Catching Up

“Maybe yes, and maybe no!”

In case you guys missed it, AC and I were on Iron Radio last Friday. You can listen to the show here. Thoughts, questions, and observations are welcome on the interview.


There are still quite a few spots open for the Starting Strength Seminar at the Wichita Falls Athletic Club in Wichita Falls, TX at the end of February. This is your opportunity to train and learn at one of the best gyms in the country. Here is a tour:

WFAC Virtual Tour from A.C. on Vimeo.


I commend some of you for not only answering questions in the comments over the weekend but also defending against a few ridiculous statements from certain posters. It is easy to take anything that we say out of context or incorrectly assume it applies to every spectrum of the population. As this website grows, there will continue to be ridiculous comments and/or trolls. As a general rule, these intellectual children can be ignored.

A new t-shirt order will be in stock shortly. Also, I am working on a couple of other interesting designs. Stay tuned.

20 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Justin,

    Just thought you should know there”s a relatively new video of some Ricky Bruch action.

    Lot of good 70s big moves for powerful guys who aren”t competing in weightlifting or powerlifting but need to be stupid strong: Overhead Shot Throws, High Box Squats, Behind-the-Neck Jerks, and again the Heavy Ass Cheat Curl.

  2. Zodiac!

    BTW, I love the current t-shirts. Tell me, will the new ones still feature Doug Young or Pisarenko? If so I will for sure buy again.

    If Zodiac was your quote guess, you are wrong.

    And the old shirt featured both lifters…


  3. Hey Justin and the 70”sbig crew thanks for this site. Gotta say this is helping me alot at work to get bigger stronger and faster. Just had our yearly check up i went up from 227 to 240 at 5”10 with my bodyfat going from 13% to 12.7%. Please throw that out to the haters because if you work hard and follow your program your not gonna get fat.

  4. It was a sad time at WFAC the day the Playboy magazines were removed from the locker room. Please tell us if Mark ever has a change of heart…

    The next video tour should also get a shot of Mark””s “tombstone” at the front of the gym (if it is still there).

    I am pretty sure the stone sculpture was in the first Texas montage that AC made.


  5. AC,
    What did you do for the last few weeks to peak before your last meet? I assume you were using the Texas method.

    I was on the Texas Method prior to the meet, but I used the competition as my Intensity day. So I really didnt do anything to “Peak”


  6. It was sunny an warm today so I ran for the first time in three weeks. When compared to runs thee weeks ago, I was less tired and keep a lower heart rate for a 5K. My Rips come tomorrow so it is back to the gym.

  7. Was at Raw Unity Meet this weekend, saw a few “70s Big” T-shirts, and rocked my “Strongest Shall Survive” T-shirt. Very happy to see the site is catching on

    Very cool.


  8. I started SS about a month ago. My gains in strength were good, but until I found this website about a week ago, I didn”t realize how far behind I am in comparison to some truly dedicated people, like Gary Gibson and Zach. Looks like I need to step my game up.

    On a side note, I”ve seen that guy from the video, Brent, at the gym in Plano a couple times. He helped me with my power cleans. He was a good coach, and knew his stuff.

  9. Hey Guys,
    Quick Question. I”m in the process of getting my technique down. Coming from CF its amazing how much weight I would do with improper form. I”m going back over everything and videoing myself, posting on Rips Q&A, and trying to coach myself best I can. I realize that no form is ever perfect, I was just wondering how long it took some of you guys who “taught” yourself to get things to where you could start progressing. I feel as if I am stronger than my form is allowing but, I guess patience is the key. Keep up the good work gents.

  10. @dhagerty

    I did it for 4 weeks before going to WFAC and working with Justin. I thought I was doing great until he pointed out some key mistakes I was making. It has been 8 weeks since then and I feel that I am doing much, much better. We will see what he says next month when I head back up there. Where are you located?

  11. Iowa unfortunately. I might try to get to a SS convention or try to get some coaching in, I”m budgeted out just right to make it through school without loans, but maybe ill just say F it and go into a little debt.

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