70’s Big Shake

“Sancho…Sancho…Let me borrow some sweeeaaaats!”

The shake consists of:

  1. 2 cups of milk
  2. 2 cups of ice cream
  3. 1/2 cup of peanut butter
  4. 2 scoops of protein powder
  5. 4 tablespoons of chocolate syrup

Total Calories: ~2,090 kcal
Total Protein: ~104 g

The 70’s Big Shake is no different than every caloric bomb that guys have been making since blenders were invented. The shake is a good weight gain tool, a good recovery drink, and a good “make up meal” in the event you haven’t eaten in a while. The only reason I actually included ingredient amounts is because A) I know some of you goobers are going to ask anyway, and B) I wanted to give some hard facts on calories and protein (I know one of you will post how many carbs and fat are in it too). Measuring your food is typically a waste of time, especially when you need to gain 50 pounds. So please, don’t waste your time with measuring any of this.

To prepare the 70’s Big Shake:

  1. Pour a generous amount of milk into your blender. If you pour too much, you won’t have room for the other goodies, so be wary.
  2. Scoop in a hearty amount of ice cream. If you have “reduced fat” ice cream, pleas click the x in the top right of your browser.
  3. Take the spoon you used to scoop the ice cream, and dig the biggest wad (equivalent to WOD) you can out of your peanut butter jar. It is a sin to waste peanut butter.
  4. Add two scoops of cheap whey protein powder
  5. Hold your chocolate syrup bottle over the mixture and squeeze until satisfied. Then squeeze for another full second.
  6. Blend, enjoy, and grow stronger

In this picture the shakes are invisible

In this picture the shakes are invisible

38 thoughts on “70’s Big Shake

  1. For morning shakes buy the concentrated iced coffee in the dairy section of your grocery store. The stuff is pretty strong, so a little goes a long way. Add the concentrate to your shake, drink, enjoy, and get buzzed. Its great for those morning workouts.

  2. Gaining is now a little tougher. After 2 weeks of almost sleepless nights due to nasal congestion, it turns out milk might be to blame.

    What is more important, the calories or the sleep? (sleep, I know.)

    Looks like it is real meat and veggies from now on. Any other recommendations?

    Milk does not make you congested. Search this topic on Rip’s Q&A message board. It is linked on the left side bar.


  3. When I don”t have time for my normal egg, bacon, sausage, toast, butter, milk, egg nog breakfast I through this shake together which is pretty similair:

    2 cups whole milk
    1 cup egg nog
    1 cup ice cream
    2 tbs Hershey”s dark chocolate syrup
    4 tbs olive oil
    1 tbs coffee beans
    2 scoops protein powder
    3 capsules fish oil
    3 capsules vitamin d
    3 capsules multi

    Really actually tastes good.

  4. Snyder, you might see if you can find someone in your area who sells raw milk. I”m not saying that will solve the problem, but I drink raw milk and don”t have nearly the problems I did when I drank pasteurized milk.

  5. yeee haww for amazing shakes…

    @ jgalon… i was recently at my primary care doctor for my check up and i was telling him about my new get big diet and the only thing that absolutely concerned him was my consumption of multi-vitamins.. he pulled out a recent publication of an American medical journal and showed me an article that has conclusive evidence that multivitamins are bogus. reason being that when the vitamins are extracted from their original place they lose the ability to be absorbed by your body. hence the neon green piss you get from taking them. the green piss is your body expelling them because they are not being used. the only way to get them is from getting them from their natural environment.. i.e. fruits and veggies. also the same article he showed me said that vitamins b12 and folic acid together are carcinogens. also many of these vitamins that people get are largely untested so you never know really what it is your taking.. be careful out there. since this discovery i have no longer been taking a multi but this has led to eating more veggies better shits and a lot more weight gain. so its actually been a blessing for me. what makes me believe him so much is that the info came from a medical journal written by practicing doctors for doctors not some retarded fitness magazine that says BS are bad for your knees or some stupid shit like that.

    Medical doctors also were spot on with the Fat Hypothesis too, huh?

    Many vitamins are water soluble, which means that the extraneous amount that is not absorbed is made into a solution with the water in your body. Now, the rate at which this happens depends on the pH levels in your stomach along with a slew of other complicated shit, all of which is way over our heads and may not even be fully understood anyway. This is why you pee out some of them, and thus have neon piss.

    Besides, the demands for someone that is training hard are completely different than someone who is sedentary (i.e. sitting on their ass). Sedentary subjects are what you will typically see in these studies. More demand on the body requires more nutritional support in order to repair and adapt. This is obvious with macro-nutrients (fat, carbs, protein) yet also is the case for micro-nutrients.

