When You’re Down and You Can’t Let Go

“Oh look, a deli meat!”

“Nobody should be training if they haven’t had any coffee.”
This was an important lesson I learned from Rip many months ago. A warm cup of joe can rejuvenate your mood, warm your loins, and give you a convenient caffeine energy boost.

In order to be useful, your coffee needs to be bold…like your attitude. And America. And my pal Spence, a fighter pilot who grows stronger to battle G-tolerance and enemies who defy him in the air.

A fighter pilot’s breakfast: coffee with a shot of jet fuel, napalm, and a side of death.

A fighter pilot’s breakfast: coffee with a shot of jet fuel, napalm, and a side of death.

Coffee gives you an extra kick when your mind and body feel tired. In fact, sometimes it’s the only thing that can get you prepped for the stress you are about to impart on your body. You can’t get this done with Folgers; you need something dark enough to produce the kick. Caffeine pills can’t accomplish the same thing either; it must have something to do with the the powerful aroma and the boiling liquid coating your belly. Most problems that occur in training are usually correlated with a lack of coffee.

AC likes joe in his mouth in the morning

AC likes joe in his mouth in the morning

70 thoughts on “When You’re Down and You Can’t Let Go

  1. @Smed, alright, I was worried my espresso machine would be laughed at! As far as bean choice is concerned, I tend to prefer Columbian beans. The flavor just sits well with me, I think it”s because that”s what my mom always bought at the store when I was growing up. For a serious PR day though I”ll grind up some robusto beans and get weird.

  2. btw, have you ever been to greyskull barbell? i might make a trip there to see if i can get some coaching.

    No, but JP is a good friend and a fine coach. Horribly homosexual though.


  3. bluecheese – I”ve had coffee with chicory. It”s awesome! Where can I buy it? I live in Corpus Christi, TX right now and haven”t been able to find it. Actually, I haven”t been able to find it anywhere since a buddy of mine in Colorado brewed it for me. I think he got it from somewhere down south…

  4. Man, AC”s sasquatch pose is the funniest trash ever. I seriously cannot stop laughing about it. Hey, I”d bet dollars to your donuts that the sasquatch is 70”s strong as he is 70”s big. That leads me to my next idea – a 70”s Big Sasquatch t-shirt. If that isn”t funny I don”t know what is. You guys should put a few into production. Besides, every group needs an “inside joke” t-shirt. Crossift has Pukey the Clown. Why can”t 70”s Big have a sasquatch? Justin, I”m preordering mine right now.

  5. Hookgrip_, Rip isn”t wrong, just misrepresented.

    Other things…

    Robusta has about 2x more caffeine than arabica and robusta commonly forms the base of espresso blends.

    Strength of the coffee has nothing to do with its roast profile.

    Single-origin coffees are for the same kind of people who”re into single malts. But you lose the character of the single-origin roasts with longer roasts (past full city or just after, which is about what non-coffee people use “medium” to describe).

    Chicory can be found for purchase online. Cardamom is also a good additive. Both are great for coffee that is a little bit off.

    There better be coffee ready at the gym now…

  6. Damn, all this about coffee. Never knew coffee was this damn important to everyone. I drink about 2 cups per day of Dunkin Donuts coffee. I have to add an extra scoop to get the strength the way I like it, but I think it”s the best tasting coffee out there. Of course I don”t have a French Press or Freedom Press or whatever the hell else it”s called. I have a Black & Decker that works just fine for my needs. Anyway ladies and gentlemen, have great evening and before you all go to sleep, say a prayer for our troops that are “over there”. Thanks.

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