Doug Young Week

“I don’t lift cars, I’m not a clown” has a couple of co-captains that exhibit the epitome of being 70’s Big. We will honor the first by having a week dedicated to Doug Young, a prolific powerlifter from the 1970’s. Each post this week will display stories and information that explain why Doug Young is one of the most respected powerlifters of his time.


70’s Big co-captain Doug Young

Doug was a national and world champion multiple times throughout his career while competing in the 242 pound class. In the 1977 nationals, he posted a 2017 pound total (squatting 722, benching 556, and deadlifting 738). Doug was known for his benching ability, and is credited with bench of 612 pounds in 1978. These are incredible feats given his bodyweight, but even more so because he wasn’t wearing a bench shirt or squat suit (pieces of equipment that are more prevalent in powerlifting today).

Every Monday and Thursday the next part of the Mark Rippetoe 70’s Big interview will be posted.

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