I’d Like A Word With You…

“If I tell ya the truth, I’ll tell you a lie, but if you call me false I’ll also tell you a lie…”

Doug Young

Look, I know Doug Young was taking steroids, okay? Do you think I am some kind of moron? Everybody was on steroids in the seventies, and I don’t really care. Steroids are a tool utilized in order to recover — this is how they were used then, and this is how they are used now. I do not, and never have, taken steroids (if I did, I would be a shit-load stronger than I am now). All of my friends don’t take steroids either. And that’s the point.

What, you think a picture of my lousy 230 pound frame is going to inspire Skinny Guy to start lifting? No. I need everyone to epitomize something that is far beyond their reach so that they always have something to strive for. Doug and The Pizz do this. Ricky inspires you to train like you are insane. Us…not so much.

Studly? Yes. Inspiring? Probably. Doug Young caliber? Not quite...

Studly? Yes. Inspiring? Probably. Doug Young caliber? Not quite...

Just because a guy is on steroids doesn’t make his success any less impressive. And just because most of us don’t take them doesn’t make us any better, or worse, than them. It’s not like Doug Young wasn’t a genetic specimen without them anyway, so grow up and quit worrying about it. If I set the bar high, then I give people something to strive for. So far the quest to being 70’s Big has helped turn many boys into men. Everyone wins.

Here is some Reader Mail. Louis apparently had a PR on his squat workout in the linear progression. I am happy for Louis, but if I ever meet him I’m gonna slap him upside the head for not including the weight he was squatting. This bone head’s saving grace is the plug at the end of the vid…along with his beard that I felt that you should all see.

3×5 Squat PR from Louis H. Poulin II on Vimeo.

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  1. I can”t believe you had to take the time to take the time to try to spell it out AGAIN for some morons when you could have been using your valuable time to post masterpieces like the afro Asian dance party video (i laughed so hard there were milk farts). Sucks you gotta respond to stupid people. Thanks for all your hard work and the great web site.

  2. everytime i get to this site i”m hungry. everytime i get to this site, i think “somewhere a little chinese girl is warming up with my max”. everytime i get to this site im inspired. everytime i get to this site, i could enfold the life!

    thank you 70sbig.com for your happy, good work, and think about yourself, you”re reaching europe/germany…. :D

  3. Hey, I had a question about improving the press. I”ve been doing the linear progression and reset only once so far because of illness, but, long story short, my press isn”t improving for shit. I”ve gone from 3 sets of 5 to 5 sets of t3 to continue adding some weight, but it”s still not progressing like my other lifts. Some friends helped with my technique and form, and that boosted a little but I really feel like I”m plateauing way to early on this particular lift.

  4. Dan,
    get ya some fractional plates or 2 inch washers so that you can microload the press. I had stalled on press and bench press until I got 6 2 inch washers from a Fastenal store and both presses are moving along nicely.

  5. It was only a wimpy 240lbs. Also, I made the plate racks myself. They”re painted with sherwin-williams zinc clad. it”s a cold galvanizing paint that we”re using on the michigan stadium expansion.

  6. Plug at the end of the video was great, as is the beard. I was not expecting someone wearing such dorky yellow shorts to have such a great beard.

    Also, olive oil shots are amazing. A quarter cup (one giant gulp for me) has almost 500 calories. Yesterday I consumed 1000 goddamn calories from olive oil alone, and all it took was a 3-second gulp at breakfast and dinner.

  7. Dan,

    Assuming that you”re drinking the milk and getting the sleep, you might consider reducing increases. As the press uses the smallest muscle mass of the Starting Strength lifts it will go up in the smallest increments, possibly because there is less muscle tissue available to adapt to the weights (someone can confirm?).

    If you train at a gym that doesn”t have small fractional plates, you can pick some up cheap here (provided that you”re in the US):


    Each washer weighs about 10oz, so a set of 6 would enable you to go up 1.25, 2.5, and 3.75lbs.

    If you”re not in the U.S., just look for metal washers with a 2.125inch (5.3975cm) inner diameter. Or you can use small lengths of chain of various thickness to achieve a similar effect.

