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We’re doing it man. We made it.

Going to Texas tomorrow. The meet is Saturday. Working to my last warm-up today for the training. There will be plenty of videos that come out of this weekend. No need to worry. There is also a live stream link if you want to watch all of us compete. Im sure Justin will have it up on the main site. I won’t have access to a computer for a few days so this will be my last post until I get back. Most likely after that I will be editing multiple videos for all of your entertainment so I won’t post for a little bit. No worries though. The following posts will have the video from the meet.

I have seen the thread about the hip surgery. Please continue it here. I don’t mean to mess up the communication by adding another post. I suggest you guys email each other because lately I have had to “approve” the comments for some reason. With that said, I won’t be near a computer to do that. So exchange contact info if you want to keep talking to each other.

I’ve already cried a few times this week because I am real pumped for this weekend. My “Limitless reserves of strength” (Brent) come from me being emotional lol. Look forward to crying in the video and having a fuck-ton of people seeing that.

Watch this video btw. It’s incredible.

Your Spirit Or Your Body

My friend came into town from Vanderbilt. Had to take this picture. Does this make us look gay?

Downloaded “Motion” today. Testing it out to see if I can make a nice intro graphic for 70s big. It’s gonna be my first time doing any of this so if any of you are familiar with it please email me if you can give me some pro-tips. I’ll try to post my results and you guys can tell me if its shit or not. If you guys have any cool ideas for a intro graphic let me know in the comments. I can maybe see if they work or I might steal it from you if the idea is cool.

I also got an iPhone today. If anyone has any cool apps that they use or they find come in handy. Post to comments please.

Did some mobility work and light lifts today. Really haven’t had much to write about. Not a lot going on for the taper.

Here is a picture for your entertainment.

Good Guy Bane

Do you feel in charge?

Aaaaaaannnnnd here begins the taper for the meet. My volume is reduced to triples and I don’t have an intensity day this week. Then next week I warm-up to my openers and thats it for that day. The following workout is just a light day basically. I am pretty excited. I don’t know if I am more excited for the meet or more excited to hang out with my friends again. I’d like to see how suicidal Brent is these days.

Hopefully most of us saw The Dark Knight Rises this weekend. I won’t give out any spoilers in case someone hasn’t seen it. I really enjoyed it. It was a great way to wrap up a trilogy. The movie had some flaws here and there and some minor plot issues, but this movie is more about the emotional side of Batman and the tragedy that he constantly faces. Bane was cool as fuck. There was no problem understanding him talk. In fact, it made his lines that much more badass.

I did feel bad for him.

We can discuss some movie stuff in the comments if you guys want to. Keep in mind some people haven’t seen the movie. Preface with “SPOILER”.

Squat: 455x3x3

Bench: 345×3/330×3/315×3

Hip to be square

Got tickets to The Dark Knight Rises for tomorrow at 11:00 AM. SO amped to see this movie. I hope that having high expectations doesn’t fuck it up for me. I really do expect gold. They delivered on The Dark Knight and I had the same expectations. Sequels are usually great, then the third installment kind of lacks. Either way I am gonna pass out from all the blood that rushes to my dong whilst watching.

Benched 395 for a pause rep today. Felt FANTASTIC. My chiro has been working on my shoulder. I feel a lot more power out of the bottom now. I was a little nervous for a while, but I am pretty confident in being able to hit 400 at the meet. That will be a fun ass week/weekend. Norman hit 450×1 today on squats. He will hit a little higher at the meet and thats gonna be a nice 30+lb meet PR for him.

In the mean time enjoy this picture.

Pic is from video.
Bench: 395 Paused (EZ)
Didn’t Press. Letting shoulder heal.

Pissin me off

Been hanging out. Not doing a whole lot. Not stories to tell. Well, kinda. The waitress at the restaurant last night was a mega-faggot. She thought she was being cute by making fun of Norman because he ordered a salad. He is 5 pounds above the weight limit and we already ate prior to this meal. She kept saying “O you want a salad? You want a man-salad LOLOL”. She kept drilling in the whole “heres your man-salad” thing and it was real fucking gay. Bitch you aint cute. I got shit because I wanted 10 wings. She proceeded to tell me to order 15. 10 wasn’t good enough. How bout I shit out the double meat Chipotles I ate earlier on to your ugly ass face. She was flirting, but not well. All the times I have flirted with girls and it fails miserably I can sure as shit tell when it’s not working. This bitch, on the other hand, was way too comfortable. We didn’t respond to any of the comments nor said much when she spoke. She still didn’t fucking get it. Thats a mega faggot attitude. Maybe she was just stupid. Who the fuck knows. Should have gone to Dorsia

Squatted today. Didn’t have that much juice. Kinda tired. Just groggy. It was volume so it was kinda tedious. Got it done. Did some RDL’s and some Rows. I switched my lifting week around so now I have less rest from volume to intensity. We will see how that pans out. I used to have 3 days in between, but now I only have two. Gotta do it to prep for the meet. Works better since the meet is on the weekend.

I just took a dump to this song. It went VERY well.


Squat: 455×5/440×5/425×3 (got dizzy)
RDL’s: 155x5x3
Rows: 275x3x3

Bench: 345×5(first rep is paused)/330×5/315×5
Close-Grip: 275x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Bird Doggin

I recorded my deadlifts today. This is the most i’ve done since I had surgery in January. 3 months into the year I still couldn’t lift because of stitches. Glad to be getting towards 6 again.

About to take my 3rd dump of the day. It’s not even 1 yet.

Some friends are in town for the next few days. One of them is in the NFL now. His name is Rennie. Pretty fucking huge guy.

About 6’4-6’5. He told me what he weighed last night but I already forgot.

