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Hangin out, Talking about anal.

First week of Grad-School is over. Yay. Gotta step up my game with reading and trying. My professor told me, in order to make this work you have to engross yourself in the books and the program. I am very interested, but it might take me a minute to get into the groove.

Squatted 515×2 on Saturday. Got fucking assraped by it. After my set was over I said to the bar “How did my hair look? When you fucked me!”. I had to work Friday and I probably went to bed when most of you wake up. I got off so god damn fucking late. By the time I showered, boned my g/f, and ate something it was close to 5. Made close to 4 grand at the door I believe. I got paid an extra 50 bucks for doing so well. It’s a stressful position due to the responsibility that they place on me. Consider having thousands of dollars in your pocket while potentially having to fight/wrestle/avoid being sucker-punched/Robbed for 6 hours. Plenty of girls flirt with me to try to get in for free, but I don’t give a FUCK.

This girl walked up to me Friday and said
Girl: Hey, you gave me a funny look when I came in earlier
Me: Ok?
Girl: My name is Kaitlin
(Extends hand for handshake, Firm handshake given)
Me: Hi, I’m Steve (I tell people that so they don’t know my real name)
(Still holding my hand she grips it harder and gets all up in my face)
Me: Ok.
Girl: Ugh, Don’t look to enthusiastic to meet me . . . (Walks away)

Who the fuck does she think she is? Acting like she is fucking important or something. Fuck off.

Random here:
If you haven’t seen the movie “Bronson” starring Tom Hardy, then you should go see it. It is based on a true story about Michael Peterson A.K.A. Charlie Bronson, Englands most violent prisoner. The movie shows an obviously glamorized version of the real-life based events, but nonetheless it was tits. There is a gratuitous amount of full frontal male nudity. Mainly because before Bronson fights, he puts on his body armor. Usually it is some sort of greasy substance like oil, butter, or feces. Here is a song from the movie. Makes me want to fight. Check the movie. Check the song.

Squat: 275×2/On the Min/10 Min
BB Rows: 195x5x3
RDL’s: 155x5x3

Bench: 355×3/315×5
Close-Grip: 225×5/245×5/265×5 (lowered the weight on this one. Chest was kinda tight)
Pull-Ups: 90×3/100×3/110×2/117×1/BWx10

Squat: 455x3x2/440×3
Rack Pull: 455×5
Back Extensionsx10x3
Barbell Curls: 95x10x3
Preacher Curls: 25’sx10x3

Bench: 325x5x3
Press: 225x2x3 (EZ)
Dips: 85lbsx5x3 (EZ)

Squat: 515×2 (Got raped by the bar really hard)
Barbell Rows: 195x5x3
RDL’s: 145x5x2/155×5

Bench: 355×3/345×3
Close-Grip: 285×5/295×5/305×5
Weighted Pull-Ups: 45lbsx5/90lbsx3x2

Kocham cie Agnieszko

Been a little busy busy lately. Grad-School has started so I have been nervously awaiting my first classes.

Training-wise, it’s been pretty steady. Last Thursday I benched 315×5/335×5 then I did some close grip with 275×5/285×5/295×5. After the pressing I did weighted pull-ups with 45lbx5x2/90lbx3. My back was tired from pulling earlier in the week so I didn’t have much juice for the pull-ups. Friday night I did some Speed/Dynamic effort squatting. Put on 275×2/on the minute for 10 min. A lot tougher than I though. Did some RDL’s with 135x5x3, felt some nice work was being done in the ol’ hamstrings.

Training went smoothly. Justin, Norman, Dobo, and I went to eat afterwords. Had a nice feast at Cheesecake Factory. Long story short, Dobo left his keys in his car. I had to drive his ass back to buckhead to get his spare and bring him back to his car. This took all of about an hour and forty-five min. Little did I fucking know AGNES WAS WAITING AT MY GOD DAMN HOUSE. She fucking surprised me FROM POLAND! Fuck me right?!?!

