Technical Difficulties

We are having technical difficulties regarding internet availability at the gym. Please do not post a bunch of stupid shit. The issue should be resolved by mid afternoon (Wednesday). In the mean time, here are some videos that should entertain you.

Strong weightlifter:

If you sign up for the Starting Strength Seminar at the Wichita Falls Athletic Club, you may get to experience some of this:

And this is an incredibly important video:

33 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. The girl! Dont worry about the girl! Anyone of us can take the girl! Haha

    I know it aint PR Friday, but last week I failed on deadlifts but redid the weight this morning and pulled 420×5! Sorry had to share. Also birthday PR. 25.

  2. Bought a belt a couple of weeks ago, never used one before. The last 2 squatting sessions have really been a pain in the ass, because the belt somehow stretches my abdominal skin on the low right side and it hurst A LOT. As if my lower abdomen is being teared open.

    First thoughts were that it is some kind of hernia, but when I squat without the belt there is no pain at all. I know it sounds stupid and weird, but the pain is almost unbearable.

    Has anyone experienced something like this using a belt?

    You obviously need to change how you wear the belt.


  3. I”ve had the exact same issue with my new belt when squatting. I”m 5”11 220 and I have a decent amount of fat at probably 25% bf.

    Whenever I squat down with the belt on it hurts my lower abdomen tremendously and I”ve actually developed a few new stretch marks as a result of using the belt…

  4. Speaking of belts, and since it”s quiet in here today, what”s the best all around belt? I was thinking of picking up a 10mm Inzer with a buckle. Don”t think I can spring for one of each for different lifts right now.

  5. I think a 10mm single prong would be best, but as my 13mm Titan gets more broken in, it”ll do just fine, unless I lose much more weight, in which case I”ll need a smaller one. Go with the EFS Retro belt or Titan IME.

  6. I have a Titan lever belt and I like it.

    I would suggest making sure the belt is at the proper tightness. I have a spare tire around my midsection (5”10-11, 243# sorta dense) and noticed last night that I had some marks my sides, but no real pain when squatting.

    My .02, some experts will probably have better info.

  7. I have an inzer 13mm lever belt.

    I love them, so quick to put on and take off. Plus you can get it wicked tight.

    Only down size is you have to carry a screw driver around…

    For squats I have the lever in the front as I am more upright. I have to spin the belt around when I deadlift so I can get down to the bar.

    EaseUp, stop making blanket statements that obviously will not apply to other people. I know plenty of people with lever belts that are capable of using it without any accessories.


  8. I was afraid the 13mm would be too thick for me, especially since I”m only about 180 lbs (not yet a man). And I”ve never liked the really stiff belts I”ve used in the past. I think I”m going to go with the 10mm Inzer, now I just need to decide on a buckle or lever.

  9. What”s going on guys? I have been on SS for about a year and a half now and have been seeing some great gains. Recently, I have been stalling, but have still been getting through the workouts. I don”t have an over-active ego and don”t have any problem dropping the weight to ensure that I can execute my lifts with good form. Other than dieting, do you guys have any recomendations?

  10. I”m always confused when people say they”re “on SS” for lengthy periods (e.g. a year and a half).

    Should a proper linear progression last long? Even with resets that sounds a bit ridiculous.

  11. mtg0502, your going to have to give more detail on your BW, your lifts, and at what weight you stalled. Otherwise, some might be inclined to think you”re trolling.

  12. @ winches

    I haven”t been on SS for a continuous year and a half, I have been using it for about a year and a half. I am usually on it for 9-18 weeks at a time.

    @ FilthyBrit

    Height: 6”
    Weight: 175lbs
    Squat: 265x5x3
    Press: 125x5x3
    Dead: 365x5x1
    Power Clean: 225×1

    I am continuing to make gains on my Press, Deadlift, and Power Cleans. It is the Squats I am stalling on. I posted the other day that I hit 270x5x3 but my form began to deviate, so looking back now, I realize I shouldn”t have counted it.

    Is that what you are talking about? I appreciate the help everyone.

  13. mtg0502, that”s very helpful. I”m not qualified to give training advice, but your situation doesn’t sound too different from mine. I can tell you from my own experience that, when I felt my squat form was starting to deteriorate (which, coincidentally, was at about 270 lbs too), I took a video of my squat, to really analyze what I might have been doing wrong. I then watched the videos of squat form checks on the Starting Strength forum, and tried to self-diagnose. I then dropped the weight 15 lbs, and really concentrated on trying to fix the problems I identified. Since then, it”s been smooth sailing, and am getting ready to try 315x3x5 tonight, at 180BW.

    By the way, it should be obvious given the focus of this site, but I also put on 35 lbs in the past few months, which has helped tremendously. And I’m half a foot shorter than you.

  14. @ FilthyBrit

    Thanks for the advice man. I am going to try and film myself next time out. Congrads on the gains. Good luck on the squats tonight. I”ll let you know how it goes.

  15. @AC
    Besides being freakishly strong, and evidently having the metabolism of a mongoose, what did you eat? Did you gomad? I””””m just curious. I know I””””m not you, but seeing what you did would be cool. Thanks

    My food ranged from Chinese Food, Pizza, Tuna, and everything in between. I did gomad for a few weeks as well.


    Note: He should still be doing GOMAD, if he knows what’s good for him.


  16. Jacob,

    I took your advice and removed all beans from my chili. I was making my first batch today and got a little caught up in whether to use the low or high setting on the crock pot.

    God damn it was expensive and time consuming to make this stuff.

    Thanks for the tips.

  17. LaHabra, hope you enjoy your batch. Sorry to hear it was expensive – next time, you”ll already have all the spices, and you can just buy whatever meat”s on sale. I use the high setting for almost everything on my POS $5 crockpot, if that helps. The newer, fancier ones have a lot more settings, so I”m not sure about them.

  18. Hey guys, what song was playing during your “hard training” video above? If it was Chicago I”m going to be bummed out. All the Chicago I got was about love and junk.


  20. Ok, thanks for the advice. My belt is 10mm thick and 4 inches wide all around. I”m 191cm (or 6″3” as you like it) so the width shouldnt be a problem. I”ve tried wearing the belt higher, and it helped a little bit. But still..

    Yes, I”ve rolled the belt with my fingers to break it in, guess I havent done it enough often yet.

  21. @pu239

    I went for the standard. It is stiff, but it”s breaking in nicely.

    When the belt arrived, it still smelled like edge dressing and dye. They included drink coasters made out of the leftover suede. Pretty cool. The Bests seems like really nice people. I thought it was important to buy from a company making the belts in the good ol” USA.

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