs), 3 fried eggs, 2 or more slices of toast and a quart of milk. (milk from our own cows so very high fat and protein).
    If I’m training hard add another quart of milk fortified with whey powder more toast and a couple of bananas and 3 teaspoons cod liver oil.

  32. domjo54 – Sounds delicious! I shouldn’t read stuff like that with 4 hours left in my fasting window…

    Kittensmash – I ran into Dat twice at A&M. Dude was yoked on top of yoked, but seemed like a quiet, humble dude – very 70sbig. Don’t even mention the stealers in the same webpage as him.

  33. At least 4 days per week I have:
    Two eggs over easy, laid on top of a pile of cheddar cheese, and then I top it with some salsa and some pickled jalapeno slices.
    One 16 oz glass of whole milk.
    Two cups of coffee.
    One bowl of fruit – usually consisting of strawberries, blueberries and pineapple.

  34. Justin –

    What is a normal day of meals/snacks for you on off-days as well as workout days?

    My goals are slightly different than full blown lifting/strength training, but the food I eat consists of whey protein powder, frozen fruit, eggs/bacon, barbecue sauce, chicken/pork/beef (whatever is made for that day), rice, peanut butter, cottage cheese, granola cereal and milk, cheese, some vegetables, some beer on the weekends, popcorn — stuff like that. There aren’t any good local burger places here, and that makes me sad.


  35. mmmmmmmmm, barbecue sauce. Thanks for the list. I’m on Wendler’s 5/3/1 and making nice progress, but I think I need to work on my nutrition a bit. If I e-mailed you what my diet looks like on off-days and training days, would you be willing to take a look at it and tell me what you think?

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