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If you missed your donation chance during Movember here’s your second shot. I will recreate a movie scene for each donation, as I did/am in the process of doing. I only have time during the weekends so thats why it’s a slow process.

Thanks Chris. You’re the man. Here is the third installment in the recreation series.


Bench: 345×3/330×3/315×3 Paused first and last rep
Dips: 180×3/135x5x2
Side Raises: 30x15x3
Side Laterals: 25x15x3
Seated Front Raises: 20x15x3
BB Curls: 95x10x3
GHD Sit-Ups w/twist: BWx10x3

Squat: 455×5/440×3/425×3
RDL’s: 345x5x3
Rows: 220x8x3

Bench: Paused first rep 380×2/395×2/410×1 (Slight assistance)
Close-Grip: 370x1x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Tricep Pushdowns: 70x10x3
Tricep Pulldowns: 50x10x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx3x10
Supersetted my arm work. Ran out of time.

Deadlift: 565×2(Fail:1 Rep)/510×2. Tired from working over the weekend.
Squat: 275×1/On the Min/Ten minutes
Back Extension: BWx10x3
Worst fucking workout since my last meet. Lost weight over the weekend. Did not recover whatsoever.


Here is the video I made for Miiiike. The Roadhouse request is next.

Bench: 340×3/325×3/310×3 Paused first and last rep
Dips: 135x5x3
Side Raises: 30x15x3
Side Laterals: 25x15x3
Seated Front Raises: 20x15x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 455×5/440×3/425×3
RDL’s: 220x5x3 Tired from rack pulling
Rows: 220x5x3

Bench: 375/390×2/405 (Paused first rep of each set)
Close-Grip: 365x1x3 Paused
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 3×15
BB Curls: 90x10x3
GHD sit-ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 530×2
Rack Pull: 565×5
Back Extension: 35x10x3

Been really busy since school started. My internship is pretty long each day so I haven’t felt like doing much once done.

Bench: 335×3/320×3/305×3 Paused first and third rep
Dips: 150×5/160×3/180×3
Lateral Raises: 35x15x3
Side Raises: 30x15x3
Seated Front Raises: 20x15x3
BB Curls: 90c10x3
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 450×5/435×5/420×5
RDL’s: 335x5x3
Rows: 255x8x3

(No spotter)
Bench: 370/370/370 Paused Reps
Close Grip: 315x2x3 Paused first and last reps
Tricep Push/Pull-Downs: 15×3
Pull-Ups: bwx5x3


Been in Utah. We all surprise visited Justin. Haven’t been able to post. I still have to drive to Southern so I will update tomorrow.

See ya!

Video Magic

Here is the first installment for the Movember thank you videos. I hope you guys enjoy. More to come as the week goes on.

Bench: 340×3/325×3/305×3 (first and third rep were paused)
Dips: 135×3/150×3/165×3
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 15×3
DB Curls: 40×10/45×10/50×10
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx12x3

Squat: 455×5/440×5/425×5
RDL’s: 325x5x3
Rows: 245x8x3

Bench: 375×2/390×2
Close-Grip: 350x2x3 (back kept cramping so no 3’s)
Side Raises: 30x15x3
Side Laters: 25x15x3
Seated Front Raises: 20x15x3
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx10x3

Rack-Pull: 550×5
Squat: 315/On the Min/10 Min
Back-Extensions: 10lbsx10x3