Steroids And CrossFit?

There’s a fascinating article written by performance enhancement drugs (PEDs) gurus John Romano and Anthony Roberts titled, “Steroids, CrossFit, and The CrossFit Games: Who & How“. The TL;DR is a) these guys are experts on PEDs, b) drug tests are … Continue reading


Readers occasionally ask me what the 70’s Big’s “official stance” on steroids is. That boils down to what my stance is, albeit with the opinion of some friends. We have talked about steroids on this website in the past (the … Continue reading

Football and Steroids — Do You Care?

Sorry Brent, we’re gonna talk about football again. Roger Gooddell, the commissioner of the NFL, and the team owners want to increase the regular season from 16 games to 18. This would be a good thing because they’d eliminate the … Continue reading

Steroids: Part I

Anabolic steroids. If you train with and around people that lift heavy weights, you know at least three people that are on steroids. If you don’t, then you are either naïve to that fact or you’re not really training heavy. … Continue reading

PEDs at the 2015 CrossFit Games?

Edit: The formula Romano/Roberts used accounts for body fat with the CrossFit competitors. They used a conservative estimate of 9%.  Last year I wrote “Steroids and CrossFit?“. The article was an extension of my opinion regarding performance enhancement drugs (PEDs) … Continue reading