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I guess you could say I’m an unofficial York Barbell rep and this will benefit you if you’re in the market for some equipment. I can get you in excess of 25% off on quality strength training equipment (depending on the product). Unfortunately if you go to the York Barbell website, it’s difficult to find the products you are probably interested in (ex. Olympic weightlifting stuff compared to fitness barbells). I have the catalogs that are full of power bars, Olympic weightlifting bars, plates (iron/bumper), dumbbells, squat stands, racks, etc. If you’re interested in browsing or you know you want to make a purchase, E-MAIL ME and I can help get you the catalog and the quote (including shipping).

I’ve lifted with different kinds of York equipment and seem to prefer it over other brands. Iron york plates that have hard edges stay on the bar better when you’re squatting and since the diameter of the hole is tighter, the bar doesn’t flop to the side when you’re deadlifting. Some of you have probably done some Olympic lifting on a York power bar that has been called something else. I’ve even used this particular bar to power clean and power snatch, and it was pretty fluid for a power bar! If you’ve used a cheap bar for your Olympic lifts, then I feel sorry for you. The other day I did power cleans in a fitness facility and about broke my damn wrists trying to turn the bar over — crappy bars will not spin.

I own the York Olympic training bar, and I love it. I can feel it’s whip in the middle of my pulls, especially as I pull the first part of my clean off the floor and when I dip/drive for the jerk. My first opportunity to go heavy in the Olympic lifts was in early August since nationals (mid June), and I clean and jerked 155kg (157 at nats) and kinda passed out after a 160kg clean (I’ve got the whole passing out thing taken care of). I know the whip of the training bar I was using was critical in sticking the jerks as they got heavier. The bar just seemed to rebound and rubber band it’s way to my lockout position. A beautiful feeling.

So if you’re interested in stuff for your gym or your basement/garage, send me an e-mail and you can browse the catalog. I’ve even used the squat stands, which are standard for Olympic weightlifters and the next best thing to a full rack. Shoot me an E-MAIL and we’ll get it rolling. Dealing with crappy equipment is never fun.

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  1. So was it a technique issue (breathing, or something – I am having trouble imagining what it might be)?

    It was a breathing issue. I’m typing it out now for tomorrow’s post.


  2. What have I done?

    Thanks for the post Justin. When I actually have a house I hope to build a nice home gym and will definitely explore this option in terms of equipment.

  3. Maybe lifting on fitness center bars is why my wrists get hurt so often, and usually right as I’m closing in a meet making progress.

    The only weightlifting gym near me has a temper tantrum throwing loon for a coach. (asked me to leave because I wanted to Low bar squat with my EFTS belt after doing the Sn and CJ and getting PRs) So the platforms and bumpers of a nearby college gym I use.

    I decided not to enter the meet in 2 weeks I had been training for as my left wrist went out last week and still wont lay back for the snatch rack position without a lot of pain.

    I’ve had wrist problems twice before in my 2 years of olifting and I find it doesn’t go away if I keep doing the lift that hurt it and even when I take a break from the lifts to train general strength it takes about 2 months to get the full range of motion back and painless.

    Sounds like you need to fix something. Is there a particular exercise that seems to do more damage than the others?


  4. The first time it was slamming a press weight into a rack with a bit too much force that did it. (ironically I could still press fine afterwards) The second time was my right elbow jammed against my thigh doing a light 235lb squat clean double, crushing the left wrist. The most recent time nothing specific happened causing the pain. I had been doing handstands and both Olympic lifts fine and all three just got progressively more painful until now the left wrist ROM is only good for cleans which hurt anyways.

    I use 60cm powerlifting type wrist wraps when I press or bench but they’re too thick for olympic lifts. Once the wrist is hurt those don’t feel the best even in wraps if I deviate the slightest bit from the straight wrist position in starting strength.

  5. Justin or anyone else,
    What are the exact differences between the 28mm 20kg olympic training bar and the 28mm 20kg “Elite” competition bar (and why one is over twice the cost as the other). I have “heard” that the training bar won’t tolerate as much weight… Is this one of those situations where they just make them the same way but test the one labeled “Competition” more stringently, or is it literally a weaker bar. Also, do we know the weights needed to put the training bar in danger (this could be a moot point if its only relevant for 450 lb cleans, etc…)

    Usually the knurling is different on a comp bar. It’s usually more…unforgiving. You wouldn’t want to train with harsh knurling but it can be good in competition for a lot of things. The steel will usually be better on a comp bar, so I would imagine more whip. The training bar isn’t going to break, you aren’t lifting enough weight. I was having issues with the dip/drive of my jerk leading up to nationals because I was rehauling it on my own, but at nationals I think the whip was so significant that it made up for any mechanical limitations I may have had.


  6. I think competition bars and plates need to weigh within +/-.5% of their specified weight. Competition bars may have a slightly sharper knurl. At least I’ve ripped more hand skin in competitions than out of.

    You will not put your bar in danger with all the weight you can oly lift and probably not in squats or DL either. Rip’s B&R bar is made by york and it’s still straight after 800lb squats at westside. If it bends it’s replaceable under warranty.

  7. Perfect, that answered all of my questions more than adequately. I was puzzled by the large price differences, esp for York. The Ivanko and Eleiko price differences are much smaller between their “competition” and “training” bars, but also those bars are more expensive anyway.

  8. Does anybody have experience with using York’s Men’s Needle Bearing Olympic Training Bar? How’s the whip? The spin? The quality of the bar in general? I already own a quality power bar, bur right now I’m looking for a quality weightlifting bar for the right price. The price of the bar is right at $210), but not sure of its quality. As of right now it’s looking like a Pendlay bar, but again just looking for some opinions on other bars before I pull the trigger. Thanks.

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