Da Kaz Is Da Man

“You gotta problem, bro?”

Everybody loves Bill Kazmaier.

Compilation video:

In this video, Kazmaier and John Gamble wrestle. Gamble weighs 290, and The Kaz weighs 345 and not only dwarfs him, but dominates him.

From a powerlifting meet:

And this is kinda funny…


Some friends visited the WFAC and we have been busy filming plenty of content. Stay tuned this week for some interesting videos.

The 70’s Big t-shirt is on display. Yeah c’mon.

The 70’s Big t-shirt is on display. Yeah c’mon.

25 thoughts on “Da Kaz Is Da Man

  1. KAZ just pressed that log up like nothing, imagine how many more he could have done if he would have used the push press like they do today.

    Also what happened to lifting lots of pretty women as a demonstration of strength? Now they use kegs. I prefer the women.

  2. I live in Auburn, AL and saw Kaz at the grocery store a couple months ago. He had several steaks and a few bottles of wine in his cart…I then saw him consume all of it while walking through the parking lot to his car.
    Alright maybe that last part was a stretch but Kaz is still awesome.

  3. The Kaz is a man well prepared to lead the fight when the impending zombie invasion occurs. Each night he then will replenish his strength by grinding down the bones of 90s small men into a jelly…better start lifting or either the zombies or Kaz will get you!

  4. My favorite quote about Kaz, although I cannot recall who said it on one of the worlds strongest man competitions. “He has muscles in places that most people dont have places”

  5. You may all have seen this, but the 1977 World Powerlifting Championship can be watched on youtube, not quite in it”s entirety but about 20 minutes worth. Impressive lifting, and even more impressive hairstyles.

    Part 1 is here.

  6. Kaz FTMFW, him and Konstantinovs are my idols.

    My favorite part is in the WSM comp prior to the car flip race. He has the mullet slicked back and walks deliberately up to the cars and gets to work.

  7. Kaz is definitely BIG TIME!!

    BTW, anybody have experience with bicep pain during squats?

    I seem to have developed a nuisance of a pain in my biceps (right one) that radiates to my shoulder and wrist while a squat.

    FYI, I squat with my thumb over the bar and I do not grip the bar tightly, so I do not think it is the same as the headache-like elbow pain described in SSBT.

    I hit my first wall on the novice progression on 365X5, X4, X2…I need to eat more. This weekends nutrition was pretty crappy due to being snowed in and not having enough food at home.

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