Andy Bolton Raw Dogs It

Andy Bolton is still kicking ass, and now he’s doing it RAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!111!~`1`121J`3412R8I09SADJLKSDAJF

Ahem…Bolton competed at the BPC Push/Pull competition. He benched 280kg/617lbs just because, and then walked out and smoked the piss out of a 432.5kg/953lbs deadlift…just because.

Well, not “just because”, and you can read why here.

I went to this comp not really knowing what i would be able to do,after only 6 deadlift workouts since my knee surgery in november 2009 i went there in my mind would have been happy with 900 thats why i did not use a suit i wanted to hold it back and not get hurt again,so anyway warm ups went well up to 660lb then my opener 770 then to mid 8s after this it felt so so light so i wanted pull more than anybody else out there with no suit and it felt easy

Andy followed that statement up with a challenge for anybody to meet him at the 2011 Andy Bolton Deadlift Challenge, if the challengers were “up to it”. I wonder if Konstantinovs will be there? He has pulled 939 raw, although it was much more difficult than Bolton (and that was about a year ago):

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  1. I’m probably wrong about this–but in a raw deadlift competition, aren’t you allowed to wear a belt? Because Konstantinov didn’t, and I couldn’t tell for big Bolton, but it didn’t look like it (I may be wrong, though)…

    Do some prefer not to use belts?

  2. @domjo54

    You are allowed to use a belt in raw competitions for the deadlift and it isn’t mandatory to have or not have one. In the posted videos, Bolton has one and KK does not. Having a belt helps pressurize your midsection and help your core muscles have something to push against to focus your body to move bigger weights. Some people believe that wearing a belt takes away from working stabilizer muscles. I don’t wear a belt unless I am working at roughly 80-90% 1RPM or above, but it is all personal preference. There was a post on belts a little while ago.

  3. I read an article somewhere that KK doesn’t wear belts (all the time) because he feels he can generate the same intra-abdominal pressure without one. He feels they are of more benefit to people who pull sumo.

    The same article said he also doesn’t do supplemental grip work because he gets enough grip work from his DL work sets. Regarding grip, the article said he has rack-pulled 1100 lbs and held it for 20 seconds. Gross.

  4. That deadlif was so fucking smooth, I wonder how much more he had in the tank. Seems to me he could be pulling 1000 lbs raw pretty soon.

  5. just curious, what is Bolton’s BW?

    not to start the whole strength to weight ratio “anyone can do that if they weighed 400 lbs” discussion, just curious.

  6. I’d like to address how being 70s big pays off in everyday life, well MY everyday life I suppose…

    I went to the USA soccer game last night against the Czech Republic. There was a group of about 25 assholes in our section. I will try to make a long story short… my friend ends up choking one out (my friend is 5’8, 160lbs)… security escorts him out, now I am there standing up by myself with 25 assholes and I am going down the list pointing a finger in each one of their faces screaming “i’m still here! i’m still here, nobody’s a tough guy until the security comes!, where’s all the shit talking now?” not one of the assholes did anything, later in the game I could hear them saying to each other periodically “I don’t know man, he’s a big dude.. I don’t know”, needless to say it was a nice night to be 70sBig

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