Rachel answered my call of women sharing their photos/videos/stories. She’s gained something like 20 pounds (she can explain) and hasn’t gotten “bulky”.

A Facebook status quote from some guy I’ve never met named Alex:
Dear Women Everywhere: unless you have big hairy balls, lifting weights will not make you bulky any more than it will make you grow a beard. In fact, lifting weights will make you beautiful. Your strength and confidence will arouse onlookers of both sexes, and your ass will be a shining beacon of hope to women who have… not yet seen the light. And if anyone fucks with you, you can break them. So lift.

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  1. Are they 10kg plates as opposed to 20kg plates?

    For a girl it’s either a lot of weight, or a hell of a lot of weight. Every athlete should incorporate some strength training regardless of sport, age or gender. There’s just no reason not to.

  2. Smokin. Attention ladies: get off the treadmill and start moving poundage or remain skinny fat forever.

    Just noticed the plywood she’s squatting on says “FUCK”. That’s baller.

  3. Hi guys,
    I didn’t think Justin would actually post my pics, certainly not as an entry unto themselves… Thanks for being nice.
    That squat isn’t quite as huge as it looks. I’m pretty sure that was the day I hit my 225# PR I just couldn’t send in a photo with crappy form :) (and now thanks to Maslow I won’t feel good about it again until it’s 325!) It felt good and now I get to be embarassed that my Squat and my Deadlift are the same. The other picture was taken right after the Super Total.

    I Crossfit in the LA area and have a group of girls that train power and oly lifts together in our garage gyms. PRs every week. When girls get scared of getting “big” I show them pics of my girls and the fear is usually abated.
    I found Crossfit after a motorcycle accident that kept me from walking for over a year and put me through 4 surgeries in 3 years. Then I found Rip and powerlifting. First day I met Justin he asked me if I’d wear a shirt that said “Chicks dig 70’s Big Guys,” I’m still waiting for that tee shirt.

  4. Yeah I agree, but let me tell you…I saw some big ol girls at my powerlifting meet (belly’s and all). I was the leanest out of all the girls in my weight class yet could lift in the same ballpark. They probably are not eating right. . .

  5. Wow, Rachel – your pictures alone are inspiring, but after reading your post I’m amazed. You couldn’t walk for a year and now you’re squatting 225. That’s determination.

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