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The Grey

. . . next time you see said females AC you should take pics of them and post them here. You know so I may or may not masturbate to them.

I’ll give him credit for that one. Solid A+ humor.

Once more into the fray… Into the last good fight I’ll ever know… Live or die on this day… Live or die on this day…

That was a quote from the movie “The Grey”. If you haven’t seen it, then get your ass to the theatre and bring a box of sad tissues, not happy ones. My buddies and I went and watched it yesterday at the local cinema and we all about cried our fucking eyes out. Liam Neeson is such a good actor it’s fucking insane. His voice would make any ladies and or gay dudes pants drop. I had to pull mine up a few times. I consider this movie pretty awesome. Not many movies actually get me to get into the whole “Willing suspension of disbelief” anymore, but this one certainly had my attention the whole time. I got choked up several times throughout the movie and almost cried my eyes out when Liam Neeson delivered some of his dialogue involving his wife. We had to get ice-cream to cheer us up afterwards. Go see it.

In other news, I got my stitches out and have started to train regularly again. Tomorrow will be the first day I can deadlift again since the day before surgery. I was actually able to set-up for bench with an arch and my legs on the ground today. Felt gooood and slightly awkward. Can’t wait to fill out my clothes again and not feel like a total self-hating-douche-asshole that’s on suicide watch who wears a star wars mask while his friend plays Skyrim

I wasn’t kidding. Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Squat: 275×5/295×5/315×5
Deadlift: 315×5
Rounded-Back Extenions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 155x4x3
Kneck Machine: All sides (70)
Wrestled for about an 30+ min with B-Russell

Bench: 355×3
Close-Grip: 275x5x3
Push/Pull-Downs: 80×10/60×10
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3


So I was in Ironworks last Tuesday and one of the coaches said I looked skinny with my new hair cut. Most likely due to the fact I havent been able to train cause of my surgery, so I started to do the neck machine. Ya know, forward, sides, and back. It was the first time I did the neck machine in like 4 years. I was on the tail end of my workout when the girls tennis team came in to start their workout. I was gonna finish mine with the neck machine. I already felt awkward doing it because I was shy about it. So I start. I notice one of the tennis girls is looking at me. In my head I said “God dammit”. She proceeds to say “Um WhaT Is ThAt GUy DoINg?!?!”

“THatS WeirD”

In my head again I was like FUCKING GOD DAMMIT. The whole tennis team proceeds to turn their heads and look at me. It was like vvvvwwwoooosh as all their little heads rotated towards me. The girl who was coaching them said thats the neck machine. I sat there as they all stared at me and I was like (real quietly) “Yeah, . . . its . . . the neck machine . . . ”

So anyways they start their workout and the GHD is right in front of the neck machine and some girls are near me. One girl says “LIke Why ARe YoU DoINg That?” “BIg NEcks On GUyS ARE GRosSE”

I had to refuse to say “Well it looks like we aren’t fucking then”

I gave her this real vague explanation on why I was doing them. I didnt wanna say, well coach Howard said I look skinny and now I am self conscious. Later on that night . . .

I was at work and its Dollar Daquiri night. Very Popular. I was doing cover at the door and I glance up and its two of the tennis girls. I hear them giggle. Again I say to myself God Dammit. I hear them say “IS ThAT ThE NECk GuY?!?!?!”

They proceed to giggle. I proceed to hate my life. I would def fuck the shit out of both of them though. Huge neck and all.

Bench: 295x5x3
Press: 195×3/205×3/215×3
Front/Side/Bent Laterals: 30’sx10x3 Superset

Couldn’t hate “According to Jim” any more than I hate myself

Update: New post cumming Thursday. A nice little story about me being awkward. Involves love, passion, women, and me saying God Dammit a lot.

I couldn’t think of a title for this and “According to Jim” just so happens to be on tv right in front of me. Jim Blushi is the un-funny member of that family.

Had a long fuckin week last week. Worked 3 nights and a few mid-days during the week. Made a good bit of money though. For anyone who doesn’t know, I Bounce at a bar here in Statesboro and my second job is cleaning that same bar and another one next to it during the day. It’s about 30+ hours a week depending on how late we get out at night. Very draining and very annoying. You really see how people are when they drink some loud mouth soup and are convinced that they are superman. No one ever fights fair (as in 1v1) and no one ACTUALLY fights. It’s always some pussy that blind-sides someone or some dick-hole running his mouth who isn’t gonna do anything about shit anyway. I deal with people who run their mouth all night. My response to them is “If you wanna fight’em tell his ass to come outside into the parking lot and let’s fucking do this”. They never do it because that would mean that they didn’t have ten of their friends to fight the guy for him. Sigh. Training makes everything alright though. Stress free with just about everything else.

This is a glimpse of what my nightlife is. It was taken before xmas break. I do cover at the door.

That’s my buddy Evan. He is about 6 foot 265. A rather large man.

In other news it was my G/F’s b-day two days ago. She turned 24 and she couldn’t be any prettier. Here is a pic of here that I took when she came to visit. She was eating cake and I told her to smile. Zoomed in all the way and took a bunch of pictures.

