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New Song/PR Bench

Hit 390×1 earlier today. Felt like a 7-1/2 at the most. Close-grip bench is really helping the drive off the chest like mad. My lockout is stronger and my Tri’s are swelling up. I followed that 390 with some 3×3’s of ascending close-grip ending on 315.

Here is a dealift PR that I hit also

In other news I got this tits ass love making song. Enjoy. In the mean time, I’ll be killin Zombz with my Dudez eating some Zza and drinking some EXtreme Dew.

Squat: 440×5/425×3/410×3
Pendlay Rows: 220×3/230×3/240×3
Spinal erectors were fucking fried from pulling 545×5

Bench: 325x5x3
Press: 155x5x3
Shoulder pain today. Feel like the lack of Pressing has made the pain occur.

Deadlift: 545×3
Squat: 275×2/On the min/Ten min
Exhausted from deadlifting/Low food amount. Had big exam earlier.

Bench: 385×1/390×1
Close-Grip Bench: 285×3/295×3/315×3
I think I did something else, but forgot

Hand me that evidence bag

Quote of the Week:
“I’m ’bout to slap a whore.”

Can’t really think of anything to write about.

Squat: 440×5/425×3/410×3
Pendlay Rows: 200x5x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Big Money Biceps

Bench: 325x5x3
Dips: 70lbsx5x3

Squat: 495×3
Speed-Pulls: 275×2/On the Min/For 10 min
BB Curls: 105x10x3
Cable EZ Bar Curlsx10x3
Rounded-Back Extensionsx10x3

Bench: 365×3
Close-Grip: 275×5/285×5/295×5
Cable Push-Downsx10/12/15

Zug Zug

I attempted to pull 580. ALMOST locked it out, but the bar I had was bent and it rolled out of my right hand. Literally like an inch away from finishing. I tried it again, but I was pooped. I’ll crush it next time. Life isn’t so bad. I got a wicked lat/bi pump later on.

Negative Nancy says:

Worked 3 nights last week. Sucked huge hairy balls. Those balls will be wet for a long time. Working at the bar is terrible for training. It fucks your sleep schedule up and you have to adjust to it accordingly week by week. So I worked Tuesday, then Friday. I had a heavy squat day on Saturday and I slept for about 10 hours so I figured I could do some work. Did 485×1. Pretty standard. Did 500×1. Not too bad. Got under 515 and fell over after the rebound. My hamstrings were fucking toasted. Not to mention I didnt have my knee sleeves with me. My knees don’t feel great after work, let alone squatting with them being cold.

On the good side of the training spectrum I hit 360×3 on bench. Not too bad, but I dont give a shit about benching. I love to crush squats. I pride myself on that, but lately (4 weeks) I haven’t been able to hit SHIT. Can barely do my volume and can’t hit intensity AT ALL. Doesn’t look like I am competing in November now due to the SHITTY TRAINING. I am gonna go for 580 on deadlift tomorrow. See how that works. Don’t know what to do. Don’t have anyone helping me anymore. Coachless. Intuitive training? Potentially giving up?

My friend said I have big legs. I feel like they shrink a little every week. Sigh. Fuck this programming/work. It is not working. I am either:

A. Under-recovered from work
B. The current programming sucks
C. Thinking about hittin some test and deca so I could train real fuckin hard and get mega-jacked.

Agnes is still with me. I love her. It’s so uncomfortable to come home after work and try to squeeze into the bed with her. Keep in mind she sprawls out over the whole thing when I am not there. I wouldnt have it any other way though.

So god damn fucking tired all the time. Thoughts? Advice?

Bench: 365×1/375×1/380×1 (Not that hard)

Squat: 440×3/425×3/405×3

Wore a red and black striped tank-top to the gym
Deadlift: 580×1(F) (Had bent bar. Literally an inch away from lockout, bar rolled out of hand)
BW Pull-Upsx10x3
Lat-Pulldowns: 200×10/220×10/235×5/200×5
BB Curls: 105x10x3 (Sick pump)

Bench: 360×3
Incline: 245×5/255×5/265
BW Pull-Upsx10x3

Squat: 485×1/500×1/515×1(FAIL)
BB Rows: 205x5x3
BB Curls: 105x10x3
At this point I left because there was no point being there.

Good or Bad?

I consistently browse a website named “SpaceGhetto”. I never know what I am going to find. It is a website in which users constantly upload material. They have free reign to upload whatever their little hearts desire. Some times you may come across a sweet pair of tits to be only followed up by a giant dick on the next thread. It’s worth all the shit that you have to sift through because you will eventually find really cool pictures or material that you won’t find anywhere else. This leads me to my next point . . .

I alluded to this earlier when I said you find dick-pics, but there are some homosexual people on the site that do post gay nudes. In this case here, you might recognize the guy in the first picture. Click here for the thread.

That’s right. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I’m not sorry that you had to see the pictures that follow that. We all have dicks. Get over it. I found the thread pretty funny.

Moving on . . .

Had a long ass weekend. Terrible sleep schedule. Exhausted. Went to Fukkk Yesss. It was alright. The DJ’s hype man was a fucking faggot. He ran his mouth for the 2+ hours I was there and he constantly stopped the music to announce “If you have a penis move to the back of the pit, If you have a vagina come to the front”. Dude kept ruining the music. It was like pumping up to a song only to have the best part muted and having some guy, trying way to hard to be cool, tell you to stop having fun. The hate was boiling. Fuck that guy.

There was a lot of driving and little sleep so training is going to be kinda rough this week. I’ll get over it.

Squat: 460×3/445×3/430×3
Light Deadlift: 315×5

Bench: 325×5/325×3/325×3
Dips: 45lbsx5/70lbsx5/90lbsx5
(That’s all I did. Long tiring weekend)