My Friends…

My Friends Are Stronger and More Funny Than Yours

AC has Heracles-esque strength, and I’ve known this for a while. This is why I befriended him long ago; so that I could keep him close as a friend in preparation of when he was a foe. Secretly I know that he is my nemesis (don’t tell AC this), and one day we will battle to the death…

But in the mean time we are best friends, and as Brent would say, “His strength is ill.” He recently pressed 245 for a triple at a body weight of 216. Yeah. I know.
Edit: Sorry for the quality, it’s a cell phone vid.

AC and Brent were talking about this video (sheeeeeit, everybody is talking about it), and on AC’s last rep, he yells “YEAH KENT!” to the guy holding the camera. I don’t think this Kent actually “exists”, but Brent thought this was pretty cool (I don’t know why). Being the chivalrous nemesis guy that he is, AC said he’d dedicate his next bench workout to Brent, which was to be 365 for a triple. This pleased Brent, because he is easily pleased by such things, so he decided to dedicate one of his own sets to AC (AKA Ace McGonague). Brent squats 410×5 (he did three sets at this weight) at a body weight around 177.

You’ll notice my other besties with testies, Chris and Mike spotting Brent in the video (we’ve come full circle). To complete this roundhouse kick, here is AC’s final contribution, the video of him squatting 525×2 and benching 365×3 (with a surprise appearance by Taylor, another one of my friends).

Just hanging out, gettin 70’s Big from A.C. on Vimeo.

So, as you can see, I have proved many points today. I have proved that my friends are stronger than your friends. I have proved that one day, I will destroy Arin W. C********. I have proved that my friends are more amusing than yours. And I also proved that 70’s Big is the way of the chainsawed warrior. Need proof?


On a side note, doesn’t AC look way more awesome (obligatory no homo because I know I’d get comments on it) with longer hair? Vote on it, for this is the poll to end all polls.

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39 thoughts on “My Friends…

  1. How about AC’s olympic lifting?
    don’t tell me he’s stronger than you justin?

    i was wondering, did you justin, ac, shrugthug,others did GOMAD? and what was you peak weight before calling it quits?

    I haven’t done any Olympic lifting in a while. Justin definitely wins in that category. Yes, I did do GOMAD for about a month or two-ish. I know everyone has at least done GOMAD. Do you mean peak weight as in bodyweight?


    For a while I was stronger on the squat than AC, and then he focused on powerlifting and blew by me. I could probably squat around what he squats if it was something I specifically trained for, but he’ll always press, bench, and deadlift more than me. Hopefully I can catch up on the press (if not, I’ll just….remove him from the equation…).

    And he hasn’t done the Oly lifts enough to have a comparison, but I think he’d be pretty good at them.


  2. What is the 70’s big offical stance on long hair anyways?

    I currently rock shoulder length hair but am debating getting it cut, I just don’t know if its more glam rock than viking

  3. But I’m better looking than your friends or my friends.

    Are bosses friends?
    Are we friends?

    i liked this comment

    – brent

    How much did you like this comment Brent? . . . You’re getting very careless in your old age Brent.


  4. goddamn… completely badass.

    I’m blown away by Brent squatting 410 at 177 bodyweight. I’m a beginner, currently at about 174 and doing GOMAD to get my bodyweight up. That’s definitely inspirational.

  5. I don’t wanna criticize because AC can obviously lift weights that would crush me into oblivion, but I have to ask if he’s bouncing the weight off his chest too much? I’ve always learned that “touch-and-go” is the correct way, but he literally seems to be propelling the bar off his chest. Or maybe I’m crazy.

    Maybe the third one has a little extra bounce in it, but how crazy do you think you are?


  6. AC,
    Are you doing power cleans on your 5×5 squat day?

    No, my volume days got very taxing for me. I tried to even do them on Tuesdays and that didn’t work. I was so beat from Monday that they were shit.


    Power cleans aren’t typically done for 5×5 on an intermediate program, and not for sets of 5 anyway. Sounds like you have reading to do.


  7. That’s what the ef… I’m talking about. Keep it up baby! Btw AC should leave a beard and longer hair, Doug Young’s style.

  8. I love you guys, too. (no homo)
    …and I love my family. (no incest)
    …and my dog. (no bestiality)
    …and John Wayne. (no gay necrophilia)
    …and apple pie. (no whatever-the-hell that would be)…

  9. Too many videos of everything that isn’t deadlifting, not enough videos of the coolest lift in the world, deadlift!

    I agree. There would have been one on mine if I didn’t have to go to work that night.


