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Don’t hassle me I’m local

Something to Note: I do more accessory work, but I don’t feel like writing down. Just an FYI if you are trying to figure out the programming.

Been out of town since Friday. Just got back in late last night. I’ll do an update post shortly. Well maybe not. I just bought GOW Ascension. Probably gonna be busy with that.

Beach pics for your enjoyment until a post is done.

So GOW: Ascension sucks major ass. Huge downgrade for the series. It’s like they had a meeting and said “Remember all that fun stuff we had in the other games? Let’s not put that in this one”. The game was drawn out and boring. No secondary characters to fill the gaps in story. Very little cut-scenes. None of the events had a real impact on the story. The only epic fight was the last one. It was cool, but there should have been about 8 more of them. Also, the game is buggy. Lot’s of soundFX missing and off-timed. Ruins the atmosphere. I’m real upset by this considering it’s been my favorite game since the first one came out. It’s like a dent on my childhood.

In other news,

Been road tripping. Went to Louisiana for a couple of days, then stopped in Panama City for the night. It was real fun. Bourbon street wasn’t that cool, it was cool to see. I’ve been jaded by the bar scene ever since I started working at one. It’s no longer fun to get drunk at shitty/seedy places anymore. I’m over it. Never really been a “lets go out” kinda guy, but w/e.

Power-Clean: 220×2/220×2/240×2/250x2x2
Close-Grip: 260×5/280×5/290×5

Front Squat: 250×3/300×3/320×3
RDL’s: 175×5/185×5/195×5
Short Metcon


Squat: 360×8/380×8/395x4x2 (Had to split the last set. Legs were gassed from heavy pulling/travel)
Press: 160×8//170×8/175×8/180×8

Power-Cleans: 215×3/220×3/230×3/235×3/235×3
Close-Grip Bench: 240×8/250×8/260×8

Deadlift: 545/575

Bench: 280×8/300×8/320×8

Somebody get this man a hot dog

Starting a new 8 week program. It’s the off-season football work outs. It still contains Squat/Press/Bench and some cleans. The big lifts and plus some. Gotta figure out where to program in deadlifts. Just can’t go without those. I’m sure after that I will look into 5/3/1 or maybe go back to my previous program. The workout today was just so refreshing, mentally and physically. Different stimulus with the rep range and exercises. You can’t imagine how good that feels after doing a very repetitive program.

There is a handful of accessory work as well too. The variety is nice.

Football did their bench/clean maxes today. A lot of awesome work got done. Most, if not all, hit PR’s on both lifts. Some guys matched previous bests after a return from an injury. It was an exciting day. It was a proud day for me.

Starting from left to right: Tik, Koehlbeck, Jerick.

Tik can’t bounce the bar off his chest due to his shoulder/pec. He has to lightly touch and go. He basically paused 370. His best is 385, with a bounce. Koehlbeck hit 405 weighing 210ish. Jerick is the QB and he has done 405 as a joke before. He injured his hand so he couldn’t bench or clean today. He has hang cleaned 335×2 with ease. Also, my good buddy Trevor hit 440 with a close-grip. He has to because his shoulder can’t handle a wider (normal) grip.

Unfortunately, there was one guy who got injured on a 455 bench. I felt bad for him. He crushed 425 (previous best was 415), then he went on to DESTROY 440. His last attempt was 455. Apparently on the way down he felt some pain in his pec, yet he still decided to try the rep. He should have called for the spotter. He may have torn something. I hope not. I feel partially responsible for what happened due to the fact that I was coaching him through his lifts that day. It can happen to anyone though. I am just having a hard time coping with the fact that injuries can happen to anyone. Thats the first time it’s happened with me. It’s tough to deal with because you want the best for the guys that come in there.

Squat: 335×10/350×10/370×10

Power-Clean: 200×4/210×4/225×4
Close-Grip: 230/10/250×10/275×10

Front Squat: 255×5/270×5/300×5
RDL’s: 155×10/160×10/175×10

Bench: 270×10/280×10/300×10
Power Shrugs: 315x8x3

The Arnie :(

Hey guys. I appreciate the support and it was nice to meet some of you in person. If I didn’t introduce myself during/post meet then I apologize. I had a bad meet and I wasn’t feeling as social as I should have been. I’ll do my short little write up on the meet later today. Again, thanks for the support.

And here it is:

Had a shitty meet. It’s all good though. Had a hell of a time at the Arny. I was in the hole for my first attempt squat when Arnold came out and gave a 5 minute speech on childhood obesity. Needless to say it fucked me up. I had my belt on and my music was going. By the time Arny was done I was cold and out of my zone. My opener hurt. I was cold after that point and my hips/knees were absolutely killing me. I’ve never felt that before. Usually I keep a pretty good tempo for lifting and I stay warm. Not this time, no thanks to the man himself. Ended up hitting 550.

View from my friends perspective (online)

My bench was going really well. I started to cramp EVERYWHERE once I hit my opener. My abdomen was cramping up so fucking bad. I wasn’t hydrated at all. I didn’t take account the day of traveling and walking around before the meet. I didn’t compensate for the lack of water the previous days. Fucking silly move on my part. Hit 383 and it was easy. I put 402 and I was so confident I was going to hit it that I fucked up. I got lazy at the pause and my elbows drifted back. I fucked myself. Thats what happens when you crush stuff in training, then act like a goon at the meet.

Courtesy of Chris:

At this point in the meet my body felt like dog ass. Dehydrated. Lack of mental attention. I wanted to go home. Deadlifts felt slow. Looking back at the video they were fast, but I was checked out at that point. Mike kept telling me to stay positive, but I was just so upset with how the meet was going that I mentally shut down. He’s a great friend and he was trying to help. I am an emotional volcano so when I shut down I shut the fuck down. Pulled 578. Like a fucking joke. I didn’t want to miss another 3rd attempt. Shawn, who was my handler, gave the judge my 2nd attempt deadlift. He forgot to sign off on it after he gave her the attempt. You have to sign off on it or else they just throw 5K on there and call it a day. Some stupid rule. I don’t understand why the judge didn’t just say “Hey you forgot to sign off on this”, when he walked away. That would have taken too much energy on her part though. During the strongman events they kept changing the numbers on the bar at their pleasure. I guess the amateur level lifting has to be taken more seriously. Ya know? cause of all that money thats at stake. I’m bitter about it.

I can’t thank all of you guys enough for the constant support. It helps when I have shit meets like this. I’ll be taking a break from powerlifting for a short while. I can’t give it the attention it needs being a broke intern.

On the bright side we met Steve Goggins

Here is a video of me lifting. I couldn’t film due to all of us lifting really close to each other. Sorry for the let down on the video end. We were a few men down this meet.