Nationals Vid and COW

Nationals from A.C. on Vimeo.

Comment of the Week
From the post about Brent

tonypop Says:
July 29th, 2010 at 4:06 pm e

I’m currently planning a trip this winter to go snowboarding down Brent’s traps.

I read this next comment a second ago and decided to do a double COW this week (since last week I didn’t do one).

High Voltage Says:
July 30th, 2010 at 6:45 pm e

Also, I met a boy on the street today. He was a friendly child, but he was very sad about the economy and seemed to be down on his luck. He asked me if it was true, the rumors he heard, that Brent Kim would be taking his Shrug Tour cross-country this summer.

I told him that all we can do is hope.

The count so far:
For those of you keeping score:
1 – Jacob
1 – StonewallWells
1 – tonypop
1 – High Voltage

13 thoughts on “Nationals Vid and COW

  1. Awesome video, even though I am mentally and emotionally scarred from Justin’s dancing / spandex karate kicks.

    Keep the awesome posts coming! Now I’m off to finish my gallon of milk.

  2. Great video. Just to satisfy my curiosity, what the fuck was Mike talking about?

    If this is referencing the mash-up, it’s a joke that is taken to the extreme regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motor vehicle” in Terminator 2.


  3. That was pretty damn good. AC intensity is pretty damn insane. Mike had me laughing the whole time.
    You guys are all just brutally strong!
    Good video.

  4. High Voltage’s comment was definitely CoW-worthy – absolutely classic post!

    In a related story, tragic news tonight as a pair of British climbers have both perished whilst attempting to be the first to scale Brent Kim’s traps.

    The experienced team were optimistic of their chances and were using a daring route up the treacherous South Face. They had made steady progress and were yesterday preparing to make their final push to the left summit when a series of violent tremors rocked the twin peaks, sending the duo to their doom.

    In a cruel twist, experts say the pair could have avoided such a fate, had they simply observed the patterns of Kim’s heavy shrugging schedule. A quick check shows yesterday to be the Intensity day of Kim’s patented 5-3-shrug program.
    When a visibly shaken eyewitness was asked to comment, all they would say was, “the Traps were angry that day, my friend…”

    The killer traps of Brent Fucking Kim remain untamed.

  5. Did I hear this right?

    “I need a large Douglas fir tree, a chair with 12 legs, and a man who’s 3’8″…with a telephone pole.”

    “I need a blue chair with 16 legs, a large Ivy League sweatshirt from Harvard, a ‘Resist Drugs and Violence’ poster which can hang in my house in my gymnasium, where I do ??? and kipping pull-ups…”

    “…Walt Disney’s corpse, Al Copone, Frank Sinatra, and I need a table and a fireplace. And I will also need some steak knives and a roasted pig – perhaps some duck as well. And a fire truck.”

    Also, what’s the song?

    He is imitating the Terminator in T2. The music is Le Castle Vania.


    “… in my gymnasium where i do flutter kicks and kipping pull ups”

    i’m glad the reactions to Mike’s character are polarized, it is LOL, i think he is real funny, when he calls me my phone’s screen says “Mike Is Real Funny”

    – brent

  6. Mm, good vid, but the homoeroticism has been unusually strong these past few weeks, unless it’s always been there and just starting to rear its bulging head now.

    Ya I went there.

    And quick (srs) question, is everyone sitting comfortably in their weight class or are they planning to advance their 70’sBigness further still?

    I’m staying in the 105kg weight class for at least a few years (I haven’t filled out yet) with it more than likely that I won’t move up since “up” is the super heavy weight class. AC is staying in the 100kg weight class (powerlifting) for the time being and will fill it out as well. I believe Brent wants to fill out the 85kg class in weightlifting, and would like to eventually move into the 94kg in a few years. Mike would like to weigh more than the 110kg (powerlifting weight class), but will hang around there as long as he’s in the Air Force. Chris wants to stay as a 125kg lifter as of now.


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