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Felt real tired Thursday night so I went to sleep as usual. Woke up about 2 hours into my slumber sweating profusely and I had strep throat and a fever. Been taking medicine for it so we will have to see how it plays out over the next few days. I also lost my appetite so I guess I’ll go fuck myself.

I feel better since Thursday though so I am on the better side of being sick. BTW my girlfriend is back in the United States. She is currently in New York visiting her friend. She will be mine on Sunday, O yes, She will be mine.

Side Note: If you see Rennie Moore Jr. in the NFL combine today, cheer for him. He is a buddy of mine. One cool ass dude.

Deadlift: 535×1
Real tired and my back didn’t feel right after. I keep forgetting I’m getting over being sick and shouldn’t train so hard. Fucking idiot.

Bench: 375 (Slow, Sick all weekend)
Close-Grip: 315×6/x5/x5
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Knocking at my door

Real cool update: Woke up with strep throat. Mega sick. FML.

The title for this post was a line from Ghost Rider 2. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. It’s seriously god awful. I started to feel bad for Nic Cage, but then I realized he is doing it to himself. The people who hire him are enablers. I’d also like to mention that it was the BEST worst movie. When you buy tickets for a Nic Cage movie you know what you’re in for.

Here is another webisode for you fools. It stars Zach and he gives everyone a tour of what a typical Georgia Southern football players apartment looks like.

Now on to the training news. Been a little stressful this week. Had some trouble the other night and didn’t sleep on Tuesday. It’s all good in the hood though. I bossed out that 495×5 the other day. Every rep felt fantastic and I had a ton of fun doing it. Did some volume for bench today. A little achey from lack of rest. The week will get better. I also pressed 255 for a single today. Was going for a double, but I didn’t get it. That’s what happens after you bench for volume. Bench set-up video will be posted tomorrow.

Bench: 315x5x3
Press: 255×2 (F)
Dips: 135x5x3

I use a crazy straw as much as possible

Update: Here is a new web series that I am going to do. It involves multiple members of the football team. I hope you guys find it interesting because there are MANY more of these in the works/have been done already.

Long weekend. Had to work Friday and Saturday. Absolutely exhausted. Shit got real Saturday night. There were a few brawls going on at work and we had to handle a few assholes. Norman and I were pulling this guy out and he had his buddies all pulling him the other way. It was awkward as fuck cause I had him by the boot and belt and his pants were coming off. I don’t think they took us seriously at first because this is what we looked like

O well.

Had a nice end of the weekend. Went to a party for the swim team. It was to mark the end of their season so everyone was having a blast. Let’s just say some one found an axe in the back yard and the house is minus a tree now.

Squat: 495×5 (supposed to be a triple)
Deadlift: 275×3 (Getting back into my rotation for pulling/squatting)
Rounded Back-Extensions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3
Kneck machine: 100x10x3

Bench: 385×1/405×1 (On accident)
Close-Grip: 315×3/335×3/355×2/275×5
Pull-Ups: BWx10/8/8
So fucking tired

If you guys have any video requests please feel free to say them in the comments. I am trying to do a few videos in the next week. Already have one planned to show you guys the bench set-up.

Good Toast

Update: Some one has searched “Pussy Squat” in the search function. I really am curious to the context of that lol.

Here is a recent Press video. It’s 245×3. Whenever you train for meets you don’t really Press much, but I have had time to Press lately since the surgery. I didn’t really Press until a few weeks ago cause my butt hurt. Trying to press 275 before the next meet.

I’ll update the post later cause I gotta go back to Ironworks so here is a picture of Bane

Here is a sweet glimpse of Normans new press. I call it the Norman Press. It really hits the delts and hips in a way that only the sexy latino heat can do. We only tried a few sets before the gym had to get flood insurance. Ya know, for all the bitches.

Squat: 395x5x3
RDL’s: 1555×3
Pendlay Rows: 195x5x3

Bench: 315x5x3
Press: 245×2
Dips: 90lbsx5x3

Mobbing is the bee’s knees

Mobbed the piss out of my shoulders last night. Had a mash party with my bestie whilst watching Van Helsing. Hugh Jackman is real fuckin jacked. Did some shoulder work and mashed my scap/traps. Had a great bench day earlier today. I feel like the solid sleep and mobbing the night before really did some good.

In other news had a great weekend. Partied with my bro and some friends. The night before we went out, this asshole got so drunk he literally couldn’t move anymore (I was working). I was convinced he was dead.

The following night we all looked good as fuck when we went out. Little to say that the rug jacket didn’t make it out alive

These were two randos me and my bro took a picture with. Didn’t know who they fuck they were or where this picture came from. My brother is on the left. He is a doctor.

Squat: 455×6
Deadlift: 500×1
Rounded-Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Kneck Machine: 90lbs

Bench: 360×4 (Supposed to be a triple)
Close-Grip: 305x5x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

My Buddies . . .

Update: This Mobb video is for Kincain

This here is Skyler. He is the Assitant Director of Strength and Conditioning here at Georgia Southern. He has been getting substantially stronger throughout the semester. As a former baseball player, pitcher I believe, he has been kicking some ass in the gym. He can also walk on his hands, which is way cooler than my gay dancing abilities.

Here is another buddy of mine, his name is Taylor.

This little bastard is strong as shit. he can probably pull more than you, weighing 160, than you at 200. Here is his 435×3

(If it’s sideways give it a second to change)

I got some strong friends. Stronger and funnier than yours.

Bench: 305x5x3
Press: 215×2/235×3
Dips: 45lbsx5x2/45lbsx10

“No time for fear, that comes later!”

My god . . .

The new batman series is without a doubt my favorite trilogy. I LOVE the villains. Bad guys have always had this allure to me. They get to put on these masks/face paint and be a totally different person. I can’t wait to see Bane in the new movie. I remember eating lunch with my dad after seeing The Dark Knight and he said to me “Dude, they have to put Bane in the next movie. There is no one else that would work.” The old bastard totally called it.

In other news. Work blows. Here is an example of my buddies and I livin it up working at a bar. They got me working 3 nights a week and I clean the bar during the day for extra cash. Very tiring.

Training is going good. It’s getting fun again. Questions/Comments/Concerns?
Squat: 405×5
Deadlift: 405×3
Rounded-Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Dumbbell Curls: 40×10/45×10/50×10
Neck Machine: All sidesx10x80lbs

Bench: 375×1/385×1/390×1 (Beltless)
Close-Grip: 315x3x2/315×6 (repped out)
Pull-Ups: BWx8x3

Two dudes hanging out

The image below is NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Thats my buddy Zach. We venture to the hot tub/Sauna pretty frequently to loosen up and stretch to get rid of some DOMS. Training is well. I pulled for the first time on Tuesday and I can’t tell you how excited I am to lift heavy again. Sore as shit from M/T btw. Been eating more and trying to get my weight up as well. The long road to recovery is upon me and I can’t wait to hate myself all along the way. For now, enjoy my sweet ass in the pic above.

Gonna go see Chronicle this weekend. I hope it doesn’t fucking suck. It got an 85% on so I suppose its awesome. Rotten is a pretty legit site. It usually is on point with how I rate and like movies.

Bench: 295x5x3
Press: 205×2/215×2/225×2
Dips: 25+(3×5)

Squat: 335×5/355×5/375×5
RDL: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 155x5x3
First time doing RDL’s and Rows in about a month