Thanksgiving Feast Fest

Hi, mom

This is the day that we all have been waiting for. This is the day when everybody that you know will be building (yes, building) and eating lots of food. Thanksgiving is a 70’s Big holiday.

Everyone we know is going to be eating lots of food?!? And they are going to be giving away leftovers?!!? My friends, it is raining calories.

This was the best picture I could find.

This was the best picture I could find.

I know some of you bigger guys may be trying to reduce your carbohydrate intake for the sake of body composition, but I think we can all agree that you should exempt yourself from such annoyances today. Realistically speaking, everyone should do the same. The malnourished Zone Dieters need this day just as much as we do. It will let them feel human again.

Go forth on this day and eat comically massive amounts of food. Enjoy the company of your friends, but don’t let them get between you and the next plate of food.

Unfortunately I won’t be eating with my mom today since I am in Texas. Her Thanksgiving smörgåsbord (to use the term again) sets the standard for all 70’s Big meals. Nothing compares. Miss ya, Mom.


Here is another video from the WFAC. On November 13th I squatted 485 for a set of 5. It was the intensity day on the Texas Method, and I think I could have driven the 5RM up to 500 had I not altered my program for an Olympic weightlifting emphasis. I intentionally did not edit this video so you can get an idea of what goes on before and after the set.

After I come out from under the bar, Rip tells me my stance was about an inch wide. The tendency to widen the stance is exacerbated by an increase in weight, and some times a lifter may have to think about keeping it more narrow than they would want it. My reps are kind of slow in the beginning, but they increase with speed as I use my bounce a little better. The knees click in on the fourth rep (which I felt), but the 5th rep looks pretty good, given the stance.

As always, you can send in your own training videos.

23 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Feast Fest

  1. I”m k9nacl. What”s the job market like in Wichita Falls?

    Justin, I hope your post on intensity or “getting the adrenaline going” before a set is coming soon.

  2. Those are some serious squats. Justin, since you are on a program emphasizing O-Lifting, do you do any high bar back squats, or do you still squat strictly with low bar squats?

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone…go eat another pie!

    No, I don’t high bar squat. The jumping portion (or you may know this as the second pull) of the lifts is directly correlated with the (low bar) squat strength. Plus the high bar uses less musculature. I do front squats during the week as well as when I catch my cleans (and you could consider catching the snatch as a similar movement mechanically).

    When I am not close to a meet, I will go back to the Texas Method for my squat as well as make a few other changes.


  3. Justin,

    In your videos I””ve noticed you and AC do all of your lift in olympic weightlifting shoes. Is there a reason you prefer these to completely flat soled shoes like Chucks. Thanks and this site is awesome!

    We aren’t unique in wearing these shoes to train in. Lifting shoes are preferable over Chucks because Chucks will still compress to some extent, and the lifting shoes have a little bit of heel. A little bit of heel will allow more quadriceps to be involved in the movement as opposed to a completely flat shoe, especially when pulling from the floor.

    Heel height is an individual thing, but usually a good height is about a half inch. Nobody makes them this short though, so you would have to get a shoe tailor to chop a regular pair down. Neither AC nor I have done this for our shoes.

    Here is an article Dr. Kilgore wrote about lifting shoes:


  4. Happy Thanksgiving all.
    I am excited as hell. For me, this is the greatest holiday. No pressure like Christmas has, and even more food. All we have to do is sit around, and stuff ourselves, while being thankful of all this we are blessed with.
    Everybody should have their FIRST 6000cals in within the next couple hours.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Just finished playing in the annual football game me and a bunch of friends get together and I am ready for turkey, all the trimmings, egg nog, and ibuprofen. This is the best day of the year by far.

  6. Hey Justin (or anyone for that matter), I””m curious how you warm up before you start squatting. I tend to just use the ramping up the weight to the work set as the sole warm up. Some days I””ve noticed that later in the work out, while bench pressing or even afterward, I feel warmer/more limber and that squatting at this point would go better than the first time. Seems like I could benefit from some pre-workout warm up.

