Here is the video I made for Miiiike. The Roadhouse request is next.

Bench: 340×3/325×3/310×3 Paused first and last rep
Dips: 135x5x3
Side Raises: 30x15x3
Side Laterals: 25x15x3
Seated Front Raises: 20x15x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 455×5/440×3/425×3
RDL’s: 220x5x3 Tired from rack pulling
Rows: 220x5x3

Bench: 375/390×2/405 (Paused first rep of each set)
Close-Grip: 365x1x3 Paused
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 3×15
BB Curls: 90x10x3
GHD sit-ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 530×2
Rack Pull: 565×5
Back Extension: 35x10x3

Been really busy since school started. My internship is pretty long each day so I haven’t felt like doing much once done.

Bench: 335×3/320×3/305×3 Paused first and third rep
Dips: 150×5/160×3/180×3
Lateral Raises: 35x15x3
Side Raises: 30x15x3
Seated Front Raises: 20x15x3
BB Curls: 90c10x3
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 450×5/435×5/420×5
RDL’s: 335x5x3
Rows: 255x8x3

(No spotter)
Bench: 370/370/370 Paused Reps
Close Grip: 315x2x3 Paused first and last reps
Tricep Push/Pull-Downs: 15×3
Pull-Ups: bwx5x3

  1. I lol’d at Justin’s story about y’all visiting him.

    Solid work, considering all the travel.

  2. The vid of you guys training together was pretty awesome. Good ol’ times I guess.

    What sort of internship are you doing?

    I am interning at Ironworks. It’s with the strength and conditioning staff at Georgia Southern University.

    • sounds pretty cool

      It is cool, but the days feel long. It’s like doing what you wanna do for a job, except you’re not getting paid.

  3. When you write “335×3/320×3/305×3” are you doing the 335×3 set first then doing drop sets or is it read backwards as 305 first then move up?

    It’s as you read it. Start off doing the heavy stuff first.

  4. lol solid work. i can’t wait for the roadhouse vid…i’m anxious to see who plays who.

  5. Why pause the close-grips? Also, 405 bench… So awesome.

    I am close to competition so I pause all my benching, including close-grip.

    • AC, when you do your pause benching are you mentally queuing yourself to lift on command or are you lifting with a spotter that says lift? Just curious.

      I’ve done both. I usually count to three then give myself a press command. I count quick depending on how heavy it is lol. My paused was long on 405 according to my spotter.

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