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Squatted 530 for a single on Friday. Hamstring held up fine. I think the reduced volume has helped tremendously (obviously). The rep wasn’t hard, but I’m interested to see how the meet goes.Looking forward to having a great time. Personally, for me the meet is about having fun and competing against yourself. I know people have different opinions about that stuff, but when there are guys totaling 200 pounds more than you there is no point in worrying about placing. I’m just a happy camper, rockin and a rollin.

Hey if any of you commenters/lurkers plan to go to the Arnold’s in a few weeks here please email me so we can meet if you’d like. It’d be interesting to all have dinner together or grab a drink.

I got a Instagram. Feel free to follow along: Acis70sbig. It’s a great place to check out all the gay ass pictures I put up. We can heart each others photos and shit.

The meet is next Friday. I am kinda nervous. I hope my hamstring holds up. Been working on it for a while, but it needs a rest week and some work done to it to heal properly. Looking forward to going on the platform again.

Squat: 530
Bench: 360
DE Deadlifts: 315×1/On the Min/5 Min

Press: 135x5x2
Mobility work

Squat: 455×3/440×3/425×3 Reduced Volume
Bench: 360 Paused/380 Paused
RDL’s: 155×5/200×5


Bench: 335×3/320×3/305×3 Reduced volume
Dips: BWx10x3
Side Raises: 35x10x3
Side Laterals: 30x10x3
Seated Front Raises: 25x10x3
BB Curls: 100x8x3
Neck Machine

Squat: 455×3/440×3/425×3
RDL’s: 315x3x3 Reduced volume
Rows: 240x3x3 Reduced volume

Bench: 390×2 Paused first rep
Close-Grip: 350x2x3
Pull-Ups: 45x5x3
Tricep Push-Downs: 3×10
Tricep Pull-Downs: 3×10
BB Curls: 100x10x3

Deadlift: 500×1/550×1
DE Squats: 275×2/On the Min/8 Min
Back-Extensions: BWx10x3

Bench: 345×3/330×3/315×3 Paused first and last rep
Dips: 135x5x3
Side Raises: 35x15x3
Side Laterals: 30x15x3
Seated Front Raises: 25x15x3
BB Curls: 100x10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx10x3
Neck Machine

Squat: 455×3/440×3/425×3
RDL’s 345x3x3
Rows: 240x5x3

Bench: 385×2/400×2/410×1 Paused first rep of each set
Close-Grip: 355x3x2/355×3
Tricep Pushdowns: 80x15x3
Tricep Pulldowns: 50x15x3
BB Curls: 100x10x3
^Super-setted the three above
GHD Sit-Ups: 10×3

Squat: 540×1 Hamstring seized up on me. Almost fell forward.
Speed Pulls: 335×1/On the Min/10 Min
Pull-Ups: 25x5x3