“I’m offended!”

There is never a more boring or pathetic group of people than those that get offended easily. Writing for a website that has daily postings means I need to entertain if I’m going to educated. I’ve tried to simply educate without the entertainment, and nobody gave a shit.

I’m not a perfect writer, but I know that good writing, in an editorial sense, requires the injection of opinion and personality to make it readable. Having a voice is important in all writing, and I obviously have a voice. I’ll eventually write topics or make quips that (lightly) harass a certain population, and I never seem to get over the fact that there is an overreaction.

You see, people overreacting is one of my biggest pet peeves. I’m ashamed when I rarely do it, and it bothers me when other people do it. The marathon post immediately had a response of people whining and bitching, which only proves the point of my post (especially when they repeatedly demand that I complete a marathon). People getting offended happens throughout life, but you’d think that this generation would be used to it since the internet is full of free ideas. Groups like religious people, homosexuals, women, and racial minorities are always quick to cry out when their feelings are hurt.

I have an older brother who is developmentally disabled AKA mentally handicapped AKA retarded. The last adjective right there is a derogatory term, but I don’t get my panties in a wad when someone says it. Or if someone makes a joke about actual retardation, I don’t get defensive and lash out. It’s because I’m not immature about it.

When people get offended, they don’t simply just voice their opinion (which hardly anyone gives a shit about), they also completely misinterpret the original point. I absolutely hate having to do this, but I feel like I have to put this tagline on anything I write: This doesn’t necessarily apply to every single person in this type of group, but it applies to a high enough percentage where I can say this and it be true more than the majority of the time. In other words, everything I say doesn’t always apply to the exact circumstances of every individual.

The fact that I have to break up my writing just to make that point is so god damn annoying. Months of that happening with the female posts led to this freak out (ironically an overreaction, but I think being subjected to illogical assumptions for months warrants this kind of behavior):

In light of the recent Ronnie Teasdale shit going on in CrossFit, I also want to point out that I’m not ever hurtful or bigoted towards these populations (because I’m not a hurtful or bigoted person). If I write a sentence about evolution, it doesn’t warrant panty wadding. If I make the point that women cry periodically in the gym, hearing the opinion of every woman who allegedly doesn’t cry isn’t necessary. But I’m not blatantly insulting these populations.

There’s a difference in being a dickhead and making a light joke or a common generalization about a population (like men, females, runners, yoga doers etc.). If I was actually being a dickhead, then I could understand the cries of outrage. But I’m not, and there are far worse things in the world than saying, “managing to run for 26 miles isn’t impressive”.

10 thoughts on ““I’m offended!”

  1. I don’t think you’re cut out for this internet writing thing. I thought your anus was going to shoot out your mouth as you transformed into inside out boy.

  2. Wow Ronnie Teasdale is a huge asshole. I just read about his antics the other day about throwing a barbell towards a female judge during a competition.

  3. Can you point out all these people demanding you run a marathon? How about the people whining and bitching? Because all I can find are people completely supporting your post, two people giving perfectly reasonable, constructive viewpoints supporting marathon running (to one of whom you didn’t reply), and two people who seem to be childishly trolling.

    • What I’m referring to isn’t all on the website.

      However, it’s not a post about whether marathoning should or shouldn’t exist. It’s on how people think that they have something over on non-marathoners simply because they’ve done one. Your experience may vary — I feel ashamed that I even have to point that out.

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  5. Seems like you’re offended by people who get offended. We should clone you, get one of you initially offended, then harness the endless cycle of one guy being offended by the other guy’s being offended.

    Oh, and Ronnie Teasdale seems like an asshole. But Crossfit has like 3400 “affiliates” or whatever. To put that in perspective, Church’s Chicken has 1650 locations, TGI Fridays has like 1000 locations, and there are only like 1400 Chilis restaurants nationwide.

      • Oh, I agree that we can’t blame CrossFit. There’s no way to filter out people like that until they do something, but I guess an argument could be made for allowing someone like that to stay within the community.

        I’m not too concerned with it. He seems like a goober, but I actually sorta sympathize with him if someone breaks into his gym and destroys his shit. I don’t know if I’d beat them down NWO style, but who knows how I would respond.

  6. I’ll never understand how people can get so riled up on stuff they read on the internet or watch on youtube. Justin you get better negative reactions from the masses unintentionally, than someone who is trying to troll, well done.

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