Kendrick Brings Back Gold

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Kendrick Farris, an 85 kg American lifter, won a gold medal at the Pan-American Championships in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He hit a 159kg snatch and a 203kg clean and jerk that broke his own American record. Kendrick aims to win a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic games, and the hype is big since it’s been a while since American lifters did much in international competition. Farris’ Pan-Am total (362kg) was an improvement over the 358kg total he posted at this year’s Arnold Classic.
(not really impressed with the announcer in this video)

Kendrick went for 211 kilos on his third attempt, but apparently barely missed the jerk. It’s a bummer because he has made this lift in training as well as cleaning 218 (which would be a world record in the 85kg weight class) and barely missing the jerk. See the videos below.

You’ll notice that he squats his jerks, which is pretty damn impressive. Familiarize yourself with him now so that we can all root for him to make history in London in 2012.
Congratulations to two other American lifters who medaled at the Pan-Ams; Sarah Robles won silver in the 75+ class, and Donny Shankle won bronze in the 105 class.
Edit: Pat Judge won a bronze medal in the 105+ class. Sorry to leave you out, Pat. He missed a 218kg clean and jerk to win gold.

See the USA Weightlifting website for the results of other American lifters at the Pan-Ams.

62 thoughts on “Kendrick Brings Back Gold

  1. Damn RachelCrass, you make me want to change my name!
    PR Friday-
    Finally beat my DL goat with a stick- 225#
    Split Jerk- 140#
    Handstand Push Ups- 11

  2. Wow, that’s stupidly humbling to realize that I’m outlifted in every area by a girl thirty pounds lighter than I am. Go RachelCrass, those are some kickass numbers.

    Finishing up week 1 of GOMAD. Squats were feeling close to reset before, feeling better and better every workout now.
    PR: 198 weight (up 4.5 lbs, next week baby!)
    Squat: 275x3x5
    Deadlift 365x1x5

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