Equip for the Quest – Shoes Part 1

“This stuff will make you a sexual tyrannosaurus!”

You gotta make sacrifices if you wanna get 70’s Big. This means training hard, eating hard, learning how to cook, weighing over 200 pounds, listening to Chicago, tossing small children, knowing your enemy, consuming American soil, and not shaving your chest (certainly don’t do this).

In order to begin or continue your quest to being 70’s Big, you will need to be properly equipped. In all of barbell lifting, your feet articulate with the ground. Weightlifting shoes will be necessary so that this articulation prepares you to move the weight as efficiently as possible.

In general, weightlifting shoes have a wide (read: stable) non-compressible sole that has a little bit of heel lift. This heel lift is a bit exaggerated in some brands of shoes because it is made for a pulling position where the shoulders are behind the bar (thus the bar is out in front of the middle of the foot near the ball of the foot or further). If you follow this site, then you know that the creators will place the bar over the middle of the foot in order to pull it off the ground, regardless if it is a deadlift, clean, or snatch. Shoes with a higher heel will not be as efficient to complete this task as intended.

This post does not aim to try to validate weightlifting shoes. Instead, I just wanted to talk about a new shoe that just came out at Rogue Fitness. If you have read Starting Strength, understand the importance of the pulling model, and need a pair of shoes, you may be interested in the shoes that Rogue is selling with a 1/2 inch heel.

We filmed a video talking about this shoes before it was released in December when Mike Hom and AC were in town. Since then, the shoe has been released and is selling quickly. Again, nobody asks me to endorse any products, I just like talking about good products. Gold star if you catch the Star Wars reference in this video.

Rogue Weightlifting Shoes from 70s Big on Vimeo.

31 thoughts on “Equip for the Quest – Shoes Part 1

  1. like the shoes, just can””t justify dropping 115 on lifting shoes when i feel fine lifting in my chucks…

    I will talk about price of shoes tomorrow.


  2. What about 1 1/4″ shoes? Too much heel? Have the opportunity to buy some cheap, and I”m a cheap bastard.

    I”ve never had lifting shoes (chuck”s ftw), so although I”m sure they would make a difference, I don”t know whether the difference of 1/2 and 1 1/4″ is worth over twice as much $.

    Oh, yeah…”I ain”t got time to bleed…”

  3. Dug in like an Alambama tick.

    AC I disagree, the best part by far is when they are building the booby traps..and they are all shirtless, greased down, and properly pumped, pulling up the trees.

  4. About time someone made some lifting shoes that don”t rhyme with “high-Heels.”

    So you cooked up some shoes and dropped the six of us in the meatgrinder? What happened to you Justin?

  5. I ordered the Rogues last week before they added the new Rip model. Good timing, working on changing my order now. The wait time is a little long but It should be worth it. All good things…

  6. The best part of the movie is the mid-air arm wrestle between Dutch and Dylan

    “whats a mattah dylan, CIA got you pushing too many pencils?”

    I second this.


  7. Bought these a few weeks back and they are a big improvement over my reeboks that I was using.

    I am glad that I waited so long to purchase them though (in relation to since I started lifting), because I saw a huge difference when I used them. I don”t think I would have seen such a big difference 2 years ago when I was just getting started…

  8. You are all wrong. The best part of Predator was when they were attacking village, and Arnold throws a knife at that dude sticking him to the wall with it and Arnold tells him “Stick around.”

  9. Predator was ridiculous in retrospect. haha, I haven”t watched it in years but I still remember all the scenes you guys are mentioning.

    As for the shoes, I wasn”t quick enough to pick up a pair when they were first announced. I hope to get some the second time around.

  10. I little bit of Predator trivia: Jean Claude Van damme was in the original predator suit, which looked completely different from the predator we are used to.

  11. You ghostin us motherfucker. I don”t care who you are back in the world, you give away our position one more time, I”ll bleed ya, real quiet.

  12. ”I woke up. Why don”t you? You”re an asset. An expendable asset. And I used you to get the job done, got it?”

    Not recommended to quote after sex.

  13. Today was my first day back since dislocating my shoulder and i feel weak as sheit. Squatted 275 5×3 and did 3×3 cleans with 225lbs.

    Also i have a pair of Ristos and i love them. Squat and especially the oly lifts feel so much better. pple always talk about droppin money on things. I dont mind spending money on anything that is gonna better me. I will make up the money by not gettin drunk that weekend (or do a good job of always pregaming before i go out). My booze money is now being spent on Milk and dead animals.

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  15. Got my Rips about 2 weeks ago and love them. I hit some new PRs yesterday. I have been following the “5,3,1” strength program. In week 4 I went for some new max”s. Went from 315 to 350 back squat, from 320 to 340 bench, from 370 to 425 deadlift, from 200 to 215 press. Now I have been consuming about 4000-5000 cals a day and limiting my metcon. I haven”t weighed myself but I am clearly over 200. So besides the extra calories and new Rips it probably had to do with the fact that I was wearing OP cord shorts, tube socks and rayban aviators.

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