Paul’s wife had a baby. This baby’s name is Gabe, and he lost 13% of his bodyweight due to jaundice (I had jaundice when I was a newborn too). After that, he gained 3 lbs. 4.5 oz in 18 days, which is a growth rate of 2.9 oz/day. The average baby will grow 1 oz/day in the third and fourth weeks of life. In other words, Gabe is already gettin’ 70’s Big and makin’ daddy proud.

Gabe says: If the bear is hungry, he’ll eat.

Gabe says: If the bear is hungry, he’ll eat.


I am long over-due with this, but my friend Mike Hom pulled 505×5 at a body weight of 185. I am trying to talk him into growing into the 94 kg class, and he is doing a decent job at it.

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  1. crossfit football? I”ve been making steady gains, BW and lifts, with linear progression. But, I start the fire academy in a few weeks, and I know we won”t be doing starting strength in the academy (because crossfit is their official PT program). I”ve gotten tired of the traditional crossfit thing now that I”ve seen SS, but CFFB looks like a good hybrid of strength based conditioning. Anybody have any experience with it?

  2. Hey Dan, are you looking for something to do in addition to PT that you”ll do at the academy? I”ve heard great things about CFFB, but haven”t done it myself. I would also suggest looking into Wendler”s 5/3/1 if you want a strength program that you can combine with PT.

    And argyle socks are the way to go, I bet they added at least 50 lbs. on his DL.

  3. Dan

    I did CFFB for about 6 months and really liked it. I had to take some time off and am just doing a linear progression now until I get my strength up to an acceptable adult male level. After that is achieved I will work back with the CFFB, however I am going to stick with the amateur program as that is more of a focus on the core lifts and and linear progressions and I believe it gives the best bang for the buck. I was doing the college program and I think I could of made more strength gains than I did had I been on the amateur program, they were good gains on the college program but they could of been better.

  4. I”m definitely gonna be on the novice amateur programming (probably indefinitely). I still don”t have adult male status, but I”m working on it. I don”t want to do regular crossfit programming so I don”t loose the size gains I”ve made. Thanks for the input. Did you find it best to do both wods during the same workout? That”s kinda what I”m planning on doing.

  5. Dan,
    ive been doing CFFB and i really like it. ive been making steady gains on squats and BW. plus i think the conditioning side is pretty great. do the lifts and wod in the same workout.
    my only beef with the program is that if you miss a workout, you miss a lift for the week. i missed 1 workout per week for three weeks and the day i missed each time was deadlift, so i was sad. and only doing press and bench once a week, it is pretty crucial to microload properly so you dont get stuck at the same weight for 3 weeks, trying to hit your 3×5.
    collegiate seems to have more of an emphasis on O-lifts and chinning which is probably fine if you are decent at o-lifts but if your form sucks and weight is light, it probably is not too productive imo.

  6. I havent done CFFB but in case anyone was confused:
    Choose accordingly.
    Willie, your beef with the program isnt really a problem with the program, but really that you missed a day. Why couldn”t you just make the deadlift up on a day you were able to? Then you could turn that frown upside down.

  7. Nice pulling Mike!

    Congrats to Paul on the baby boy! I have a little guy myself and I am always very proud when I can get a few extra ounces of milk in him…

  8. @Dan, before i tried SS i was doing Crossfit Football. I was tired of the crossfit mainsite as i hadnt seen an improvment in any performance metric in several months. I follwed the amateur off season program like anyone who is not a pro athlete should and after 3 months ( thats right only 3 months ) of CF Football programing i took 2 weeks to measure all of my benchmark workouts from crossfit mainsite and i DEMOLISHED all of my previous conditioning workout prs. on top of that all of my lift numbers steadily increased as well. i believe it would be a perfect fit for the pt program you will be forced to do at the fire academy.

  9. @Ryan,
    i know there isnt a problem with the program, just a problem i ran into. just in case i confused anyone with my previous post, i think CFFB is a great program and i am the strongest i have ever been. and my frown is always upside down.

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