Squat: 185×5/215×5/235×5
Hang Cleans: 175x3x3
Rounded-Back Extensions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 90×10/120×10/140×10
Kneck Machine: All sidesx10 with 60lbs

Bench: 360×1/365×1 (feet up)
Close-Grip: 285x3x3
Close-Grip/Push-Downsx10x3 (60/70/80)
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Let’s talk about my ass


For anyone that consistently checks, my ass is doing just fine. The swelling is going down and the incision has been scabbing over for the past few days. It still looks great in skinny jeans. I can sit just about normal now and I have been going back to the gym. Benched 355×1 with my legs on the bench and no belt. Wasn’t that hard, but it was awkward. Actually squatted Saturday too. Did 135x5x3. The stitches didn’t bother me at all. They are worse if I lean over to pick something up.

Glad to be able to lift again and glad to be back at school with my buddies

Speaking of buddies . . .

This here is Zach. He is a lineman here at Georgia Southern and he looks fucking awesome in that pic. I had to share. Zach is real fuckin funny and his sense of humor is real awkward, I like it. He looks like Burgess Meredith as the penguin, to me.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
(Should I do more than one post a week? Or just update the current one?)

Squat: 175×5/185×5/195×5
Hang Cleans: 70kx3x5 (Leaning over stretches my stitches)
Kneck Machine: Front/Back/Sidesx10x3 (60/60/60)
BB Curls: 90×10/110×10/130×10
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Bench: 285x5x3
Press: 185×2/195×2/205×2
Push/Pull-Downs: 3×10

Squat: 145×5/155×5/165×5 (Stitches felt ok)
Rounded Back-Extensions: BWx10x3
Neck Machine: Sides/Backx10x3 (40/50/60)
BB Curls: 90×10/100×10/110×10

Bench: 335×1/345×1/355×1 (Feet on the bench)
Close-Grip: 275x5x3
Dips: BWx10x3

Wasting my life away

As I sit here and play COD:MW3 wishing I had the balls to do this shit in real life/actually be my character in Skyrim I get a friend request on FB, by Vamshi. One of the few random dudes to message me and say he reads the blog before he sent his request. Props to this man. Not that this blog is a big fucking deal, cause it isn’t, just don’t expect me to accept the request if I don’t know you’re full name brah.

I have done a little bit of training since the surgery. Mostly upper body stuff. Benching with a flat back and feet up (I can’t put pressure on my ass). Worked up to a medium 335×1, then did some dumbbell shoulder shit again. Same as last Friday.


My buddy Norman is OFFICIALLY OUT of the military. He gave 6 years of his life and served on two deployments. Being pulled out of school twice to serve ‘Merica. He is the best training partner any lifter could ask for. He even tended to my wounds after the surgery.

Thats fucking friendship. His finger had to go ALL the way down the crack of my ass. First official time some one else’s finger has been down there (lady’s included). Not a fan of the finger in butt during bj’s. To each his own. Enjoy this video.

Anyways, heres what I have done this past week.

Bench: 275x5x3
Dips: BWx3x12
Push/Pull-Downs: 3×10
Push-Ups: 3×15

Leg Press: 45×10/90×10/135×10
Leg Curl: 45×10/70×10/90×10
(Leg Extension hurt too much)
Curls: 25×1-/35×10/45×10
Norman and I both tried to see who could hang the longest from the Pull-Up bar
A.C: 43 (Can’t breath cause shoulders go into neck)

Bench: 285×1/295×1/315×1/335×1
Pull Ups: BWx5x3
Same DB shit as last Friday

Bench: 225x5x5
DB Raises: 25×10/30×10/35×10
DB Side Lat: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Questions/Comments/Concerns/Skyrim — Ask away

Back into training just to stop again

Update #2: I actually went into the gym yesterday and benched and did some dumbbell exercises. Felt fucking great. I had to modify how I benched so I picked my feet up because of the pain I get from pressure on my ass.
Bench: 225x5x5 (legs off the floor)
Dumbbell Raises: 25×12/30×12/35×12
Dumbbell Side Laterals: 25×12/30×12/35×12
Dumbbell Curls: 25×10/30×10/35×10

Update: I’ll be posting a sweet pic of me in the hospital here shortly AND if you friend request me on FB you HAVE to tell me who you are So-and-So from the comments. I don’t know all your names.

Enjoy that little tid bit. Me at my all time weakest. I feel like a gordon-fuck.

This was my first attempt at 600. It was after my Euro-Trip and it was my only shot to give 6 a chance before my cyst surgery (Which takes a min to recover from). I wanted to show you guys this because I want you to see the difference between this attempt and the next one, when I fucking crush it.

Hit up Quest Athletics courtesy of my buddy Brooks last friday. Squatted with some good strong dudes. I was extremely impressed. The caliber of lifter that Quest has/produces is incredible. A great bunch of guys.

I have to get a cyst removed from my upper buttocks area on Wednesday. It’s gonna be another bump in the training, but whatever. I assume I’ll have stitches and I am not even sure if I can lift with them in. FML.

On a lighter note a buddy of mine came into town for the holidays and his name is Ben (If you saw the Seal Training vid that’s also him). I’ve known him since high school and he is a crazy mother-fucker. Incredibly fun to hang out with. One of those guys that literally does anything to make you laugh. He is currently a Navy Seal and he took me and another friend, Evan, shooting last week. Again, I was so fucking impressed.

He shot the tips of the fingers one by one, then sprayed the target right in the fucking face. This all occurred at 25+ feet away.

Btw I am not a big fan of the spicy chicken from Chic-Fil-A. Just ruins it.

Bench: 370×3
Close-Grip: 315×3/325×3/335×2
Pull-Ups: BWx5x5