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After you’ve posted your PR’s to the comments, direct your attention to the following videos.

Maximum jackage (try and figure out what my favorite part is):

World’s Strongest Redneck

Self explanatory

AAAAH! from A.C. on Vimeo.

42 thoughts on “Random Vids

  1. Go go gadget traps!!! First vid, 1:27.

    Squat 305x5x3
    Bench 215x3x3 (tired after squats, not eating enough)
    Deadlift 345x5x1
    Press 142.5x5x1 (figuring out how to use belt)
    Power Clean 190x3x5

    First time squatting over 300 lbs for reps. No more shameful sub-300 squats!

  2. Bodyweight PR: 235 @ 5’11”

    Squat PR: 370x5x3

    Squat still going on with linear progression, but only 2x a week. Hopefully I’ll get to 400 before it runs out.

    1st vid: LIGHT WEIGHT BABBBAY!! Ok, maybe not quite as annoying as Ronnie Coleman.

  3. instead of purple thongs, i hope bodybuilders go on stage wearing speedos and jumping as high as they can up in the air.

    They can’t get that height, brudah.


  4. Awesome vids.

    5’10 204lbs

    In preparation for the bench/deadlift meet in 2 weeks:

    Squat – 340×5

    Bench – 235

    Deadlift – 450 (5 singles)

  5. WSR is the man for executing that lawnmower-stick move.

    some rep PRs – bench 225 x 8; squat 290 x 11; deadlift 340 x 8 and 420 x 1

  6. that first video was full of greatness, i thought 1:42 was a pretty awesome spot though.

    PR:this is actually from last week
    deadlift 148# which i was happy about because it was body weight.
    gettin closer and closer to 200# DL

  7. PR humerus break

    I was arm wrestling a friend. We were dead even and then my humerus snapped in half…spiral fracture. I went to the ER and had a metal plate the length of my humerus implanted.

    This was a pretty traumatic and devastating experience. I’m going to be out for a while. I hope I can find a way to still lift in the meantime.

  8. I’m sure the vids are hilarious but for some reason they aren’t coming up on my primeco phone. Lame. PR’s: wore my new 70sbig shirt 3 days in a row, and busted out a 1:41 solitaire game between sets. Oh, and snatched 80kg, but I’m only weightlifting for the jokes.

    If I posted the links to the vids, could you see them? I might look into a mobile version of the site if WordPress has it as a plugin.


  9. Justin

    When you are working the olympic lifts, specifically the clean, do you ever get lightheaded on the verge of blacking out when you receive the bar? It happened to me twice today and it actually freaked me out. Everything slowed to a crawl, my music slurred and then i came to.

    Yes, it has happened. In fact, the meet in which I qualified for Nationals I went 5/6. The last CJ was 162 I think. I had kind of a tough go with the clean. I got to the top, prepared to jerk, and then dropped the bar and fell over on my left side.

    What’s going on is that the bar is sitting on your carotid arteries and this occludes the blood flow to the brain. It isn’t detrimental health-wise, but if you pass out completely, you could hit your head on something. The way you can counter this is by exhaling a bit as you feel the black out begin. This relieves some pressure and keeps the “blackout” from occurring (it may even look like the “black out ring” stays on the edges, although this isn’t my experience). This is why some people grunt/yell/moan/talk as they are going through sticking points — it relieves the pressure so that they can stay conscious. It’s best to let out the pressure slowly as if you were pursing your lips, blowing a small, sharp stream of air through your teeth, or letting out a guttural sound to keep the pressure on your closed glottis (that is now flapping up and down very fast to let out some air). This way you don’t lose enough air/pressure to weaken your trunk during the lift.


  10. Benched 285 for a single today. 20lb PR for me! My presses have always been pretty piss poor. Not that my other lifts are anything to brag about either though. Haha. Shooting for a 300 bench at my next powerlifting meet in 10 weeks…

  11. Smc – take a gander at justin’s older post when he passed out at a meet because of that. Fix your receiving position and you should be fine.

    Right, I over pulled the bar on that clean (I had “maximum jackage” flowing through my veins) and it landed higher than normal and sat on my carotids (like I mentioned in the response to SMC above). I’ll see if I can post the video, but the format needed converting last time I tried. It’s kinda funny because I fall over, and Chris and Mike get up fast to help.


  12. Chad,
    I hope you recover quick man, that really sucks to hear about.
    What’s the word on the online logs of your guys’ that the poll was up for. Looked like most of us would like that. It will be alot easier to stalk…I mean follow your guys’ training.
    drink a beer today, it’s good for you

    Brent has always had one. My log has never been online, but I suppose I could get it online. Brent’s training is going for max jackage with sets of ten and his training is sporadic because of his schedule for the next few weeks, AC is getting back into doing 5’s (he hasn’t done more than triples in a long time) as well as farmers walks and such, I’m tweaking Chris/Mike programs and have some good ideas for them to be better prepared at the next meet, and I’m limited by not being able to train the Olympic lifts so as of the last couple weeks I’ve been getting my strength back up, especially since I haven’t done most of the strength lifts since a month before nationals (they were in mid June). I squatted 425, 445, 455, and 465 for doubles today and pressed up to 210 for doubles (tripled 205 on Monday) in my third or fourth heavier day (I had been messing around with tens for about a month for the sake of some barbell related conditioning). I also deadlifted 225×15 for a conditioning and jack effect because we were in a hurry at the end, and I was sucking air (my deadlift is shitty and I the squats tired me out a bit). August will be all weird and broken up because of travel for the workshops, so AC and I will do mainly Olympic lifting (since I can train them heavy while in different gyms, and he will be learning/practicing the lifts since he doesn’t normally do them) with some strength stuff sprinkled in. I mainly want to get to above a 170kg cj ASAP and I won’t feel like a man till I do 180k. My priority in strength is to increase my deadlift, but I like to squat a lot of weight, and I’d also like to press 250 soon so I can start on the road to 275 and later 300.