    Good luck,

  8. @DoubleDouble,
    Haha, well your explanation was much more thorough.

    I have done the olive oil shots as well, but they seem to tear my stomach up pretty bad. Idk why. I”ve switched to eating spoonfulls of coconut oil and drinking cans of coconut milk.

  9. @Justin
    Did you ever get your American themed singlet? Was just lookin through the old posts. I think patriotism adds at least 10lbs to your squat.

    Yeah, I did. It is a good lookin’ singlet. I didn’t post any videos of me bombing out of the Texas State Meet, so hopefully there will be some relevant videos from my next meet on March 6.


  10. Dan, form is extremely important in the press in lifting maximum weight. A lack of flexibility will limit how much you can press. Make sure your elbows are in front of the bar and your upper pecs are put to full use. What is your weight, height and work set weight?

    Personally, sometimes I get the motion wrong and don”t come close to finishing the sets.

  11. @Dan
    It”s either a lack of sleep, food, recovery, or technique. It”s also tough to diagnose without knowing how long you”ve been doing the linear progression, where you started, what you are at now, etc. If it truly is ”early” in your progression it has to be one of the first four problems I mentioned, and have been mentioned by others. I”d also stick to 5 rep sets, but that”s just my opinion.

    If all else fails, do as I do. Watch a video of Ricky Bruch training, pop in some slipknot, and get under the bar.

    And why are we still addressing steroids? Has there been some hate mail flying around or something? lol.

  12. i have some questions for guys who have competed and im kinda start”n to get the itch to do it myself after rugby season.

    1. how many attempts do you get at a lift, 3? and if that”s the case how is the weight decided to start, do you choose a weight you”re comfortable you know you can get for your first.

    2. in usapl is there separate comps for drug free lifters or do you have to compete with people who may not be clean?

  13. Bigkat,
    1.You get three attempts. If you miss the first you get two more chances but you cant reduce the weight. There is different advice on what to choose but I usually open with something I can at least do three reps with. Second is a small PR and the third is by feel. Remember, the first lift gets you in the meet.
    2.I thought the USAPL was a drug tested fed? Anyway, I have done two UPA meets and you lift with everybody but you can enter as a drug free lifter and you are competing with the other drug free lifters. Hope that makes sense.

  14. USAPL is a drug tested organization, but yes, you will probably compete against some people who aren”t clean. They”ll likely only get tested if they set a national record. Still, at least there”s some amount of testing. Many national record holders have probably used in the past anyway. That”s the sport, learn to deal with it.

    For the basics, check out the lifter”s handbook here: http://www.usapowerlifting.com/lifterscorner/USAPLHandbook2.pdf

  15. I think that you guys are too easy on saying “far beyond their reach”. I also don””t think Rip is right in saying that most people can increase their vertical jump by only 2-3″. I think its complete bull, I””ve seen results far better, with people with average genetics.

    I am interested hearing about these results if you have the time.


  16. I have a question for the people who have/are competing…what are you opinions on gear…as in squat suits, bench shirts, knee wraps and the like? I am competing this summer and it will be my first comeptition…I”m not sure if i should compete raw or compete in gear…obviously i want to do as well as i can, but I”m not sure if gear is the right option this early in my competitive career not to mention squat suits and bench shirts are expensive. Thoughts?

  17. Jon,
    Do your first meet raw unless you train with a group of experienced power lifters who can help you. I started training with a group a year ago and still did my first meet raw. Gear, even single ply, is in my opinion a whole other animal that you need some experience people to train with. For example, my raw bench at the time was 350 and it took me four weeks to get 405 to touch in a single ply Katana. If I didnt have good spotters I would have ended up killing myself.

  18. those olive oil shots are no joke. i went and bought a bottle today and tried a double shot.. oh man it burned. but so worth it though i think it was a free 500-700 calorie bomb.

    I have never heard of olive oil burning. Be sure you did not mix it with gasoline.


  19. The olive oil stops burning after a while as your throat gets used to it. Also you can soothe your throat with milk afterwards.

    Burning? You guys aren’t cooking it first, are you?


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