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Back in ’89

Thank you guys for all the song suggestions. I really appreciate it.

Today was the first bench day after a deload week. Overall it was two weeks without Benching, minus close-grip. Hit 365×2/380×2/395×2. Felt great. I could have potentially gone up more, but there is always next week. My bench is significantly stronger now than it was before when I stopped Pressing. In terms of health, it’s better as well. Excited for each week. Im going to attempt a 600 Deadlift tomorrow. I pulled 590 the other week at the end of a 6 week cycle and it was kinda slow. I expect with the rest and recovery from the deload 600 should feel better. It’s been a battle for a long time to get to 600. With surgery and life intervening at the most inconvenient time. We shall see how it goes. If anyone has any good pump up songs post to comments please. If I don’t get it and you guys dont hear from me, I’ll be in my closet hanging by my fucking neck.

And I saw Cloud Atlas. Shit sucked.

Bench: 335×5/315×5/300×5
Dips: BWx10x3
Worked two nights in a row. Didn’t do any of the other auxiliaries. Tired as fuck.

Deadlift: 600
Squat: 315x5x2
Rounded Back Extensions: 15K x10x3
Barbell Curls: 90x10x3

Bench: 365×2/380×2/395×2
Close-Grip: 335x3x3
Tricep Pulldowns: 80x15x3
Tricep Pushdowns: 60x15x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Speaking of reasonable, only $570…

This is very relevant. Progress is progress guys. Each step forward is a fucking step forward.

Guys, I have had a spectacular weekend of lifting: I pulled 405 on my deadlift Friday, and today I squatted 345 into the hole and back out again. I just wanted to share. Please, refrain from commenting about AC’s bench being greater than my pull
Sorry for being *irrelevant*

Good day today. Pressed 275/285.

Feeling good. Got like 9+ hours of sleep the past two days. Thats my biggest prooooblem. Once I am done working at the bar I know I’ll feel so much better.

Question from stevebarker how big do you think batman’s press is?

I’ve never seen him Press anyone before. Considering he punches people in the head and they leave their feet I’d say he’s a pretty strong dude.

Example A

Squat: 445×3/430×3/415×3
RDL’s: 238x5x3
Rows: 265x5x3
Single Leg RDL’s: 20kx10x3
BB Curls: 40kx10x3

Press: 185x3x3
Dips: 135x5x3
Side Laterals: 30x12x3
Side Raises: 25x12x3
Seated Front Raises: 35x10x3

Squat: 520×2
Rack Pull: 530×3
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 40kx10x3

Press: 275/285
Close-Grip: 315x3x3
Tricep Pushdowns: 80x15x3
Tricep Pulldowns: 60x15x3
I fucking forgot to do pull-ups. Do em tomorrow.

Behind You Stands A Symbol of Oppression; An Empty Barbell, Where A Thousand Men Have Languished Under The Name of This Exercise, The Press, Who Has Been Held Up To You As The Shining Example of Strength.

The Dark Knight Rises will always be relevant to me. So . . . just go with it.

A while ago I talked about the entire process of Squatting and Benching. Yes I capitalized those words because fuck you thats why. The first thing we can talk about is grip. When most people Press it is usually way too wide. The forearm should be perpendicular to the bar. That’s 90 degrees. Not angled in and NOT angled out. Better external rotation can be achieved with a perpendicular grip. With that said, just because you are gripping it where you are supposed to doesn’t mean that external rotation magically happens. Justin talks about this HERE. That should give you a visual of what to do with your grip and your elbows. You should also have an erection by now as well. It’s hard to explain the grip via writing so just watch the link I have provided. Moving on, The elbows have to be cued. So some of you have your own cues. I just say to myself “Elbows in” or “Elbows”. Remember if you know the meaning behind the cue you can shorten it to one word. If your cue is “Anal”, but you know what that means (elbows externally rotated) then you can yell anal to yourself all day. With a compact wrist and the elbows in the drive from chest/chin (depending on anatomy) will be much faster and easier. That’s assuming you haven’t been Pressing with internally rotated elbows. Remember that you can get strong doing it the wrong way, but you can get even stronger doing it correctly. After all, you want to be able to break backs don’t you?

Only if Batman knew how this was gonna turn out.

Now before you even begin to Press you have to have a slight lean at the hips. This is NOT overextension of the spine. Your whole body leans back. The easiest way for me to describe this is it’s almost like stretching your hip flexors. Keeping your back in extension you lean your hips forward. This obviously happens at the beginning. This sets the bar up for a vertical path with nothing in its way. Your huge dome and chin and now out of risk from getting hit. This lean is also important for something that happens later in the lift. So as you are pressing the bar you want to keep it as tight to your face as possible. This is achieved by aiming for your nose. A nice cue to say is “Nose”. The bar gets pressed back in a vertical fashion instead of out in front of you, which is bad news bears. Once the bar starts to clear the face/forehead the next thing you are going to do is “Punch” your body “Under” the bar. At this point you are no longer leaning and you are physically driving yourself under the bar. This will get rid of the lever arm between the bar and your shoulder. From there you are just pressing it out for the last few inches.

