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Mystic Dunes

70’s Big tank tops are almost complete . . .

Bench: 335×5/320×5/315×5
Press: 205/225/245
DB Incline Press: 110×10/130×8/150×6 (F)
Dips: BWx10x3

Squat: 425×5/410×5/405×5
Power-Clean: 200×2/225×2/235×1/235×1
RDL’s: 200x5x3
Rows: 200×5/225×5/245×5

Bench: 385×3/Slingshot 405×2/420×2 (paused)
Close-Grip: 295×3/315×3/335×3 Touch and Go
Tricep Push/Pull-Downs: 3×10
DB Curls: 45×10/50×10/60×6
Seated DB Curls: 30x10x3

Squat: 500×3
Front Squat: 315×3
DE Deadlifts: 320/On the min/10 Min
Weighed Pull-Ups: 35×5/35×5/45×5
Back Extensions: 45x10x3

2013 Inconvenient Nationals

First off, I am real happy I got to spend time with some of my closest friends. They couldn’t be more awesome.

From the start the trip was covered in shit. Chris had hurt his back a few weeks ago. Shawn was unable to go forcing me to drive 6+ hours alone. Justin is busy sweating his dick off. Everything turns to shit.

I couldn’t afford the trip if I took my truck, alone. My friend brought up the idea of trading cars for the weekend. It was brilliant. Fast forward to Thursday. I had made it 30 minutes deep into the trip when I realized I forgot my fucking bag. I returned home and snagged it. 15 minutes into the trip I realized I forgot my fucking camera. I said “Fuck it. I’ll turn around”. I blew an hour of the trip making circles. This then put me into rush hour traffic. Swallowing a .45 was pretty tempting at this point. Highway 75 sucks a lot of ass. There is a long stretch of construction that walls off the emergency lane. So what happens if someone needs to pull over? Fuck em. 2 hours into the trip I was in this construction zone. The front left tire explodes forcing me to pull off to the left into the dirt. Good thing it had been pouring rain the past three days. The cars left side sinks about a foot deep into the mud. Can’t change the tire. Almost died. Sweet.

300 dollars, 4 tire shops, and a day later I was back on the road. This was after my stepdad brought a tire from Roswell for me. He said “As long as it doesn’t pour down rain you’ll be alright”. He was alluding to the fact that the tires were low on tread. It rained the rest of the drive.

28 hours after I had initially left I made it to Orlando. I managed to catch Brents last two deadlifts.

The inconvenience didn’t stop there. We planned on staying with Mikes parents. Their complex refused to show up on a GPS. This caused over 2+ hours of extra driving added to the weekend. Fuck it.

Fast forward to Mike competing. 2 attempts deep Mike’s hip/back started to hurt. He opted to stop competing. A smart decision. No reason to get hurt.

The weekend was incredibly stressful. Even though it sucked on a lot of levels I had a fucking great time. I met some great people and got to spend time with my closest friends.

Bench: 340×3/325×3/315×3
DB Incline Bench: 100×10/110×8/120×6
Press: 225×7
Dips: 90x5x3
DB Curls: 40×10/45×8/50×6
Seated DB Curls: 30x10x3

Squat: 405×5/405×3/405×1 My back was so under-recovered from Tuesday. Condensed training week.
Reverse Hypers: 50x10x3
Fat Bar Pull-Downs: 130×10/140×10/150×10
Pretty much a wasted workout

Deadlift: 585
Bench: 365×2
Squat: 405×2
Pull-Ups: BWx5x5
DB Curls: 45×10/50×8/55×6
Seated DB Curls: 25x10x3


I’ll be leaving this afternoon to go to Orlando to watch Mike/Brent compete. See ya round campus!

Silky Smooth

I get to pee in these on the weekends.

USAPL Nationals are this weekend. If you’re going to be in Orlando we will all be there. Not sure when we are getting in. Much like the Arnold’s I extend an invite to hang out IRL. I met some dedicated people. We had a good time. Went to Jenni’s courtesy of Mike. Email me and we can figure some stuff out.

Thats White Panda’s new mix. It’s legit.

Bench: 350×5 (probably should have gone lower)
Floor Press: 225x3x3
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 3×12
Cable Curls: 50×10/70×10/90×10
Seated DB Curls: 20x10x3

Squats: 455×3
DE Deadlifts: 315/On the Min/10 Min
Pull-Ups: BWx10x5
Back Extensions: BWx10x3

The 4th was cool

Was in Buckhead for the 4th. Had a solid night. My face could be greasier in this pic.

Shawn was supposed to hang out. Guess I’m chopped liver.

Shawn also said The Wolverine came out on Friday. It didn’t. He was only off by 2 weeks. I’m glad I wasn’t let down. Really looking forward to that movie. It looks intense as shit. I enjoy the psychological turmoil of Wolverine.

Erica writes:

FUCK U ALL Luke Bryan is FUCKIN’ gorgeous……. I HONESTLY would have a baby with HIM! So FUCK U ALL!

I thought this was very relevant. The post wasn’t close to 2 years old at all.

Bench: 340×5/325×5/3155
Press: 205×5
DB Incline Bench: 100x10x3
Dips: 90x6x3
DB Curls: 40x10x3
Seated DB Curls: 25x12x3

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×5
Power-Clean: 215x3x3
Reverse Hypers: 125x8x3
Fat Bar Lat Pull-Downs: 120×10/130×10/140×10

Bench:385×3/435×1/445×1 (Singles were with the Slingshot)
Close-Grip: 285×5/305×5/325×5 Touch and Go (No Bounce)
Tricep Push/Pull-Downs: 3×12
Single Arm Pull-Downs: 3×12
DB Curls: 45×10/35×12/25×15
Cable Curls: 60x10x3
Sled Pulls: 115×10

Squat: 500×2/520×2
Rack Pull: 555×1 (fatigued)/500×3
Pull-Ups: 35x5x3
Back Extensions: 45x10x3


Update: Will be doing the Top-Gun Movember request this weekend. As well as the Ace Ventura Mission Impossible segment.

It’s hard to shop when you weight more than 180 pounds these days. This is Shawn A.K.A. The Law Dragon. He weighs 240. This shirt is an XL.

You’ll notice he can’t button the top.

The same goes for jean shopping. I have to buy a 38-32 because my legs won’t fit into anything else. Anyone who lifts heavy knows that their abs get thicker too. That causes a convex stomach which makes things worse when you sit down. Your abs bulge outward into your pants waistline making it uncomfortable. These two things make buying pants/shorts a fucking nightmare. Guess I’ll have to buy elastic waistband shorts.

Heres a sweet picture of my friend Ben. He is in the military. He is one cool dude.

They could be faster

Bench: 340×5/325×5/315×5
Press: 225×2/245×2/265×2
Dips: BWx10x5
Seated DB Curls: 25x15x3
Tweaked my neck during Pressing. Got a headache from it. Skipped some accessory work.

Squat: 440×3/425×3/410×3 Tired as fuck from Deadlifting/Extracurricular activities.
RDL’s: 185x5x3
Rows: 185x5x3
Sled Pulls: 175/On the min/10 min

Bench: 395×2/430×1/430×1 Slingshot
Floor Press: 295×2/315×2/335×2
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 3×12
DB Curls: 4×10
Sled walk/180lbs/10 Min Walked because I forgot my running shoes

Deadlift: 500×5/315×6 Touch and Go
Front Squat: 315×5
BW Pull-Ups: 3×10/2×5
Back Extensions: BWx12x3