PR Friday, 31 May 2013

Hope you had a great week. It was pretty quiet on the site, but hopefully you caught Justin’s Memorial Day post. Probably best to go re-read it anyway. Since there weren’t very many posts, that gave you less time to read, and more time to lift. Make sure you post your PRs that resulted. There seems to be quite a few people competing this weekend (myself included), so everyone, please: Seek and Destroy.

Mike didn’t have enough Q to make a Q&A this week, but he weighed in on something I personally think is really important. Watch, listen, and see if you agree.

Entertaining stuff has been sent in. Here’s some of it.

Brooks Conway’s buddy John Rivas squatted 793 at IPF Jr. Worlds last year, and has finally shared his secret with us mere mortals. Behold: The Ultimate Squat Setup.

This might be the perfect demonstration of intensity and mobility coming together for ultimate lifting domination. This is a HIGHLY ADVANCED move – I suggest using a basic linear progression on your setup for quite some time before advancing to a weekly linear periodization, then tapering for 6-8 years and using an American Wave method before finally giving this a go. You’ve been warned.

Reader Dimitri sent in a couple pics of his 70sBig face – this was the best. He said something about being in Canadia in it, but we’ll let that slide this time, because he mentioned that many beers were consumed in the process of celebrating some sort of “hockey” victory. I guess that’s like football with funny accents?


I also had some great pics of young future-70sBiggers submitted by dads and uncles, but sorry guys, I’d feel weird about posting pics of kids. I still thought the pics were cute, though. Made me want a dog.


Last Friday, I recounted the soon-to-be-legendary story of our buddy Ryan Carrillo showing up to IPF Bench Worlds and bringing home the gold on his final attempt. He got back in the states last night, and there was a news crew waiting for him at the airport – he’s a pretty medium deal. We’ve already heralded his achievements on this site, but showing some love to the news stations that cover this is only going to help them believe that powerlifting IS news. So, uhh, click these links, and let’s make one more small push to getting powerlifting the recognition it deserves. And if you don’t click the links…Ryan might just eat you. So do it. KENS5, KSAT12


Justin will be back writing SOON for everyone’s amusement. Til then, just lift more, and keep your short shorts on. It’ll be worth the wait.


62 thoughts on “PR Friday, 31 May 2013

  1. My first post on 70’s Big! Just got started lifting again after an 18 month break from CrossFit. Will compete for the first time in December (masters female). Deadlifted 190# x 3 yesterday, a PR. Hope to get it up to 250# for December. Love this site, even though I’m probably old enough to be everyone else’s mom!

  2. Managed to hit an all-time raw squat PR for me – 415 lbs @ 130.5 lbs


    … now if only my bench would cooperate …

  3. been running smolov jr the past three weeks. this past tuesday i did my week 3 day 4 sets. 225 for 9×3 (9 sets of 3), and then on the tenth I decided to rep out and got and easy 6 with at least one in the tank. Which matches my rep PR with 225 before I started smolov jr. I also brought my grip in 3ish fingers closer too. (mid grip? I stole the idea from Mike B). So yay!


    Now I just need to get my squat back on board after a weird hip injury dealio.

    • When I benched out with a wide grip, I always had trouble with the lockout and my shoulder imbalance. Used to have middle finger on the ring, now have the pinky on the ring. Much better when benching.

      Nice work, Stroup.

      • I’ve brought my grip in even further than that. I put my outstretched thumb on the inside of the gnurling, so my pinky is about 2 fingers inside the rings, and have a pretty nice tuck on my elbows. I have short upper arms and this feels very tight and solid. I also have a shoulder issue with a wider grip.

      • yeah Pinkes was my “wide”. I plain on working multiple grips into my training after I test my max this coming wednesday. I want to hit a decent pause PR, then drop down to 225 and see where my 225x max rep is. id love for that thing to be around 7-8

  4. Dimitri here from said 70s Big face submission.
    My sad existence is complete.
    All that’s missing is a 1500 pound total.
    Hockey to Canada is like Football to ‘MURICA.

    Oh yeah…PRs. Squatted 165kg for 3 triples on Monday. Benched 112.5 for 3 doubles on Wednesday. And today, aiming for a triple at 195kg and 200kg on the Deadlift. 3 weeks out from my meet. Feel like I’m peaking well for this one.

  5. Started doing a Smolov type routine for Bench, and thus a new 6rep PR as I’ve never benched for 6 before… 200lbs for 6sets of 6.

  6. Finally lifting above 90% again at the end of a new cycle, and got a few PRs in the process

    power snatch: 60kg x1 (62kg x1 was just at parallel… won’t count it)

    3RM Front Squat: 100kg [youtube

    And I matched my previous 1RM clean (90kg), but this time with a 2-sec pause below the knees. I’d say good things ahead, and I’ll know soon (3RM backsquat on Sunday, hoping for 110+..).

  7. Been forever since I posted on here.
    volume PR on bench
    5 x 3 @ 105 kg
    Haven’t tried a 1rm on the big lifts in a long time.
    Will try it on July 5 at the Pan Ams in Orlando.
    Goals of:
    squat 215 kg
    bench 125 kg
    dead 235 kg
    @ b/w 83 kg

  8. Some post-shoulder-surgery PRs this week:

    Press: 135×1 (felt easy)
    Bench: 200×1 (felt easy)
    Deadlift: 365×1 (did not feel easy, and jacked me up for the rest of the week)

  9. Let’s see. Accomplishments for the week:

    1) Started the Texas Method to make some serious strength gains during the summer aka off-season from rugby.
    2) Got a set of 5 at 150 on the Press – that’s a PR for me.
    3) Purchased some proper summer attire including short shorts and tanks.

    • American Challenge? Good luck! I wanted to do it, but my coach (Olympic weightlifting) wouldn’t hear of it if it meant me low-bar squatting. Of course it did, I have records to defend!

      Good luck to you! Enjoy the post-lifting IHOP!

      • Thanks for the well wishes. I still don’t really know how to low bar squat :P So I am just gonna highbar, and I will enter pancake heaven following the meet lol

  10. Could you ask some of your team quest friends to do a write-up of their training program if it ain’t too much?

    Very curious IPF lifter hurr

  11. So, since I haven’t competed in forever due to injuries, it felt really good to go in to the annual gym Push/Pull yesterday and hit some PRs. Benched 315 for the first time and pulled 550. Both are 10lb lifetime PRs. Very narrowly missed a 585 pull on my third attempt. I’m hoping someone has a video of it, because I ended up falling backwards and time-warped a bit.
    Here’s the 550 pull. 6 will fall soon.

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