I didn’t see her at first when I walked into the room. I looked down at the couch right in front of me and saw her. Of course I got emotional. After yelling “OH, FUCK!” I left the room and cried. Shit was awesome. I have limitless reserves of strength, but I broke down when I saw her.

/Killself is not in my vocabulary any more because of her.

Deadlift: 275×2/On the min/For 10 min
Squat: 405×5/425×5/435×5 (Gotta get used to this Pull before Squat shit)

Bench: 327x5x3
Press: 185×5 (light press work after benching)
Dips: 70lbsx5x3 (EZPZ)

Squat: 275×2/on the min/for 10 min
RDL’s: 135x5x3
BB Rows: 185x5x3

Close Grip: 275×5/285×5/295×5
Weighted Pull-ups: 45lbx2x5/225×3

Gotham, Take back your city!

A few friends and I went to see the new “Planet of The Apes” movie. It was legit. It took a few minutes to settle into the whole “Willing suspension of disbelief” because they were digital monkeys on screen. At one point as I was watching these digital monkeys I said to myself, “They got me, They fucking got me”. The movie was tight though. Could have done with more chimp on chimp sex scenes imo, but whatever. That’s why I’m not a fancy hollywood director.

Pressed 185x5x3 on Monday. First time doing volume press in a hot minute. EZ-PZ. Did a little light benching afterwords. Today I pulled 540×3 (PR) and then I squatted 485×3. Justin helped some re-programming and I was supposed to do Medium squats and heavy pulls. Not really sure what defines medium so Mike suggested 485×3. Kinda hard after I pulled.

I cried before and during this set. I have limitless reserves of strength.

I noticed that my last video had a bunch of views and only like two people posted a comment on here. Nobody wants to say hello? Nah it’s ok. Fuck me right?

This is more for me to look at to keep an easy log to look back at:

Deadlift: 540×3
Medium Squat: 485×3
Dumbbell curls

Press: 185x5x3
Light Bench: 225x5x3
Dips: 45lbx5x5

Got any tips?

Went active mode this week. Hiked Stone Mountain on Tuesday. Slightly more difficult than I anticipated. I had squatted 455×5/440×5/425×3 the day before. Legs were giving out on me several times. I thought about jumping off the edge a couple times. Tonight I went rock climbing at Escalade. They have the largest bouldering wall in Atlanta. It’s over 2000 sq ft. It was definitely tougher this time due to the fact I deadlifted 530×3 mere hours earlier. Now I feel like a turd on a log, in which the log is a noose tied in my closet and the turd is me hanging by the noose. Sigh. Fuck me right?

Here is the 530×3(Shirtless)

Anytime you can train shirtless I suggest you do it. After all, it is beach season.

Been a minute

It’s been a minute since I posted. Had finals and other bukkake going on. My current sleep schedule has turned to garbage. Going to sleep at 4 and walking up at 1 really makes me want to commit suicide. I looked at the bottle of melatonin last night and debated on downing the whole bottle.

In other news, I got a girlfriend. It’s nice, I like it. She is from Poland and I love her attitude towards open conversation. Here is a blurb:

(This was all on her FB wall)

Me: It must have been that scene from the movie I mentioned that kept me up. The one with the dancer 😉 made me think of you and I got all excited.
Agnes: Hey that one stays between us;) wait with that excitement for me so the explosion of it will be mega huge haha:-P
Agnes: It will be believe me:*
Me: Shits gonna get real
Agnes: It’s gonna be f***kin real!

This is why I am in love with her. She is the pinnacle of awesome.

As far as training goes I am back to regular lifting. No more tapering for a meet I won’t be attending. They capped my weight class, then they capped the entire meet. I have an issue with the “Last Chance Qualifier” that they do. Excuse me for sounding conceited when I say they let a whole bunch of pussies in. I outlift 20+ of the current 50+ roster. I just feel like I should be able to be in the meet. Fuck it though. Come November I’ll fill that meet up with pain and broken spirits. This is how epic the meet is going to be.

Squat: 455×5/440×5/425×3
Pull-Upsx20/5/5 (got to 17 without stopping)

Bench: 315x5x3
Press: 185×3/195×3/205×3

I love you.