We just had a Starting Strength Seminar at the WFAC this past weekend. There were some 70’s Big readers there, so if they want to talk about how the weekend went, they can do so in the comments or send an e-mail that I can post. They all lifted well and there should be some good pictures…eventually.

In the mean time, here is a sweet video of AC squatting 495 for a triple — but the good part is at the very end. Oh, and if you assholes start sending videos or pictures, then I don’t have to keep posting videos of us (some of you have, and they are in line.

495×3 from A.C. on Vimeo.

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  1. Well I know it isn”t PR friday, but this marks the 1 week period of lifting heavy and gorging myself on anything and everything.

    Bodyweight 172 > 186 (14# in a week…surprised myself with that one)

    BS 250 x 5 > 290 x 5

    So far, forcing myself to eat all day has been way harder than actual act of training.

    Thanks again guys, great info on the site.

  2. that was the sickest lift I””ve seen in the site.

    A.C you are an idol.

    yesterday I pulled my first 4 plates deadlift ever. is that worth sending to you Justin?

    I’m very happy for you, but unless you have something awesome/funny going on, 4 plates is only the beginning of your journey.


  3. Hey, my friend went to the Westside barbell cert last weekend and came back with some info on rounding the shoulders while mantaining the rigid lumbar for the deadlift. This is pretty contrary to what I””ve learned, practiced, and taught. Have you guys heard of anything like this for the deads?

    This is one of those things that you guys have to understand — general strength training is not the same as advanced powerlifting techniques.


  4. Dan,
    Some pro powerlifters use that set up to artificially lengthen the arms, which in turn shortens the pull. These guys are of course, very strong and can tolerate this. I”d say a novice would be better served getting the back strong by focusing on keeping the back flat. Here”s a video example…
    Here”s a video of it.

  5. Hey thanks. great explanation and good video to demo it. I definitely feel like I”m not at any level to start playing with that. Thanks again.

  6. I just finished up about 9 weeks of CFWF programming during which I added 85lbs to my back squat work sets. Last week I did front squats for the first time in about 3 months and my 3RM was 5lbs lower than last time I did them. How much of that is just a matter of me needing to “relearn” the movement and regain some of my neuromuscular efficiency? I know back squat gains won””t transfer over to front squat gains at a 1:1 ratio but I would think I””d see some improvement there.

    Your front squat will have gone up. Most people don’t know what you mean by CFWF, especially because it doesn’t exist anymore. But, nice job on the strength increases.


  7. Need Some Advice, I am a long time traveler of this sight first time Post… I am Student in a certain military school and in order to make myself a hard target I lift heavy things off of the ground. And in my quest,to insure to not be thrown into a snow bank my bretheren. I pulled 400 hundred for my last set of 5 like a week and a half ago and ever since I have been getting a lot of cramping in my lower back especiall when i Run but other than Running it is just kind of annoying. Should I just stay away from the weights for a little while and just eat and sleep more to recover? And I know running is not great to get 70”s Big but I have to run long distances with heavy things on my back

  8. The seminar was awesome. Here are some good Rip quotes from the weekend:

    “We don””t do things the easy way. That””s intellectual pussiness.”

    “Five rounds for time. Jump to the moon. Then jump to Mars. Post time to comments.”

    “Kipping is bullshit.”

    After mentioning that he doesn””t make any profit from the B&R bar, Rip was asked by an ignorant young man why he doesn””t get a few bars for free – “I don””t get shit for free anymore, I””m an adult.”

    Again, the weekend was awesome. Thanks Justin.

  9. Holy shit is that the techno remix of Smashing Pumpkin”s “Zero”? That is single-handedly the most awesome thing I”ve seen all month.

    Also, good lift

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