I know from experience dude

This is a buddy of mine named Clay. He had a contract in the UFC for a while. I started training with him twice a week. It is a refresher to learn some new type of skill. I suggest to anyone (as if someone gives a shit) to try something new. It feels good to utilize training for other types of work.

Theres no other way for two men to take a picture.

Squat: 500x1x3
HB Squat: 350×5/335×5/320×5
DE Deadlift: 295/On the Min/10 Min

Bench: 365/385/400
Close-Grip: 265x5x2/275×5
Skull-Crushers: 95×8/115×8/135×8
Push-Downs: 130×12/150×12/160×12


Squat: 435×3/420×3/405×3/390×3
RDL’s: 235x5x3
Rows: 245×5/255×5/265×5
DB Curls: 35x12x3

Bench: 335×3/320×3/315×3/300×3
Press: 225x3x3 (Slight wrist pain)
Dips: 45x5x3

  1. AC, are you planning on incorporating Boxing regularly into your powerlifting program? The reason I ask, is cause I have tried a boxing program before, but it is difficult for me to still powerlift and box. If you were to use it, how would you program it with rep days, explosion days, and heavy days?

    I don’t know your program so I can’t make an intelligent suggestion. Boxing only works on two days a week for me. There isn’t a lot of time for it and that forces my session to be around 45 min. I typically put the sessions on days where it wouldn’t affect the next workout i.e. after I bench, but before I squat.

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