Adult Males > 200 pounds

“Don’t forget: there is a good lookin’ female drinking more milk than you are”

We’ve had a few posts that explain what type and amounts of food you’ll need to consume if you’re wanting to get 70’s Big. Some people, however, don’t realize the purpose of this level of food intake. As always, it depends on your individual situation.

No one is suggesting you eat a giant bowl of ice cream, brownies, and magic shell if you already weigh 250. However, if you weigh 150, you better be stuffing your face. The “professional eating” approach is always suggested for guys who weigh under 200 pounds.

Remember: Adult Males > 200 pounds

A gallon of whole milk a day usually does the trick, regardless of who you are. My buddy John Sheaffer and I both drink at least a gallon, and I weigh 225 and he weighs 235 (he’ll be making a strong push to get to 250 by December, and eventually will make it to 275). Whole milk has a beautiful balance of calories, fat, carboydrates, and protein. Remember, it exists to make baby mammals grow, so start suckling the teat of growth.

There is a good looking girl at the gym we held a seminar at in Denver this past weekend. The gym owners, Jodi and Skip, told me that she drinks 6 gallons of milk a week while strength training, weightlifting, and doing conditioning workouts. She weighs 150 with very little bodyfat. In other words, she eats according to the needs of her activity and sport. If you’re trying to gain considerable size and strength, go with the shovel technique. If you are at the optimum bodyweight at your given height, then eat to maintain the muscle mass you already have. In any case, don’t ever forget that there is a good looking female who is drinking more milk than you are.


The following photo was submitted by Randy, a deployed US Marine. Apparently they can’t get a gallon of milk when deployed, so they have to get creative with their calories.


Randy pounds two double whoppers with cheese stuck together


Here is part 8 of the 70’s Big Interview with Rippetoe.

70’s Big Presents: Mark Rippetoe Interview Pt. 8 from 70s Big on Vimeo.

Rip references the directory of 70’s Big conducive gyms in this video. It will be very difficult to be added to this select list. The qualifying factors include your openness to helping new members, equipment, gym philosophy, the training of the owner(s), and a stable of people that are working to get strong. This list will be comparable to Bill Starr’s list of “Gyms Friendly To Weightlifters” that was published in Defying Gravity (a good, quick read for anybody competing in the barbell sports).

12 thoughts on “Adult Males > 200 pounds

  1. I”m lactose intolerant, so I”ll probably have to give the Lactaid pills a try, or just spend the extra money on Lactaid whole milk since they sell it out here in California. Anyone else on here lactose intolerant? how are you handling it if you are?

  2. I”m 5”11″ 29 y.o. and I weigh 205, but I”m not muscular, kind of the opposite. should I still drink the GOMAD, or is this unnecessary? Do you need that kind of calorie and protein intake to support muscle growth and recovery? I”m starting on my quest to get big and don 70”s apparel so thought this is a good time to ask.

  3. To reiterate, this will be selective. This isn”t Facebook. has a list of PL-friendly gyms for Texas. Their criteria:

    “This page is a list of the power friendly gyms in Texas. In order to be considered “power friendly” you must allow powerlifting as well all the tools serious powerlifters and bodybuilders need in their day to day training such as squat racks, benches, a designated place to deadlift, and chalk.”

    This is a very small list compared to the thousands of gyms located in Texas.

  4. MAD – Yeah, I”ve read through most of them and looked at the options. I”ve used Lactaid most my life, but never the whole milk. Haven”t tried their pills, but those seem to be popular as well. I was more curious to see if anyone on this site is dealing with it and how.

  5. Chris, don’t drink the lactaid or the raw milk. Those will set you back almost ten bucks in that awful state you live in.

    Try the lactaid pills. They are cheaper. In general, most people are not in fact lactose intolerant, they just haven’t adapted to the point of being able to consume a lot of lactose (the sugar in milk).

    In any case, start off with a low volume of milk, then work your way up. Maybe half a gallon, then adding in a quart until you get to a gallon. Your experience on the toilet will gauge your progress.

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