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Thanks Trevor

Did some heavy bench today. After the shitty 430 from last week I was looking to redeem myself. The plan was to go for 420×2/425×2. My spotter ,who will remain unnamed, didn’t do so hot today. I crushed 420 for the first rep then he straight yanked the bar back into the rack. I was upset. Then my funk was all screwed up and I only did 425 once. Wasn’t bad, I was just thrown out of my mojo.

At least we took a good pic to end the workout. This should be everyones cover photo on FB.

This video is one of the guys in the picture. He gets a little booze in him and he goes into “give no fucks” mode.

Deadlift: 535×2 EZ
Dynamic Effort Squats: 2/On the min/10 Minutes
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Hammer Curls: 60x10x3

Bench: 420×1 (Spotter took bar into rack) 425×1
Close-Grip: 345×3/355×3/365×2
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Just say you’re going to go have sex, it’s a lot cooler.

Its been a rough week like I stated before. I can’t think of much to write. Here are two videos of earlier today. Just some rowing gettin done.

Here is my first set of Pendlay Rows with 275×3

Here is the last set of Rows.

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×3
Pendlay Rows: 275x3x3
Hammer Curls: 55×10/60×10/65×10/75×10/80×10

Sites been down

Update: Uber shitty lifting day today. I am down 7-8 pounds due to some recent events that have taken place. Stressed out and some other shit. Felt like garbage today in the gym.

As some of you know the site has been down for a few days. Here is some recent activity.

I did the usual volume crap with a reduced volume on Friday. Back and hamstrings were tired from pulling.

Bench: 355×5/340×5/325×3
Press: 215×2/225×2/235×2
Dips: 45lbsx5x3

It’s Wednesday and I did about 20 minutes of mobbing.

Squat: 500×2/510×2
Rack-Pulls: 505×3
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3

Bench: 430×1 Way harder than last week. I am officially down 10 pounds
Close-Grip: 335×3/345×3/355×3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Deadlift: 505×2/525×2
Dynamic Effort Squat: 275×2/On the min/8 min
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Hammer Curls: 45/55/65×10

Bench: 420×2/430×1
Close-Grip: 345×3/355×3/360×2
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Thanks for the concern

Update #2: I got Diablo 3 so I am gonna crawl into my fucking cave for a few days.

Update: Wounds are pretty much all scabbed up and healing well. The scabs don’t itch anymore so thats a fucking plus.

Thanks for all the posts fools. Ill keep you guys updated on what happens.

Busy week. Busy weekend. Didn’t do the usual workouts. Minus one or two things here and there. I was so fucking tired from all the hubbub from Tuesday.

Bench: 420×2/430×1
Close-Grip: 345×3/355×3/365×2
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×3
Pendlay Rows: 260x5x3

Bench: 345×5/330×5/315×5
Dips: BWx10x3
Tired as fuck from work

Getting bit is quite painful

I got bit at work multiple times, as well as punched in the face multiple times. I’ll do a little write up tomorrow. I am real achey and sore from the whole ordeal so it’s hard to sit still.

That’s one of three bites and I realized how nasty my back looks after seeing this picture. When I broke out in fever last week I didn’t shower for about 3 days. Broke out pretty bad. I need to scrub better. That’s my self-conscious rant for you. Anyways I’m done here.

As of right now I have had a tetanus shot, on penicillin based antibiotics, and got my blood drawn to test for Hep/HI-Fucking-V. Basically I was at work and I noticed this girl slap a bunch of cups off of a column. Blatantly. I proceed to walk up to her and ask her to pick them up, politely. She says no. I ask her again, pleading with her due to the fact that I have to clean that up and she is being disrespectful. She again says no. I ask her to leave. By this time the other bouncer (Evan) walks up to see whats going on. We politely walk her inside. Her “sister” then walks up to us and starts screaming in Evans face. She punches Evan right in the face. Evan looks at me stunned. I am shocked that she just did this out of nowhere. I look at the girl in front of me and she punches me in the face. I look back over at Evan and this girl is throwing bombs at him. Both of us are sitting there getting punched with our hands up. We aren’t going to hit a lady. Even though these girls were far from ladies. I pick the girl up who is punching me, didn’t want to get punched any more. Her boyfriend sees that as I am “hittin his girl”. I put her back down and Evan and I are telling the guy to calm down, all while Evan is still getting punched in the face. He puts up his dickbeaters and started threatening us. I put the girl down and as soon as he looks away for a split second I close the gap and just grab him. He was a lot taller than me and I didn’t really want to get punched. We start to push this guy out, Evan is still getting punched in the face. We make it towards the door and we all kinda fall out. I am on top of this guy and his girlfriend or w/e jumps on my back. She had bitten me twice already and then the third time is what really hurt. I thought I was getting stabbed so I start throwing elbows to my back in a desperate attempt to get her off of me. I get up and move away for a second and my knees get shaky. I thought I got fucking stabbed for 50 bucks a night. Turns out I just got the shit bitten out of me. I proceed to call the cops. They arrive and cuff the guy we threw out and sent the girls home.

The officer told me that because the girls have marks on them too they will have to do a full investigation before any charges are filed. He told me to come by the station on Thursday (today) and file for Battery. I am going to definitely fucking do that because she acted completely irrational. Not only did I get punched in the face I got fucking bitten. At most I did to her was pick her up. I didn’t bear hug her. I didn’t slam her down. I picked her up for about 5 seconds and set her back down gently on her feet. People who act like animals deserve to get treated like animals. It’s unfortunate, but people make their own decisions.

Squat: 95x5x3
Press: 60x3x3
RDL’s: 65x5x3

End of the semester

I have some stuff to do (write a paper) and my sleep schedule is fucked up from working a 12 hour day on Saturday. I probably won’t have good consistent posts this week. Sorry to the 4 of you. I’ll still be training this week so I will update you guys with that. I’ll probably put a post up on Thursday and Friday. I have to get my shit in order before then.


Squat: 90x5x3
Bench: 60x5x3
Deadlift: 105×5
Pull-Ups: Purple Band/3×3

Squat: 475×2/485×2/495×2
Rack-Pulls: 495×5
BB Curls: 90x10x3

Bench: 415×2/420×1 (not bad after a 12 hour workday and 5 pounds under)
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Glad thats over

Feeling waaay better today than I have been the past few days. It’s like I had one really fucking rough day of being sick and I am just recovering from that. Debating on going to lift today or tomorrow. Might end up going late tonight. Depends on a few things.

Willey Says: 235 Press at 180? Excuse me while I quit life. I thought I was getting strong with a bodyweight press, but goddamn you’re a monster.

Justin has pointed out that for some reason I have really good mechanics when I press. A lot better than a good bit of people. I’ve had good coaching and picked up on it really quickly. With that said and my current best press being 265 it’s still not a good press. You guys forget that there are dudes who can rep out 315-405 that don’t weigh much more than me. I have a slightly above average press with good mechanics. Nothing to beat yourself up about.

Today will most likely be a light day. I’ll see how I feel once I get to the gymnasium.

Felt Fine

Squat: 435×5/420×5/405×5
RDL’s: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 255x5x3 (Straps)

Bench: 335×5/320×5/305×5
Press: 225×5
Dips: 90lbsx5x3

Squat: 87x5x3
Press: 55x3x3
Pendlay Rows: 65x5x3