2010 World Weightlifting Championships

The 2010 World Weightlifting Championships were over the last couple weeks in Antalya, Turkey. Unfortunately coverage is dismal for us Americans and the only videos we have are what we can scrounge on the internet. I’ll recap how the American lifters did and then highlight some other lifters.
You can find IWF results here, and you can see all of the medal winners here.
If you’re new to weightlifting, the number before their name is their weight class. Then their results are snatch/clean and jerk/total. You’ll also notice (hopefully?) that it’s in kilograms.

48kg Kelly Rexroad placed 17th with 74/84/155
58kg Amanda Sandoval placed 15th with 86/109/195
63kg Natalie Burgener placed 12th with 96/114/210
69 kg Layfield Danica Rue placed 19th with 90/115/205
75kg Erin Wallace placed 18th with 98/117/215
75kg Rachel Crass (who periodically posts on this site) placed 27th with 83/106/189
+75kg Sarah Robles placed 10th with 111/140/251

62kg Alex Lee placed 20th with 115/145/260
77kg Chad Vaughn placed 20th with 144/175/319 (I’ve met Chad a few times, he’s a good guy)
85kg Matt Bruce placed 25th with 150/180/330
85kg Kendrick Farris missed his three snatches and didn’t total. He’ll come back from it — we’re still rooting for you, Kendrick.
105kg Casey Burgener placed 25th with 162/189/351
105kg Donny Shankle (who is supposed to be crazy?) placed 31st with 155/189/344
+105kg Pat Judge placed 13th with 173/223/396
+105kg Collin Ito placed 25th with 146/200/346

Other Notable Lifters
My favorite lifter Dmitriy Klokov is always after the elusive gold medal. I couldn’t find what actually happened, but Klokov was in a heated battle with Marcin Dolega for the gold medal. I don’t know who attempted the 227 clean and jerk first, but Klokov missed it for his final C&J attempt (it was his only miss that day). In the video, he looks pretty pissed about some potential plate wobbling that caused him to lose it (it’s hard to see, but there doesn’t seem to be anything noticeable). Dolega hit the 227 either before or after Klokov to win the gold medal on bodyweight (they tied in the total). Klokov came away with the gold in the snatch, but the silver in the C&J and total. Dolega won the overall gold, gold in the C&J, and bronze in the snatch. I hope we eventually get some video on this battle, but here’s Klokov’s footage (it’s distorted vertically):

Here is a video from the crowd of Chigishev snatching 210 for gold. It looks pretty damn hard, yet it’s still 1kg shy of his PR from 2005. Chigishev bombed out of the C&J and therefore didn’t total. Bummer.

Those were just some quick highlights. If you’d like to add to the discussion by linking some of your favorite performances from the world championships, post them in the comments.

23 thoughts on “2010 World Weightlifting Championships

  1. true, loaders were a bit shitty. But what I saw from the replay (eurosport) is that the weights loosened when the bar hit the platform with one end first and the other side second.

    But I guess klokov could have felt it being loose on racking the weight. But still too bad for him, I was really rooting for him and chigishev.

    Chigishev didn’t bomb out (this is if I understand the term bombing out) He pulled something in his leg in his first attempt C&J and just let the time pass for the other lifts.

  2. On the women’s side, Tatiana Kashirina was a beast, breaking several Junior and World records. It was also sweet seeing the 77kg LuXiaojun attempt 3 reds on the snatch and throw it behind him.

  3. WOW Chigishev is a haus with that recovery, freakin amazing.

    I wish I would have known where to look for the live stream… that would have been nice to have going while at work…

  4. crazy though, Liao Hui sure doesn’t look like he’s only 152 lbs (69kg), kid is stout!

    That’s still pretty funny that there’s that many little guys at that meet though.

    Anyone know if the theory is right in that no one of name in the weightlifting community is entering that thing?

  5. @2sick4u – I think he just meant, that he had an ass-load of hype coming in. Glen Pendlay’s been hypin him up as a possible US record breaker. Which he still might be, not like kendrick did very well, but we still hype him. This guy’s supposed to be the real deal though

  6. tnumrych Says:
    “Is it me or is Klokov making a 70s Big face at 33 seconds in?”

    I saw that too. He looks pissed, kinda like when Justin described Chris as ‘staring at the bar. His face frowned; he was legitimately upset with the bar.’ during the USAPL Texas State meet.

  7. Since this is a competition video, I’d like to share the 1977 World Powerlifting Championships in Australia. I bet most of you have seen this before, but I feel it is something that must be watched periodically to boost testosterone…Doug Young (and his 3 broken ribs), as always, prove that he is the epitome of a badass.

    Only 2 things surprised me: 1) In Part 3 (a little over 2 minutes in), when he talks about his routine and how he dedicates an entire day to hypertrophy work “because I want to look as strong as I am”. Again, badass. 2) Also in part 3, when Doug and his brother are doing the partner Deadlift…this just surprised me because he makes a point to talk about how “I don’t do tricks”.

    Part 1:

    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6JmRzEAlQE&feature=related

    Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boGkOubCjsU&feature=related

  8. Chigishev looksl like he pulls off the floor without a tight upper back. Is that something he’s just able to get away with or is it not necessary to start the 1st pull with a tight back?

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