70’s Big Friends

Tomorrow will be the 70’s Big Thanksgiving Weight Gain Challenge. To clarify, submissions will consist of pre/post weigh-ins (on film) and extra points will be awarded to funny stuff. Be sure to check tomorrow’s post before filming (it’ll post at midnight).

Meanwhile, the friends at 70’s Big are all training well. Chris and Mike are getting ready for another strongman competition and AC is pressing his wang off. The fourth video are outtakes from USAPL Nationals and was fair at best amusing.

AC presses 270×2:

Mike squats 600 for the first time (decides not to double it after starting the second rep):

Chris continental cleans and push-presses 310 and 320:

And outtakes from USAPL Raw nationals:

10 thoughts on “70’s Big Friends

  1. Justin,
    I didn’t know exactly where to ask questions for the Q&A so I’m posting here..
    For the last ~2 months I’ve been having some pain in my wrists/forearm (when in the anatomical position, the posterior forearm – the side that gets tan) likely due to my failure to effectively Nicholas Cage the bar. I’ve been doing much better with this lately, and the pain is subsiding. I did however have a marked improvement in the pain after foam rolling my forearms this past weekend. My question is: what about foam rolling the forearms helps alleviate pain in the wrist? Could you please provide some anatomical information that would help me understand why foam rolling helps?
    Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Scary numbers. My puny weights are embarrassing….

    Question for the community. For the second time in as many yrs I have been growing a beard, this time for the cause. Problem is, much ginger has invaded my beard.
    Should I shave this mutation off and accept prostate cancer?
    What is worse the ginger gene or prostate cancer?

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