More Despicable “Men”

Quick post today. Here’s another video of guys who weigh between 60 and 70 kilos being tossed around by a strong female. Don’t let this be you.

26 thoughts on “More Despicable “Men”

  1. Hey Justin,

    quick question. On monday, I did 140kg 5×5 squats for TM volume day, and a few hours after, I found I had a bloody eyeball.

    No pain, but just wondering if I’m valsalva-ing wrongly?

    Petechial hemorrhage due to the increase in blood pressure. It’s not uncommon in powerlifting. If anything, it’s an indicator of valsava-ing correctly.


  2. That’s really funny, but I don’t like the idea of 70sbig becoming a hateful place. Those “men” need to get stronger, but let’s not be mean to the little guys for the sake of it. It’s all fun on the internet but being 70sBig doesn’t mean acting like pricks in real life.

    Can you give me examples of how the people here are pricks in real life?


    Give me an example of how I’m a prick on the internet. It’s just a bit of fun. You are welcome to click the x in the top right of your browser.


    I suck on the Internet and in real life. Aneta’s awesome but too nice. I would have thrown those guys off the mat.


  3. Hahaha, awesome! How devvo is the Spanish chick? Gutted!

    While we’re on the topic of wicked videos, check out the Harvard Sailing Team one (Boys Will Be Girls), it is fucking hilarious! i think justin has it on his youtube page.

    “Rebecca, say i love you to me. Tell me you love me.” Priceless

  4. “you guys wanna split an ice cube or something? just a small ice cube, just drink the run-off…?”

    LMAO. alright, no more, haha

  5. Impressive that those were push presses too. Wasn’t jerking at all. (Although, I guess it could be pretty tough to jerk a person (no homo))

  6. You’re right JC, I am so hateful. When I see small guys I try to rip their tiny arms off, or I ridicule them until they cry. It is all 70’s Big’s fault for breeding hate. And we are all like this here.

  7. JC you are right, no more hate for the small guys, what they need is a big hug and told that everything will be all right. However, I am going to give a gold star and a big smile to the woman as that was a great display of strength.

    I joke around all the time with dudes who are skinny. I’m not going to defend myself for letting people laugh at a video.

    In any case, I help skinny guys all the time, so you boneheads shouldn’t brand me as an elitist.


  8. I don’t know that you could even call those things “males”. It looks like she is pressing through their crotch and I can’t imagine any “man” allowing himself to be lifted into the air by his nads.

  9. I think of it as a friendly jab to keep the smaller of us motivated to continue eating and lifting, working towards 70’s Big. I don’t think it was prick-ish at all.

  10. I would be soundly embarrassed to take part in that record attempt. Props to the lady, strong pressing, but those guys need a feckin’ cheeseburger.

    What is kinda funny though is that after being that size even though I’m now over 100lbs heavier than I was, is that I still see myself as being that small.

  11. Whoah there, I wasn’t wanting to offend you. I know its all in good fun. You guys are great. I just remember there was a post a while back about attitude. Here’s a quote from justin:

    “Which brings me to an important point that I have wanted to cover for a while. 70’s Big does not equate with cockiness. Any kind of “my penis is bigger” attitude quickly reduces you to a jackass. I don’t want a community that gives off an aura of superiority. I want us to have a community that is enthusiastic about the common goal of increasing strength and working hard to do it. Whether it is Russell, who is squatting 250, or a guy who squats 600, they are equally important to me. Who would want to stay in a community that belittles others?”

    So yeah, lets get stronger and lets have a laugh, but this kind of post may cause readers to misinterpret what the site is about and go be a jackass. “70sbig does not equate with cockiness”.

    That’s all I meant. And FWIW I’m over 200lbs so its not cos I feel picked on. :)

    Sorry if it looked like an attack.

    Would you like all the posts on skinny guys to preface that information?


  12. Quick question concerning the EFS Retro Series Belt: I am about to buy one of these belts and I wasn’t sure if I should get the small (29-32″) or the medium (33-36″) size belt. I wear size 32″ waist pants. Wear should I be measuring around exactly in determining the correct size?

    Surely you mean “Where” . . . This decision should probably be based on if you are going to gain weight in the future. The last thing you want is to have a belt you immediately grow out of, or herpes.


    Call Jim Wendler and ask him. I can’t speak to the Retro belt, but I wear my current EFS belt on the last hole. It’s not about your pants (32″ sounds a little light). Measure yourself where you wear the belt in the clothes or gear you’re going to lift in.

    Then go from there. You don’t want to buy a new belt and then punch holes in it. It will pop out of loop during the set and make you feel gay.


  13. I think Aneta is helping these poor lost boys. She’s staging an intervention to inform them of their smallness; bless her heart.

    When I was in the lower portion of that weight range (at six feet tall, mind you), I had a moment when I was confronted with my total lack of bigness. It spurred me to gain a quick 90 lbs and get stronger. I wish the same for these boys.

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  15. I think I’m in love with Aneta…

    I find this video to be not so much an attack on skinny guys as much as it is proof that chicks don’t have to weigh 90lbs and they can still be smokin’ hot.

    Also, I feel any further attempts to break this record should be performed at house parties…with no safety mats…drunken spotters…cell phone cameras…running ceiling fans…still post to YouTube.

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