PR Friday – 12 DEC 2014

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And in case you’ve got some time to kill this Friday, check out Zydrunas put up some serious weight.

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Chalk Talk #14 – Strapped for Time

This particular video tackles the problem a lot of people have during the holiday season: a lack of time for training. You don’t have to have an “all or nothing” attitude with your program. Even doing a short training session is better than none at all, and the chronic effect of training is more important than what you do today. It doesn’t have to be heavy, it doesn’t have to be a lot, but it does need to be systemic. The video shows an example of a quick workout as well as providing other examples with all the reasons why.

Chalk Talk #13 – Banded Squat

The ‘banded squat’ is merely wrapping a band around the thighs and performing an unloaded squat to work on the active external rotation in the hips. This exercise can be a powerful tool for trainees with inefficient glutes, problems with the knees coming in during the squat, and even piriformis or glute medius issues. The video talks about execution and cues, why they are beneficial, and how to program them.