  10. Hey Justin,

    Cheers for the reply yesterday, read thru Rip’s Q & A and definitely sounds like I’ve got myself a hernia. Awesome. Will see how I go lifting tomorrow, but will probably have to bite the bullet soon and go see a doctor.
    Luckily I’m required to have top private hospital cover because of what I do in the army reserve (like your national guard), so that should be all sweet.

    Thanks again for the advice.

    Well if it’s below your inguinal ligament, be fucking careful. You don’t want it to move into your scrotum and become the size of a cantaloupe. I’d read up and see if anything below that ligament can cause testicular problems.


  11. Not to get too technically homosexual, but AC’s got great hip drive on those squats. He moves 525 out of the hole very quickly.

    Yes it sounds gay, but I was very impressed.

    Thanks man, (Very Homo)


  12. Awesome lifting by all involved. But out of everything that overhead press impressed me the most. I’m hoping to be able to overhead press my body weight within the next year but that may be pushing it.

  13. My friends are just as strong and WAY better looking. As funny? That’s debatable, though they hold their own. If’n you WFAC guys ever get near Champaign, IL you can come lift with us and then be the judge.

    BTW, I was going to comment on AC’s hair but then saw the poll at the end. I agree he looked way cooler with long hair. A proper beard could change that opinion, however.

  14. AC Bench’s more than I squat. Awesome, always a lesson in humility. Good stuff, and great lifts.

    As for the hair? Both cuts suit him, so whatever he wants I guess.

    I cut mine due to lifestyle (train in the morning and go to corporate work). However, since I have cut my hair, I’ve received raises and promotions. So until i’m a millionaire, I will keep it short.

    Before and after pics (these are all pre training)

    What do you do for work?


  15. Also wanted to mention that I hope to be strong like Brent, when i grow up. Those were some awesome squats.

    let’s just agree we both have a lot of growing up to do

    – brent

  16. AC,

    I work in the field of Information Technology (I’ve been a systems administrator, and now currently a Database Admin).

    There’s a lot of “long hairs” in this field, but to make the most bucks it’d be nice to get into a finance/consulting firm. Looks play a big role in that industry.

    From there I plan on becoming an independent consultant, but I have a quite a few years in the trenches before I get to that point. Perhaps long hair will reign again (when I’m 50+!). \m/

  17. A.C. needs to keep the hair short, and rock a beard. That would be sexy (little homo?)
    Brent is the second strongest asian dude I have seen. Excluding the Olympics.
    Both are strong fuckers.

    Do you see the strongest asian you know when you look in the mirror?


  18. To those that have competed in powerlifting,

    How did you adjust your squats in the final two weeks leading up to your meet? I’m currently doing the Texas method, typically with 5×5 on Monday and 5×1 on Friday. At the very least, I’m planning on dropping the workout the day before the meet (which is on a Saturday). Thanks for any suggestions.

    Sorta depends on your state of adaptation, but I’d have you taper a bit more. Sounds like I need to write a little article.


  19. I’d like to announce that we are gonna have a new “comment of the week” feature. This will be presented on Friday (maybe Saturday).

  20. Those lifts were insane! Definately an inspiration to get 70s big and compete.

    Starting Strength and Practical Programming are in the mail…

  21. I love how the guy in the end kills everyone with his pistol shooting.

    The guy killing everyone is known around here as Taylor. I’m surprised real bullets didn’t actually come out. He is quite the bear.


  22. In usa do they let you wear rehband knee sleeves in raw meets?

    In uk, all the feds don’t allow them.

    typical for a bunch of fucking socialists

    i think it’s dependent on the fed in the US, there are some that consider sleeves raw-legal and others that don’t

    – brent

  23. Good observation Justin, I sure do. But let’s leave his bodyweight out of this equation, he kicks my ass p4p. If you are into that sort of thing. He has certainly got me beat on the dance skills, but luckily for me I am larger and have alot better facial hair.

    relative strength is for fucking cock suckers anyway

    – brent

  24. I actually started growing my hair because of AC (no homo). His videos now both inspire and dishearten me

    Hey, why the long face buddy? I’m growing it out. I have no choice. The poll has spoken.


  25. AC, Do you microload your way up to that OH press?

    What sort of jumps do you make on volume days?

    I’m still making 5 lb jumps on my press. The volume day has stayed at 210x3x8 for a while. It’s less now because I am tapering for a meet.


    He micro-loaded in the linear progression and he is still taking 5 pound jumps on his intensity day of the Texas Method. That is what he meant.


    My bad. I answered for what I am currently doing.


  26. I just needed to log in to give props to the phrase “besties with testies”. If that’s of your own creation Justin then you may receive a Nobel for your contributions.

    I can’t claim it. I wish.


  27. AC, i was goin through some of the other videos on vimeo, whats the song you used in the statesboro starting strength crew pt 2 video?

    Cudderisback (one word) Kid Cudi


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