    In other words, it is good practice to think through these things for yourself instead of taking “someone’s word for it” because they are an “authority”.


  6. @ Snyder,
    Organic isnt much of a concern, what would be better is to find milk from a grass fed cow. Grain fed cows have high concentrations of lectins in their milk, which are the toxic plant proteins in grain which you may have a sensitivity to. Many “organic” milks are still from cows that are fed “organic” grains. If you could find a grass fed cow, you may be able to tolerate the milk a whole lot better, and can keep on drinking the good stuff. Worth a shot anyhow…

  7. Unrelated to the current thread of posts: does anyone know if Johnny Pain achieved his goal of getting to 260 before the year””s end?

    He was 245 this past weekend.


  8. @ Justin and Snyder

    To take your advice, Justin, and “think through these things for yourself instead of taking “someone’s word for it” because they are an “authority,” I””””m gonna have to disagree with your thoughts on milk. Rather, qualify them. Milk may not congest YOU. But my personal experience and an astronomical amount of kleenex says that it does worsen congestion for certain people. If I have a cold, milk exacerbates the congestion by a lot. And when I””””m perfectly healthy, I go from clear nose to having to clear out my nose a few times a day (not that bad of congestion, but definitely some compared to none without the milk).

    I””””ve never had sleepless nights due to congestion, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that milk adds to congestion. For me. For all I know its because I””””m lactose intolerant, I get the runs with too much milk as well. My body just doesn””””t appreciate milk! But fuck that, I know I need to drink so I do it and deal with the consequences.

    Last, I searched “milk congestion” and “milk congested” on Rip””””s Q&A, didn””””t show up with much. Where can I see a thread discussing this?

    The search function is really shitty on the Q&A. While it may be possible that you are lactose intolerant, it is highly improbably in white people (I don’t what race you are). Did you ever have a ramp up with your milk intake? If so, then you know more about this then I do.


  9. Rest day for me. had a couple guys come over to the garage gym. Coached them on lifts, both PR”d. Lot of fun. After, my buddy made 70 sBig shakes. I was so proud. Currently finishing a 24oz steak before I head to bed.

  10. @ justin. i dont claim to be an expert on micro nutrients. i also am smart enough to realize that those of us who are lifting heavy and exercising more need more nutrients and its obvious that we are going to use more when we exercise so we are going to have to ingest more. so i mentioned this to my doctor after he pretty much says multi vitamins are useless because of the way they are processed. he said eat more to get the nutrients out of their natural environments instead of relying on multi vitimins. if your not going to trust your PC doctor then who are you gonna trust as far as health is concerned? i was shocked when he told me and he knew it so instead of leaving me with just his word on the matter he showed me the source from which he received the info. these doctors know more about these very complicated matters than I so of course im going to trust someone whos job it is to give me correct advice on my health. im going to call him and see if i can get a copy of the article for us.

    It will be an interesting read. Let me know.


  11. @ python

    some people simply haven”t adapted well to milk, as it hasn”t been in their genetic background for very long. Something like 80% of people of asian descent are lactose intolerant to some degree, for example

  12. Exactly. I don”t think its really up for debate that some people don”t deal with milk well. Thats basically the reason why I don”t really dig blanket statements like “milk does not make you congested.” I mean I realize this is Justin”s site and he can say whatever he wants, not to mention the fact that 99.9999% of the info posted here is solid and grounded in practical application, but the milk thing is just wrong in my experience. Believe what you will, I guess. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

  13. To keep this couple day old discussion going, yeah I am white. If by ramp up period, you mean try to drink a little more and more milk each day, yeah I essentially did that, nothing formal or scheduled however. It seems to me milk just thickens everything up mucous-wise. Not to mention the gas problems, I mean I can literally feel my gut bubbling up sometimes if I go overboard on the milk. Even with just a small amount (maybe 16 oz.) I will have symptoms, just on a smaller scale. I don”t know what to tell ya man, my body doesn”t dig milk. Maybe I”m one of the 15-20% of Caucasians who are lactose intolerant, who knows? Either way all this nonsense doesn”t keep me from drinking it, as I said before, I just do what I have to do and deal with the results.

  14. Ah, an excellent shake. Now, my favorite was the legendary GET BIG DRINK by John McCallum:


    3000+ calories and enough protein to give you nightmares.

    Now, I know it looks like a pain in the ass to make. It is. But that””s part of the process. You go through the trouble to make this, drink it in addition to your regular meals, and you””re guaranteed to get bigger and stronger than you””ve ever been in your life.


    (throw in some 20-rep squats to round off the deal)

    You da man, Flux.


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