Do’s and Don’ts Revisited

There’s gotta be some standards, for god’s sakes

This is a re-post of something I wrote back in October. A lot of you noobs may not have seen it, so I wanted to bring it to light. I plan on updating this list next Friday. You may make suggestions, but do not assume your suggestion is 70’s Big creed. Oh, and it is PR Friday. Post weight lifted, gained, or eaten plus all the other notables like ripping clothes, pressing females, and tossing children. Girls, I want to hear more out of you this time. After all, you can toss children too.


The epitome of 70’s Big

When the website went live, one of the first things that my friend Chris did was compile a list of things that would or would not exhibit what 70’s Big is all about. I share his concern. You see, 70’s Big has been alive for the better part of 2009. You, the reader, are at a disadvantage. You may not intuitively know what is acceptable.

Hell, you may open your tub of soy protein after gelling your hair while listening to Nickelback and sipping a smoothie. For god’s sakes, this is for your own good! Okay? I can’t have you going around talking to your friends about 70’s Big when you’re convincing someone that your shirt is fucshia with a Bud Light in your hand. And I’m pretty sure Rip would find the athleticism to backflip kick you in the jaw if you were convinced Crown Royal was the best kind of whiskey. Look, it’s just bad for my reputation if you talk about 70’s Big after shaving your chest, doing a few sets of curls and push-ups, then hitting up the bar with your favorite “whore-stink” cologne on.

No, I can’t have that. There has to be some standards, dammit.



By no means is this list finalized or comprehensive. You’ve got a whole weekend to make suggestions. Choose them wisely…

119 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts Revisited

  1. I’m not sure why some of you are against abs, you need a strong core to support more weight. However if you are of the douche persuasion your likely doing thousands of crunches or some bs.
    The simple fact is, whatever your lifting, go heavy – plated and weighted baby – get that core strong!

    If you understood the principles of the username you have selected, then you would not have typed this ill-informed post.


  2. @startingstrength-
    They’re not against strong abs, they’re against pursuing visually appealing abzzz at the expense of getting big and strong. If you want your abs to look “ripped” you need single-digit bodyfat which is not conducive to getting strong, and the amount of definition you can see in your abs usually has very little to do with how useful they are when it comes to stabilizing your spine and back under a heavy squat or deadlift.

  3. PRs and a quick competition report:
    New CF Total: 515#
    Press PR: 80#
    Snatch PR: 90#
    Split Jerk PR: 130#
    I posted my plan to compete in the Crossfit Games SoCal Sectionals
    It was a mixed bag; hit tons of PRs but one dumb DNF kept me out of the top 20 that went on to Regionals.
    Rowing for calories PR (I credit the DL) 49 in 3 mins
    185# DL (no drop, no bounce, release the hands and regrip- you know real Deadlifts) 11 in 3 mins, I’d only ever done a 3 set before
    And bunches of others- the coolest of which is:
    24 handstand pushups! (thank you Press!)
    Over half the field of women DNFd or Tapped Out. I got my first HSPU less only 2 weeks before. I may live off that high for the rest of the summer :)

  4. Best moment of my life:Shorts split in the bottom of my squat warm up and finished training with my ass hanging out.
    Do- Ultimate man breakfast of raw eggs in beer.

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  7. I started following 70s Big in 2012. Nowadays, I do random calendar searches dating back to the beginning to atone for my lateness to the party. If you got my reference, you just air guitared to a great song by Steelheart. Fantastic fucking work.

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