    It depends on how old you are, how cold it is, how many injuries you have, etc.

    I am young, and barring any extraneous soreness or injuries (usually structural with my back or neck), I don’t need a whole lot of warming up. The other night it was cold in the gym, so I rowed a 1,000 meters. I hadn’t done that since earlier this year, but I felt that rowing for about 4 minutes would help loosen my back up and give me a little bit of a sweat since it was chilly in the gym.

    Warm up goes from general to specific. If you are asking what kind of weight I take warming up for squat, that is detailed elsewhere (books, message boards, etc.), but as the weight goes up, the reps are titrated down so the work sets are not interfered with.


  7. Hi Justin,

    I”m curious to see how you altered the Texas method in incorporate the Snatch/C&J as I also want to focus on Olympic Lifting. I”ll be meeting with a qualified coach once/twice a month as my schedule allows but I want in incorporate the Olympic Lifts into my current Strength Program.


  8. Hi Justin,

    I would also like to see your altered Texas method program if that is not too much of a trouble.

    Thank you.

    I can post about this next week for you guys. TM programming is more individualistic, but I can cover what I did/do and why.


  9. Eligius – I usually row for 5 minutes at a moderate pace at the start of my workout. Then for each lift I warm-up by increasing the weight and decreasing the reps. My last workout I squatted 205 for work sets so my warm-up looked like this:


  10. Of all the weekends of the year to have a physical fitness test for the Monday morning after. I”m saving the leftovers till after. Time to run my bi-annual 2 miles at 280 lb fun test.

    On the shoes, how do the OL shoes affect your deadlifting? I found I am much more prone to forward rolling on my toes especially as I near a 1RM. Chucks are good jbut I feel they lift me a little too high off the groun, I recently looked in my closet and found an old pair of Puma Speed Cat shoes, I pulled the removable insole out and they are one of, if not my favorite new deadlifting shoes. Just my .02

  11. Happy thanksgiving guys!

    I fully plan on being 175 tomorrow, weighed in at 173 this morning @ 5””6.

    Justin, what are the pros/cons to deadlifting in oly shoes compared to chucks. You said it allows more quads to be involved but I””ve also heard that deadlifting in chucks allows to you pulls shorter distance than oly shoes. Thanks again for having the site.

    The weightlifting shoes add a bit of heel (which is also increasing the distance of the pull a bit) and this facilitates more quadriceps involvement since it helps decrease the angle of the knee very slightly in the starting position (which means that the knee need to be extended more). This consideration is most important for general strength training.

    A competitive powerlifter, on the other hand, will probably opt for a flatter or more non-existent sole since it will decrease the distance the bar has to travel. At that level, any distance you can remove is an advantage.

    You (sk3er), on the other hand, need to worry about weighing over 185.


  12. Justin, I””ve been looking at the site multiple times a day for about a week now but it only took me about 10 seconds to realize that I was home. The last, and only, real consistent training I””ve done was in high school (about 7 years ago) but I””ve ordered a copy of Starting Strength and can””t wait to start getting 70””s Big when I get back from vacation in a week. I””ll get my base PR””s, a freezer full of meat and start doing hard things.
    Thanks for what you do and look for an email in a week or so.

    Looking forward to it.


  13. I just weighed in at 236, heaviest ever. I am stoked. I was only 228 this morning. I am going to try and eat 4 more lbs in the next 2hrs.

    This is impressive. We should have made a contest.


  14. I no longer live in Texas anymore, and they don”t do Thanksgiving in the UK. This makes me sad.

    But I”m putting in a hell of an effort nonetheless.

    I”m 2lbs away from an adult male! By Monday, I will be an adult male and will have something to celebrate come PR Friday!

  15. Late to the party, but a quick question for Justin. What causes the knee clicking during squatting, and is it anything to be worried about?

    If you mean just a noise in your knee when you are going through the range of motion correctly, then this is not something to worry about.


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