Well my friends, PR Friday is upon us once again. Sure, we’ll have all the same kind of stories where people rip their pants, lift something relatively heavy, or eat plenty of food, but I want to call out the ladies this weekend and have them post some PR’s. Hey, a PR is a PR, and it doesn’t matter if that weight is great or small, it still matters to me — I wanna hear about it. So c’mon ladies, let me hear your stories. Dudes, get your ladies postin’.

Avi sent me an amusing rugby video that is a wonderful display of why you don’t want to be 90’s Small on the pitch. He tells me the larger player is 6’5″ and 135kg while the smaller player is 5’11” and 83kg. Click play to see what happens (sorry about the wide frame, but it’s HD, yo).


Brian sent in this video of a Hooters waitress squatting some 90’s Small guy. Good for the waitress and shame on the not-a-man on her shoulders. What perturbs me more than anything is one of the comments on the video. It reads,

Wow, that has happened too me a few times. I had an Ex-Girlfriend who could pick me up on her shoulders like a feather…Just goes too show that Women are not the weaker gender, and us Guys better start getting used too that, or we will be getting picked up and spun around by Women too.


Look, ladies, if you can pick your boyfriend up “like a feather”, then you don’t have a boyfriend, you have a child-friend. It’s okay to lug him around once in a while, but it shouldn’t be that easy because he should be an adult male. I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “Man, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed a guy who weighs over 200 pounds better than a skinny-pain-in-the-ass guy until I tried it out” (not a direct quote, but true story nonetheless).

This isn’t a discussion about women’s rights, or their roles in society. It is simply a statement that a ravishing woman deserves man, not a skinny little puke (not to be confused with Johnny Spuke, who is the exact opposite). And fellas, you owe it to your lady to become an Adult Male.

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  1. Didn’t hit the gym this week as I had 3 games of rugby to play.

    However, my team, Stuttart RC, won the South German league yesterday. We finished second from bottom last year. This year, I managed to convince most of the guys to get bigger and stronger over the off season, and yesterday it was like we were playing against boys.

    The fact is: a stronger rugby player is a better rugby player.

    Here is the league table. Look at the points difference!


  2. Fri PR’s

    153lb woman (drinking lots of milk to gain some weight)

    age: 45
    6’0 tall
    7 weeks into SS program.

    Back Squat: 195lbs 3×5
    DL: 240 x 5
    Bench: 95lb 3×5

  3. 130kg for cj, pr feeling good!

    Next competition is the Bay State Games in July and my goals are 115 snatch and 145 cj. Keep you posted.

  4. Recovering from overtraining, exhaustion and general burnt-outedness…
    Snatch PR- 90#
    Strict Chin Up PR- 5
    Strict Overhand Pull Up… still letting Gant down with 0.
    Progress nontheless :)

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  7. Latest comment ever since out sick all weekend but…..

    recently attended the SS Seminar in Montclair, NJ and got a PR clean! Previous PR was 127, new PR 130 for 2 (it was a power clean I don’t really squat clean)! And I just missed getting 140, I got it chest high and then for some reason didn’t drop under it.

  8. Alright,
    PR Squat 180x5x3, hoping for 185 by the end of this week. I’d like to add that I really appreciate all of my male training partners who weigh under 200 pounds, whom I can throw Jikogu Otoshi. I hope to be squatting over 200 pounds by the end of the year and thus, throwing my male training partners who are over 200 pounds by that time.
    Jijoku Otoshi involves getting your partner in a fireman carry, turning around 3 x in one direction and 3x in the other, than throwing them. It’s not as hard as a squat since you end up only squatting about 1/2 the way down.
    5’9″, BW 160.

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