    But everyone’s training is in a transition phase for various reasons and maybe by the time we get it ironed out we could figure out a way to post our logs on the site.


    I’ll drink beer all day long as soon as it doesn’t taste like turd


  13. A mobile site would be cool, pared down a bit for faster loading, etc – but honestly the format isn’t too bad on my iPhone as-is, the vids just aren’t loading. Also, stalker logs would be thuper.

  14. I use WPTouch for my site so it works on iPhone/iTouch. It looks like it may have gone commercial ($29) but it is pretty pro, and it looks like the version I have is still free.

  15. i’ve been responding well to crossfit football.

    squat 165x5x3 (squealed and ran around jumping and celebrating excessively)

    bench 78x5x3 (80, 77.5, 77.5)

    press 65x5x3

    deadlift 205×5 (finally)

    power clean 115×3 (did 117.5×3 but with not-so-cute form)


    Haha, nice.


  16. Also, I met a boy on the street today. He was a friendly child, but he was very sad about the economy and seemed to be down on his luck. He asked me if it was true, the rumors he heard, that Brent Kim would be taking his Shrug Tour cross-country this summer.

    I told him that all we can do is hope.

    I already posted the comment of the week, but this…this needs to be in there.


  17. 5’8″, 220# (Weight PR, probably due to taking creatine monohydrate + drinking as much milk as possible…being lactose intolerant is a bitch…thank god for milk drops)

    Squat: 325x3x5
    Bench: 240x3x5
    Press: 150x3x5
    No DL done this week, not till tomorrow…doing CF Football program, but linear stregth gains still coming!

  18. PR compliment this week. This girl asked if I was on steroids, and said she never new that Asians came in this size. I pretty much blew her fuckng mind. I told her to gain 10lbs.

    Good to see you still movng heavy weights after the long break, hope the back is 100%. Surely seems that being strong is a quite persistant adaptation.

    If you’re saying that you found how to make poo taste as magnificant as beer, you are a magic man. I see some crazy stuff going down.

    i like this PR

    – brent

    If there is one thing I am not amused by it is being the brunt of “Drink Beer Jokes”.


    Oops. Let the record show that AC drank a beer next to me in our last meal in Denver.

    Oh, and my back is fine these days. A good chiropractor helped a lot.


  19. Huge squat PR:
    5x5x160 – 160 WAS my 1RM from 73 days ago

    Front squat: 5x5x135
    Deadlift: 5x5x195

    Every set I lift is now a big fucking PR.

    Justin Lascek likes this.


  20. woah woah woah back the truck up here i must’ve missed a post or something… A.C. doesn’t like beer? This is actually quite pleasing to hear because I myself can’t stand beer. What are your guys (justin, AC etc.. and any other posters) takes on other types of alcoholic beverages when you just wanna sit around and chill. Right now I have this idea that if I can’t drink beer, I won’t drink coolers… not manly at all.


    Squat 340x5x3

    I like beer a lot. I like scotch but don’t know anything about it. I also like certain types of whiskey (bourbon and rye, thanks to Rip). And I’ll always abide for a white russian.


    I’ll drink vodka or whiskey usually mixed with some sort of soda, unless I get Iced. It can be when I go out with friends or just hanging out playing CoD.


  21. ooh, i forgot! i beat a cute little skinny boy in arm wrestling…twice…he outweighed me by about 20 lbs. hell yeah.

    If any of you haven’t snagged this girl, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for.


  22. Squat 395x5x5
    Bench 281x1x5
    Pullups 22, 16, 15
    Snatch 205x2x8
    Clean 303 (go CFFB!!)
    Ring Dips BWx15

    Good PRs ThunderThighs, especially whooping that 17 year old in arm wrestling

  23. A.C.
    I wasn’t trying to amuse you, just motivate. You need to hangout with us Washington guys and try our beer when you are here. No homo (perhaps a little).
    Good beers and whisky (bourbon, ryes, single malt scotch , etc…) are 70’s Big
    your posts always kick ass
    You are putting up some legit numbers bud. And factoring In your BW, damn good bud.

    This is nothing against you or your beer, but I have heard on countless occasions that after I try “This” beer I’ll enjoy it. If I can be Frank for a second, you can still be Garth, all beers taste bad to me.


  24. @ThunderThighs

    Right on in the arm wrestling, but did you really have to snap ChadTheMeatBeast’s humerus in half? I’m just saying, you’d already beaten him once, that’s just unnecessary…

  25. Just so you know, I’m in Australia and i get the site no worries on my iPhone – i think the only thing i don’t get is the vids that use vimeo (nice one, A.C. – way to be difficult…)

  26. Training PR
    Squat 515 4×1 (First time I have had over 500 on the bar in 3 years, mcl and acl, getting stronger)

    DL 540 3×1
    Disappointed when I moved to 550 and had nothing left.. Next Week.

    And an unusual PR…Cracked a toilet and broke the seat at the local movie theater prior to launching a protein submarine. Defiantly not American made.

    . . . Nice . . . . Nice.


  27. 1 rep max
    Squat- 355
    Bench Press- 265
    Press- 170
    Deadlift- 450

    Passing out while training is a sign of true dedication. Especially if you do it on the platform, in the middle of a crowded gym. No, that sound was not the weight, that was my head splitting the earth open.

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