The Grey

. . . next time you see said females AC you should take pics of them and post them here. You know so I may or may not masturbate to them.

I’ll give him credit for that one. Solid A+ humor.

Once more into the fray… Into the last good fight I’ll ever know… Live or die on this day… Live or die on this day…

That was a quote from the movie “The Grey”. If you haven’t seen it, then get your ass to the theatre and bring a box of sad tissues, not happy ones. My buddies and I went and watched it yesterday at the local cinema and we all about cried our fucking eyes out. Liam Neeson is such a good actor it’s fucking insane. His voice would make any ladies and or gay dudes pants drop. I had to pull mine up a few times. I consider this movie pretty awesome. Not many movies actually get me to get into the whole “Willing suspension of disbelief” anymore, but this one certainly had my attention the whole time. I got choked up several times throughout the movie and almost cried my eyes out when Liam Neeson delivered some of his dialogue involving his wife. We had to get ice-cream to cheer us up afterwards. Go see it.

In other news, I got my stitches out and have started to train regularly again. Tomorrow will be the first day I can deadlift again since the day before surgery. I was actually able to set-up for bench with an arch and my legs on the ground today. Felt gooood and slightly awkward. Can’t wait to fill out my clothes again and not feel like a total self-hating-douche-asshole that’s on suicide watch who wears a star wars mask while his friend plays Skyrim

I wasn’t kidding. Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Squat: 275×5/295×5/315×5
Deadlift: 315×5
Rounded-Back Extenions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 155x4x3
Kneck Machine: All sides (70)
Wrestled for about an 30+ min with B-Russell

Bench: 355×3
Close-Grip: 275x5x3
Push/Pull-Downs: 80×10/60×10
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. glad to see your stiches are coming out. and +1013402342402 to seeing The Grey, definitely worth your $8 dollar at your local cinema.

    When he tapes his hands with the knife and shooter bottles I almost lost it. I told Dana (fiance) if I could buy his voice (or Sam Eliott’s) I would leverage our house against it. So badass.

    You are not only with that last statement. Only if we had sweet voices.

    • If I did have that voice I would have to become just like one of the best all time characters from one of the best movies of all time…Wade Garrett, Roadhouse.

      Sam Elliott sounds like he drinks a fifth of Jack a night and smokes five packs of Marlboro Reds a day.

  2. I’ve been wanting to see The Grey ever since I saw the trailer before the Sherlock Holmes movie (which was excellent, incidentally). Thank you for the heads-up on it being man-tears movie. I can’t remember the last movie I cried at. It was probably Ratatouille.

    BTW, AC, you helped me get serious about unfucking my squat last year after I posted some vids in a chat sesh. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks and let you know that shit’s improved.

    Got any recent videos?

    • Sure. I hope I don’t fuck up the HTML tags but here is the one I think I sent you and here is a recent set. Mobility is my limiting factor right now, but that’s improving. Any thoughts or suggestions would, of course, be deeply appreciated.

      PS Glad your butt is better now.

      You look like you’ve lost a good amount of weight since that last vid. Props man. Keep that shit up. Your rebound is a tad on the sloppy side. You kind of slide around while your are down there. Where are you looking when you lift? Where are your eyes focused?

      • Thanks man. I’m down about 40 since that vid, another 40ish to go. My overall leg mobility was a limiting factor but so was just having too much fucking fat in the way. Between this and kyphosis buggering my deadlift I definitely have my work cut out for me.

        I try to follow Rip’s recommendation on head angle during the squat but between re-learning grip for low-bar, focusing on depth and keeping the knees out, and trying not to drop my chest I sometimes space out on where my gaze goes. I’ll try to keep it locked in and see if it helps any. The stability in the bottom of the hole has actually improved markedly, believe it or not.

        Well it looks pretty fucking awesome for all things considered. If you want you can send more vids from diff angles. Maybe a tad closer too.

  3. I had my reservations about seeing “The Gray” since I saw “Taken” which I felt sucked real bad. So with your endorsement I will check it out. In other news: weight cutting is going relatively well. I say relatively because I crushed some mexican food last night (ate untill I hated myself) and put most of the el b’s back on SOOOOO I will return to eating only protien and veggies/fruit with no other carb and hope for the best. However my strength seems to vanish with everypound lost so it’s making me doubt it’s even worth it.

    Def go see it. My buddy definitely said your diet was fucking solid so I don’t see why you are losing the strength. Ill chat with him tonight and ask him if he has any comments on that

    • You didn’t like Taken? I thought he kicked ass in that movie.

      • No I didn’t. I saw it along time ago so it’s hard to point out why I did not like it besides a general “meh” feeling after seeing it. Which is surprising because I really like Luc Besson as a director. Fifth Element was fantastic, District B13 was cool, etc. I will see “The Grey” though, something about a preview involving a man about to engage in a fist fight with a wolf while said fists have broken minibar bottles tied to them is…exciting.

  4. Taken was awesome. Unknown wasn’t bad either. Plus January Jones is finger-smackin’ delicious in it.

  5. I just beat it to Stroup’s comment. No homo.

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