August Picture Challenge

Since I recently gave you very descriptive tips on how to do the 70’s Big Face, you should have a solid grasp on it. We’ve seen some very good renditions on our trip in California, and we’ve also seen some horrible, yet comical attempts.

Now it’s your turn to show us what your 70’s Big Face looks like. Send us a picture to to win some goodies from Also, if you use the code “70BG” on orders above $25 on Killustrated, you will get a 10% discount.

At the end of the month I will post the top faces and we will vote on them again. Should be pretty good.

12 thoughts on “August Picture Challenge

  1. I would like to purchase T-shirt(s) from Killustrated, however I’m from the UK & have not a clue what size to order & see no information on the sizes. I’ve emailed the man himself, but in hope that somebody here may have experience with buying from there & may reply faster I’ll inquire here also. Preferably from Brent maybe? Because I’m the same height as him & weigh 200lbs, my traps aren’t as big though.

    Brent wears a large I believe. The shirts will fit like most American sizes if that helps at all. If you have a specific question, let me know.


  2. I have a ‘Specialisation is for insects’ Tee that I got from Rip’s place back in September in small & that no longer fits at all, it’s almost impossible to put on which I maybe be able to use as a reference if the sizes from Lon are the same?

    You’ll be fine with a Large. If you don’t fill it out, focus on some swollertrophy.


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