That picture on the last post in my little brother Landen. My dad keeps cranking out kids. I thought he was all set being free from his 2 oldest sons. I figured finally getting his 25 and 23 year old sons set he would just cruise. Nope. Pumped out two more kids. Another 20 years for him. He did have a soft cast on. Pretty sure he broke his finger and it’s just some wrap. He’s a kid. He gets hurt. Completely normal. As said “I like that your brother is airborne while wearing what appears to be a cast. Raising him up right, that is.” Gotta beat up on him so he knows who is boss. He doesn’t like to eat so he is stayin real small. My little sister is the same weight, but two years younger. She will be a strong little lady in the weight room.

Gonna go train. My back is feeling way better. Pulling 555×2 tomorrow. Pretty excited. More excited for Batman. I might cry in the movie. Imax is all sold out so I’ll be seeing it in normal theaters. Pffff. I’ll still nut real hard when Bane fights.

Enjoy this song. I am.

Bench: 405×2/385×1(paused)
Press: 205×3
Nose-Breakers: 65×10/85×10/95×10 Wasn’t hard I don’t know why I didn’t do more.


Got to hang out with my brother. It was tight.

Update: Over the next few days I am gonna order my imax tickets to see Batman. I live in Georgia. If anyone wants to all meet up (theres at least one of you) email me

I was squatting Friday and the gym I was in was a “fitness” place. Not the best squat rack, but the bar was ok. The other thing that was going on was the air conditioning was broken. It was real moist in there. Anyway I go to do my second set of volume and on the third rep my hands slide out because they are so clammy. Didn’t have chalk with me. My thoracic extension goes to shit and I hear some pops. I rack the bar. Try my next set. Doesn’t feel that great so I stop. Still did my rows and RDL’s. Saw my chiro the yesterday and it turns out I had popped some ribs out of place. I had a hard time moving around Saturday with that shit going on. He said “O my god Arin, this is NOT good.” lol. Well he put them back in for me and he said he would check it out tomorrow as well. I should be good to go over the next few days. Just gotta get some ice and e-stim going.

Matt says: Competed at the GA Games yesterday. First meet and went 9/9 and had a lot of fun! David Ricks was giving commands for bench and no shit it was a 2 second pause. I kept the weight below gym PR for that reason but had some more in the tank. Best Squat 150kg, Bench 120kg, DL 202.5kg. Met the guy in the squat video from Marietta Barbell. Real cool dude. I would recommend everyone getting out of their comfort zone and lift with some judges.
I do not own any game console. Am I still welcomed here?

A. Even if he doesn’t have a game console it doesn’t matter. He’s the smart one.
B. Congratulations on your first meet man. It’s fun isn’t it? and 9/9 is EXACTLY how you want your first meet to go. The press command on bench is different at every meet. It’s obviously subjective so it just depends. Good call on the bench though.

Hopefully everyone is thinking about doing a meet one day. It’s fun and it’s a learning experience. It gives your training a direction and it lets you have something tangible. It’s quite nice.

And yes Tourette’s dad is fucking hilarious.

Squat: 315x5x2 (Got my ribs adjusted again. Letting everything heal)
Rounded Back Extensions: 45x10x3
Hammer Curls: 75×10/80×8/85×6/90×4
COC lvl 1: 3×10
Bench: 365x1x3 Paused
Close-Grip: 315x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Not sure if I like being home

I kinda sit around all day. Either on the couch or on the computer. I literally have nothing to do besides train and eat. Sitting around all day keeps me hunched over and shit. It’s clearly a first world problem to have. Other than Diablo, which has become exceedingly difficult, I don’t have anything to occupy me. I even have to sit around to use the Rosetta Stone I bought. Which is weird/useful at the same time. It’s hard to explain. When I do go to the gym though I get plenty of surprises. Saw my dad squat for the first time in a looooong time. It was cool to see him at it again.

I also saw my friend Reese rocking this shirt

Reese squatted 805 at 16 years old. In gear. He could squat in the 7’s raw. He routinely pulls in the mid 6’s with ease and he plays football in college. He is a pure freak. Didn’t deadlift for like 6 months then he comes in and pulls over 6. AH NO BIG DEAL.

In movie news.

Spider-man was real cool. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Way better than that Toby Maguire shit. Those movies were cool, but they always lacked a certain feel for me. It never felt like Spider-man. I recommend the new one. I’d go 8/10.

Squat: 455×5/440×3/425×1 (T-Spine was irritated. Most likely fatigued from Tuesday)
RDL’s: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 335x3x3
Curls: 50x10x3


Update: Here are two videos. The squat was done earlier today. Had a much better lifting day today than yesterday. I just need to reset my bench. Unfortunate timing with the competition and all.

Here is my bench set-up. Some of you guys requested it. Again, it’s not that much different than what is in SS, but you guys asked for it and ye shall receive.

Been having a real sweet shitty start to the week already. Benched 420×2(F) today. Missed the second rep. Same shit as last week. Then I couldn’t pause 395. I fucking did 405 paused two weeks ago. My mind just isn’t there right now. It’s like I was excited to lift, but I couldn’t get my body going. I was just doing the motions. It’s like I would try to get syked up and I’d physically repeat what I normally do, but my heart rate stayed the same. Not sure whats going on here. We will see whats up when tomorrow commmmeesssss. FYI I made a video on my bench set-up but I left the god damn cable to upload the video in Statesboro. I’ll buy another one today or tomorrow so I can put it up. I am literally falling asleep as I type this. God dammit.

I don’t even want to play Diablo anymore. I guess I’ll go fuck myself.

Enough complaining.

The Dark Knight rises comes out in 18 days. Hope you are all ready.

I am

Squat: 530×2/535×2
Rack-Pull: 535×3
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Hammer Curls: 75×10/80×8/85×6

Bench: 420×1
Close-Grip: 315x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3