8 July 2007

I was searching for something on my computer when writing a consultation recap, and I came across this document that I wrote when I was 21. The author is a naive and presumptuous atheist who may have the standard slice of “young person pseudo-intellectualism”. At the same time, I keep learning the truth to these words every year. The foundations of 70sBig.com existed at least five years ago. 


July 8, 2007

10:43 PM

I look at America, and I am certainly proud of where it’s come from. I am not, however, proud of where it appears to be going. There are glaring, large-scale problems that need to be addressed as a society and as a government. I’m not here to discuss such matters, but I believe there means that can lead to an improvement in dealing with such problems.

Americais lazy physically and mentally. Americans are spoiled to the point that when they are faced with a certain kind of problem or obstacle, it stresses their mind and their body. This lack of activity, in regards to physical and mental effort, is crippling our attempts at continuing to be a prosperous, glorious nation to live in. An interesting trait of America is that a person does not need to have a care in the world for their government and what goes on around them—they are simply able to live their lives. Yet I ask, just because a person can live their life without such cares, does that mean they should? I believe not.

But how can a nation of over three hundred million people start to suddenly care about their law, intelligence, government, and way of life? It’s extremely difficult to change the habitual behavior of an individual, so three hundred million people would seem nigh impossible.

This is where health steps in. Health isn’t defined by your weight, your body fat, or your heart beat. Health is being of sound mind, body, and spirit. There are plenty of overweight and obese people in our country, yet there are far more unhealthy individuals. Unhealthy, stressed individuals wreck their families, wreck their bodies, wreck their cars, and wreck their lives. Stress can contribute to anything from mental disorders to heart failure. The control of such stress should be high priority for many, yet is widely neglected. It’s neglected much like physical activity. The sedentary lifestyle is bloating Americans to vast proportions.

Have you been to a beach lately? Or any large tourist attraction? The overweight and obese individuals outnumber the average or skinny individual in gigantic proportions. Americans can spend less, earn more (in a fulfilling sense), and ultimately be rewarded with longer, fuller lives if they simply take care of their bodies.

So, what? People need to slim down and get control of their stress? It seems like negatives such as inactivity, increasing stress, and lack of care feed off one another. The solution of so many lazy people is to take the easy way out: medication. You’re stressed? Take this pill, you’ll feel relaxed. You’re overweight? Take this supplement and video, you’ll lose weight without effort. These types of things just reinforce the notion that a lack of effort is not only OK, yet it is encouraged.

I’m sure you have heard of a downward spiral, yet have you considered an upward spiral? It’s possible to turn these absurd mindsets to a more positive ideology. It’s possible to grasp the notion that with some effort and care, people can fix these problems—and problems they are. A combination of stress relieving, exercise, and spiritual acceptance can lead to a truly healthy individual.

When a person exercises, they can control their physical health, preventing countless types of disease and medical problems. They also begin to influence hormonal change in their bodies which in turn helps reduce stress. When a person practices further stress relieving, they can limit or rid the body of stress. When a person achieves these things, and finds acceptance with their existence (in whatever way seems faithful or logical), a healthy individual is produced. It’s certainly not an easy process, yet it should be everyone’s goal. And by everyone, I mean the three hundred million people that live in our country.

The question may fall back to, “What’s the point?” My point is that when we have a population that is in total health, or at least on their way to being in fuller health, then life can slow down for everyone. With slower life, there can be an open mind. With an open mind, there can be thought. And I beg your pardon, but I think thought would be a bold occurrence in this population.

Who knows what can happen with such thought. Maybe there would be a larger forum for opinions. More opinions would mean more caring. More caring could lead to a continuation or transformation of society. Maybe there would be acceptance of all individuals. Maybe there would be a realization that things—and I understand this term is vague—can be better. Maybe there will be (gasp) progress.

Progress certainly isn’t a quick solution. It isn’t a pill or a supplement that will work over night. It will take effort, it will take action, and it will require work. I have said that I don’t want to plateau in my life, and I don’t believe anybody should.

I firmly believe that the first step to prosperity is making an attempt at total health. Total health can improve individual quality of life. If you can improve individual quality of life, then you make a shot at improving the quality of a population. If you improve a population, then you can improve a nation. If you can improve a nation, then you can prosper. Imagine, just for a moment,Americatrudging forth firmly through the future with a strong body, ample mind, and renewed spirit.