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“Hey, is that where they filmed Terminator 2?”

AC made a pretty sweet video montage of footage from his trip out here in December. That trip also coincided with Mike Hom visiting Wichita Falls, so we were one big happy family. In this video you will see different types of lifters with different training goals.

Texas Pt. 2 from A.C. on Vimeo.

Edit: I guess I’m okay with me sitting on the toilet as the video’s preview image…
Stay warm and train hard — tomorrow is PR Friday.


I’ve never met Sage Burgener, but we have some mutual friends. Apparently she’s a cool gal, a weightlifter, a coach, and has a funky little blog where she reveals tips that she has picked up from her pops, Mike Burgener. More importantly, she likes the 70’s Big t-shirt.


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  1. At my gym we have exactly 2 70s Big guys. I spent several minutes trying to explain to one of them last night that the reason we ladies are always touching/punching/hugging/climbing/wrestling with him, is we can”t help ourselves. He”s a natural human jungle gym, a tool for our amusement and delight.
    A whole crew of 70”s Big kids? The heart flutters. And runs in fear of the smell and noise, but mostly flutters.

  2. Wow, can””t believe she””s 19 already, time flies…
    In other Burgener news, I””m pretty sure I got busted by Casey Burgener while checking out his wife at a clinic last summer. If you read this Casey, I””m sorry. Your wife is hot. Please don””t crush me.
    @Justin, so you””re saying if we send you ridiculous looking free pants you will wear them?

    If I had the money I would send you these…

    Dude, I would exclusively wear those.


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  4. I think the guys is more than a little nuts. There is no denying he is strong as hell, and how ever odd his training style looks to me it seems to be working. Its more of a body building mentality to lifting than most of the guys here seem to use, but as long as he”s moving big weight then I say good on you. Behind all of that insanity is a seriously intelligent guy it seems. He”s a little over the top, but his concepts are at least backed up with ideas that are either well thought out or build on extant concepts.

  5. He lays into Rip a number of times. Has he missed the point of Starting Strength being for novices and not advanced trainees who worship Germanic gods?

  6. Does anybody else notice how in 3:01, after AC racks the press weights and screams, chris and mike hom take a step back? Lol. You know you”re strong when you make two dudes take a step back when you scream after a heavy lift!

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