More Info From The Weekend

I didn’t get a chance to talk about some other things in yesterday’s post — my post was long enough and it was getting late. Here is a little list of stuff I wanted to mention.

Pronouncing My Name
If anybody saw the webcast, they had all 11 lifters walk out and introduced us one by one. The announcer said “Justin Las-check”, and I was right next to the table so I said, “It’s Lah-sick.” He smiled and said they’d get it figured out in a minute. I guess not. But anyway, it’s pronounced “Lah-sick”. I’d rather have it said “Las-check” than “Lay-sick”, though.

First Jerk
Using a lower eye gaze definitely made the bar collide into my jaw/chin. When it happened, it almost made me bite a chunk out of my tongue (the back right portion). My tongue was swollen for the rest of the day. I do not recommend this.

I met Rachel briefly. She was wandering around looking for something unimportant (I’m kidding, Rachel). I watched her lift, and I hope I can get as solid a rack position in the snatch as she has sometime soon. I think the new rule is that you aren’t allowed to ask eating questions until you’re lifting more than her. Correct me if I’m wrong, Rachel, but you are qualified for the world team with Sunday’s performance, yes?

Problem Areas
My primary problems with the Olympic lifts are technical. I don’t rack heavy snatches solid and my jerk used to be a mess. I think that getting more experience/practice with the lifts will be the first step into solidifying these things, and I think I’m on the right path with the cues I have implemented lately. There may be a couple drills that will help the snatch situation. As for the jerk, I recently changed my grip, my elbow position, and how I dip/drive. The dip/drive has been the hardest to reconfigure, but I think I did pretty well with it at the meet, especially on the third attempt (which was the most important). The bar moving back at the rack of the jerk is a new development, and I haven’t bothered spending time to figure out the mechanics behind it yet.

“The Face” Is Hard To Do
I think I’ll need to have a tutorial on how to make — what I guess is being referred to as — “the 70’s Big face”. I took a picture with Ben, and it looks like he’s doing more of a kissy face. Maybe he was trying to spread love to all of his adoring fans.

21 thoughts on “More Info From The Weekend

  1. Hey Justin, your surname is probably Slovak. They spell it Lašček over here, and pronounce it Laash-chek, so the guy wasn’t too far off from the Slovak pronunciation. Just thought you might be interested. Thanks for all the work on the site, I really appreciate the resource.

    You are correct, it is Slovak. Never seen it spelled like that, but my great-great grandmother didn’t even speak English. That’s why I prefer the “chek” pronunciation to the hard A vowel version.


  2. Justin- I didn’t get to post yesterday because I was actually working! Who would have thought… anyway, killer job man! I am going to get some coaching done with my oly lifts as soon as my knee feels better, and I hope one day I can put up some monster numbers like those! Also, I remember a conversation about knee sleeves not too long ago, and you mentioned that you would keep us posted. So, I’m curious to know how they are working for you, and if you would recommend the ones you bought at a regular sports store or if we should look into something more specific to lifting, like the Tommy Kono Knee Sleeves. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the site, we truly appreciate it.

  3. Hey just a little heads up to anyone who checks out Crossfit Football, there is a guy wearing the new 70’sBig T-Shirt in the photo for today’s workout!

  4. DUUUUUUUUUDE in the picture from Monday there are several dudes wearing the shirts, and they are from Stockholm, Sweden! That is the bee’s knees Justin!

  5. haha damn. I’ll give you 2 guesses as to what I’ll be practicing in the mirror every morning . . . and it doesn’t have to do with my jerk technique.

  6. Justin,

    I am curious if you can’t point me in the right direction to get some socks like you are wearing in the competition. I like the rings around the top, give it the 70s feeling. Any recommendations?


  7. You guys are starting to really get around. I’m a future law student and I was browsing a topic about suits over at and when someone complaned that their arms are too long and their torso is too small to find something that fit well, a reply was
    “every fiber of my being wants to instruct you to start eating like a man and start smashing big weight in the gym–as explained here” and linked to 70sbig. It made my day.

  8. Yep, Justin, the 205 qualified me for Worlds. The 209 was icing on the cake. (I found my bag, btw. Unimportant. Pshhaw. lol.) What eating questions are you referring to? Maybe in another thread? Will check it out.

    Great job again. (Oh, and I have also bitten off part of my tongue. I passed out with a clean and clocked my chin on the bar on the way down. Bounced off it…forgot about it and ate sushi…with soy sauce…that night. Yeah, people still make fun of my fetal position after that one.)

  9. Oh, I get it. haha. No, people can still ask eating questions, regardless of how much they lift. I eat like crap, though, so I’m probably not the best one to aim those questions at.

    As for your overhead position in the snatch, we can work on that. E-mail me or call to discuss. Only if you want to, of course.

    You stooge, I was saying that skinny guys on this website are not allowed to ask any questions until they are strong as you, because the obvious answer is that they need to grow to man-size by eating more. This will be the primary thing that makes them stronger when they are skinny. Believe it or not, there are dudes here that weigh 160 and are 6 feet tall.


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