Now we are at the top of the press. When you are at the top you should continue to "Reach" the entire time. This little reach/shrug causes upward rotation of the scapula. This little movement clears the shoulder up for any impingement that might occur. This is also when the breathing happens. There is a big breath for the first rep when you take it out of the rack. When you have completed a rep the breathing then happens before you lower the bar. This might take a few days to get used to bar considering the bottom of the Press is like the bottom of the Squat you don't want to re-breath when you are rebounding. At the top it is a quick exhale-inhale to regain whatever air you have lost during the rep.

Now for the “Rebound”. The rebound is best described as bouncing your triceps of your armpits. This is almost, if not, the same reflex that happens at the bottom of the squat. For some of you this may get tricky. Because if you remember all the leaning and shit you did before you now have to reverse it on the way down so you are set-up again for the next rep (Not the best grammar). Just like you would on a Deadlift.

This is a quick how-to guide to Press. Now the easiest way to learn is have a coach with you that knows what he/she is doing. I hope this can be of some help to those of you that wanted this write up. I can’t promise that you will Press as much weight as you want to, but with patience and perseverance you can conquer all of your goals. Everyones different. People are stronger than others. Hell I fucking hate tall people because I wish I was taller. So remember to play the hand you are dealt.

If I left something out feel free to ask or to correct me.

Bench: 335×5/320×5/305×5
Dips: BWx5x5

Squat: 475×2
Power-Cleans: 220x3x5
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3

Taking a deload on bench as well.
Bench: 315x3x3
Close-Grip: 275x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Update: Would you guys want a write up kinda like how I did for squat/bench for press? Ok I am currently writing it.

Pulled 590 yesterday. I need a deload. I am fucked up.

Here is the Press I just did.

So far this weeks training is off to a good start. Crush 260×4 today on Press. My press has skyrocketed lately and I LOVE IT. Before during meet times I stopped pressing so I could get my bench higher. I would Press on my volume bench days and it would always be lackluster. Obviously the focus is not on Press during meet months. I’ve got a video of it, but I am waiting on it to be emailed to me. I’ll post it in a bit

In the mean time enjoy these. Yes there is a Confederate flag in the background so I wanna state that I do not share the same ideas/views as the bar does. I work there, but it doesnt mean I agree with whats said. Shut up. Its a job and I need money.

Squat: 315x3x3
RDL’s: 220x5x3
Rows: 220x5x3
BB Curls: 40kx8x3
Single Leg RDL’s: 20kx10x3

Press: 185x3x3
Dips: 135x5x3
Side Laterals: 30x12x3
Side Raises: 25x12x3
Seated Front Raises: 30x10x3

Deadlift: 590
Dynamic Effort Squats: 275×2/On the Min/Ten Min
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3

Press: 260×4
Close-Grip: 315x5x2/315×3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Tricep Pushdowns: 80x12x3
Tricep Pulldowns: 60x12x3
Mobility work/mashing

Worth a listen to.

Obligatory picture from work

Lasts weeks training was solid. Looking forward to another excellent one. I really want it to be next week so I can Press 260 and Pull 590. Tomorrow I will be going for 545×2 on Squats so I am ready for that as well. From here on out everything will be a PR and it will be a new territory for me. I’m looking forward to the anxiety and restlessness I get awaiting the next heavy day.

There were a few comments on the last post about getting aggressive before lifting. I thought I’d address that with a short response. Getting psyched isn’t something that just happens. You have to be able to develop the mental ability to do so over time, as with any other skill. As for me, it helps that I am already emotional. I have been lifting or doing something training wise since I was 12. It’s not like I just woke up and BAM I could unleash the demons. It takes time. Fortunately I have always been in an atmosphere that promotes progress and nurtures my lifting. Remember that it is a particular skill that has to get developed.

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×5
RDL’s: 200x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 265x5x3 (No straps or belt)
Dumbbell Curls: 40x10x2/45×10

Bench: 335×5/320×5/305×5
Dips: 135x5x3
Side Lateral Raises: 30x10x3
Side Raises: 20x10x3
One Arm Seated Front Raises: 20x10x3

Squat: 530×2/545×2(F) Only got it for one. Was constantly waking up during the night. Tired.
Power Cleans: 220x3x5
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 40k x10x3

Bench: 380×2/395×2/405×2/225×24
Tricep Pushdowns: 80x15x3
Tricep Pull Downs: 60x15x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3